Inside Sales Job Description 2024: Key Skills You Need

An inside sales job description involves selling a company's products or services via telephone, email, or other online channels.Their primary responsibilities involve understanding customer pain points, recognizing potential business opportunities, and closing successful deals.


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An inside sales specialist focuses on selling a company's products or services to prospective customers remotely. They generally work from home or in some cases from a centralized or office location. This way, an inside sales job description differs significantly from that of field sales executives, who primarily meet customers in person.

Having a high-performing sales team allows companies to stand out from their competitors. In addition to financial success, this team is also responsible for building brand loyalty and reputation. Understanding the roles and responsibilities outlined in an inside sales job description can help individuals decide if it's the right career option. A comprehensive and detailed inside sales associate job description helps companies set the right objectives and requirements to assess candidates.

Inside sales job desctiption

What is an Inside Sales Executive’s Job Description?

The job description for inside sales support is unique, given its remote engagement model.

Inside sales executives leverage technology to scale operations and revenue effectively.

The remote nature of inside sales allows company representatives to reach the target audience beyond their immediate geographical area. They're expected to reach diverse consumer markets, adapt to technological advances, and incorporate data-driven decision-making in their approach. 

The primary goal of an inside sales specialist job description is to effectively outline the scope of responsibilities and skills required for the position.

Here’s an example of a B2B inside sales job description:

“We are looking for a highly motivated and competitive inside sales executive to join our IT company. The position involves:

  • Making sales calls to prospective buyers
  • Maintaining and updating CRM
  • Creating monthly reports
  • Generating leads

While an inside sales and marketing job description can have its unique challenges, it does not come without perks. Inside sales teams are usually cost-effective and allow representatives to achieve a greater work-life balance. 

inside sales executive job description

Key Roles And Responsibilities of An Inside Sales Agent 

An inside sales executive is essential for a company’s revenue growth. They play a crucial role in driving sales by closing new clients and maintaining healthy and profitable relationships with existing ones.

Sales managers usually operate in one of the following categories:

  • Researching potential customers and clients
  • Contacting them through cold calls or emails
  • Delivering sales pitches outlining the key benefits and features of the product or service
  • Addressing client objections
  • Negotiating terms and prices

Since this is a remote role, inside sales job descriptions also outline the need for excellent communication and negotiation abilities.

Inside sales managers usually operate in one of the following categories:

  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
  • Delivering sales pitches outlining the key benefits and features of the product or service
Key Roles And Responsibilities of An Inside Sales Agent 

Common Roles And Responsibilities For Inside Sales Executives

  • Identifying new sales opportunities.
  • Making outbound calls or sending emails to potential clients.
  • Explaining offers, benefits, and features of products and services.
  • Create monthly reports and presentations with sales data.
  • Act as a primary touchpoint between the company and customers.
  • Gather feedback from customers.
  • Advise the product team with relevant data for upcoming updates and developments.

SDR Inside Sales Representative Job Description

SDR sales representatives are typically engaged with warm audiences. These are individuals who have performed a specific action on the company’s website, such as downloading a product demo guide, accessing a free resource, or attending a workshop. 

The primary responsibilities of an SDR include:

  • Making contact with warm leads and traffic.
  • Build and maintain a healthy relationship with existing clientele.
  • Responding to incoming customer inquiries and calls.
  • Addressing objections that hamper buying decisions.
  • Updating CRM with information about warm leads from where a senior sales executive can begin nurturing them. 

BDR Inside Sales Representative Job Description

BDRs are usually the cold callers. The B2B inside sales job description directly focuses on high-ticket enterprise and client opportunities. Once a BDR representative qualifies as a lead, it is assigned to a senior sales executive.

The primary responsibilities of a BDR include:

  • Dealing with high-ticket clients like CFOs, CEOs, and similar decision-makers in target companies.
  • Reaching out to the target audience through cold calling, emails, and networking.
  • Negotiating business contracts and closing deals.
  • Attend industry events and workshops for product demonstrations and presentations.

