Senior Associate - CEO's Office

iconGoa, IN iconFull-Time

About SquadStack

At SquadStack, we believe that a synchronous combination of Humans + AI is the future of work. We leverage technology to build sales-acceleration solutions for consumer companies across the globe.

Our Vision: Access to skilled work, for anyone, anywhere.

With our product SquadIQ: We are building an AI-driven Talent Marketplace for Inside Sales. We match India’s best sales talent & top consumer brands, to drive more conversions, leveraging our A.I.-driven remote sales platform.

We believe that longer-term, people >> product & profits and prioritize culture over everything else. We are looking for individuals with the right mix of hunger, passion, and cultural-fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done’ while building a people-first organization.

We are a 150-people team, have raised ~$7.5M, and grown 10X in the last 18 months. We’re in a high growth phase – to exponentially grow culture, team, products, and revenue – in the next few quarters.


If you’re excited by this, come build SquadStack with us.

Job Description


(S)he has ~ 2yrs (post MBA) or 4 years of work experience in a strategic consulting role. That has required her to develop A++ data analysis, modeling, strategic thinking, presentation, design and communication skills. She loves writing narratives to communicate her ideas and is comfortable using math to back her arguments. She has had diverse and unique experiences and perspectives through her life including school and undergrad days. 

Most likely, she is currently working in a super high-talent density environment like top strategy consulting firm or venture capital private equity. At her current role, while she gets an opportunity to work with great people - there is something missing. She wants to truly build things herself at some point - rather than just analyse or advise. She sees herself as a future Sheryl Sandberg who will eventually build something as large and high impact as FB.


  • Build Communication Engines: Tracking Metrics, Board meeting preparation, Strategic Planning, Decision making.
  • Investor Relations
  • Oversee Operational Dashboards: Help coordinate business-wide procedures and work to improve existing processes for maximum clarity, efficiency and success.
  • BizOps: Help with everything from optimizing day-to-day operations to carrying out high-priority initiatives to tackling the most important strategic questions.
  • Financing Planning: Prepare an annual operating plan with follow-on updates and forecasts. Lead financial planning functions across the organization in support of corporate goals and objectives. Support the management team with strategic financial analyses and insights.
  • Organize and prioritize critical issues and required information for the CEO.
  • Participate in regular meetings with the Executive Management Team to discuss business issues, update processes, analyze issues, and challenge suggestions.
  • Assess inquiries directed to the CEO, determine the proper course of action, and delegate to the appropriate individual to manage.
  • Act as a project manager for high-level, cross-functional projects as assigned by the CEO.
  • Build and maintain relationships across all departments/functions in order to influence outcomes; strengthen leadership teamwork and foster long-term partnerships that are critical to the organization's success.


  • Compensation: 30-35 lpa + ESOP(s)
  • Location: Goa :)