Using Human Expertise
with A.I. to Boost Sales

How it Works?

Your Leads Enter Our System

Deduplication checks are conducted once the lead enters our system from your CRM. The data is encrypted at every stage, and dashboard access is shared with multi-factor authentication.

Incoming Leads Are Prioritized

Once the leads enter our system, our built-in model prioritizes leads that are most likely to convert based on 40+ data signals and behavioral interactions to maximize conversions.

Leads Are Matched with Expert Callers

Our A.I. models then match the leads with experts who are more likely to convert them based on lead persona, location, language, and skillset to obtain best results.

Omnichannel Outreach

We reach out to your leads multiple times through multiple channels such as calls, emails, WhatsApp, SMS, and IVR leading to lightning fast turnaround time and maximum connectivity. There are automated checks in place to avoid leads from getting spammed.

Guided Selling for Callers

Our guided sales app helps the expert follow your script end-to-end, capture key information and schedule follow-ups, all of which are populated in your CRM. Our data security measures ensure experts can only access masked data.

Human & A.I. Driven Quality Monitoring

Our ongoing Human + AI driven QA processes analyze call quality based on objective and subjective parameters to improve customer interaction and prevent fraudulent activity.

Analytics to Measure & Improve ROI

Our team of data scientists, analysts, and customer success specialists  continuously optimize your sales pipeline by improving channels, cadence, lead to agent matching, etc. You also get real time visibility of your campaign(s) through a  dashboard.