Skills Required For Inside Sales Executives

Apart from listing responsibilities, an inside sales executive job description must also outline the skills required for the position.

These include:

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good listening skills with special attention to detail.
  • Proven experience with sales.
  • Fluency in English, Hindi, or local languages (depending on the need of the business). 
  • Goal-oriented with efficient decision-making ability.
  • Proficiency in CRM software is a plus.
Skills Required For Inside Sales Executives

Top Sectors Which Require Inside Sales Agents

The ability to transcend geographic boundaries and reach a global target audience without extensive travel costs makes inside sales one of the best-suited approaches. It aligns perfectly with the dynamic field of sales and customer relationships.
In a prolific and changing business landscape, the role of a robust inside sales executive is substantial. An analysis by McKinsey shows that the top 25% of businesses had more than 2X ROI compared to the bottom 25% – all thanks to their sales teams and strategies.
Therefore, the demand for skilled inside sales associates is increasing in every industry to build and sustain profitable businesses. Here are the top sectors employing inside sales and marketing executives:

Real Estate Sector

An inside sales coordinator in the real estate sector is tasked with qualifying quality leads and adding them to the active sales funnel. This team is primarily responsible for cultivating potential leads, which takes the heavy load off the outside sales team.

Retail Sector

An inside sales coordinator job description in the retail sector usually involves fielding customer calls and queries. Sales executives are tasked with aiding the purchase decision by guiding the customers through product selection and online purchases. 

Automotive Sector

In the automotive sector, job descriptions for inside sales associates typically include being a single point of contact between the company and the potential buyers. Inside sales executives are tasked with understanding the buyer's exact requirements before a demo is scheduled to enhance the buying experience. 

Banking and Finance Sector

Inside sales customer executives in the banking sector focus on acquiring new customers through promotions and referrals. A majority of their activities are directed toward building healthy customer relationships with existing clientele and increasing the lifetime customer value as a whole

Technology Sector

Technology is one of the most competitive and demanding sectors employing inside sales associates. Job descriptions usually outline the need for a good grasp of technical aspects of the product or service and a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

Healthcare Sector

Inside sales executives in the healthcare sector supplement existing marketing and outreach efforts. This sector outlines the need for highly-trained executives in its inside sales job description. Associates working in the industry are skilled in selling medicines, technology, or other solution-oriented products or services to prospective buyers. 

Media Sector

In the media sector, inside sales executives sell advertising spaces to potential advertisers. They function as a communication link between the advertiser and the in-house media team to ensure that client requirements are fulfilled adequately.

Fashion and Optical Sector

An inside sales manager in the fashion and optical industry works toward increasing revenue by personalizing and enhancing the user-conversion journey. Inside sales job descriptions in the industry usually involve providing product consultations and fielding inquiries or potential concerns. 

Travel and Hospitality Sector

One of the highest demands for inside sales managers and executives is found in the travel and hospitality industry. The role generally includes selling and promoting various travel packages and services. Travel inside sales executives can also be required to specialize in a particular vertical, such as sports tourism.

Sample Resume For Inside Sales Executives

A good inside sales executive resume is your sure-shot opportunity to stand out in a sea of applicants. It helps communicate your strengths and skills to employers or recruiters. This sample will guide you in writing a comprehensive resume specifically tailored to a sales executive job description.
A resume for Jacqueline Thompson, a sales professional with 3 years of experience.

Salary And Compensation For Inside Sales Executives At SquadStack

If you’re looking to start your career as an inside sales executive, you are in the perfect place. With SquadStack, you have the luxury of working and earning right from the comfort of your home.
Here are the salary and compensation details provided to inside sales associates at SquadStack:
  • Consistent income stream of ₹ 14,000 to ₹ 22,300 ( (No Work, No Pay) every month.
  • Convert more and earn higher! Get rewards for every successful conversion you make.
  • Get conversion bonuses of over ₹ 40,000.
  • Boost your career prospects by working with big brands like Upstox, Edelweiss, Traya, Flipkart, and more.
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