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SquadStack is Changing Lives

SquadStack is India's leading provider of work-from-home telesales jobs. With us, you get the chance to build a full-time telesales career at home.


Active Telecalling Experts


Earnings Distributed


Customers Served

3 Cr+

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2 Cr+

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Happy Telesales Experts

Hear it from Our Telecalling Experts

“Home is my comfort zone and SquadStack gave me a chance to earn from my comfort zone, while being able to take care of my kids and my family.”

Salma Burhan
Salma Burhan
Telecalling Expert

“For me, financial freedom is also about job satisfaction, and working at SquadStack gives me that.”

Riya Rai
Riya Rai
Telecalling Expert

“Yahan par flexibility milti hai kaam karne ki, hum kahi par bhi, kabhi bhi kaam kar sakte hain.”

Telecalling Expert

“Aap independent ho, apni khud ki kamaai kar rahe ho aur apni family ke saath time bhi bita rahe ho. Iss se badi baat kya ho sakti hai aap ke liye?”

Anushree Hemanth
Anushree Hemanth
Telecalling Expert

Who is a Telecalling Expert?

A Telecalling Expert is the ultimate bridge of communication between customers and businesses

Someone who has excellent communication skills

Someone who can improvise & negotiate in dynamic sales situations

Someone who can handle objections and queries

Someone who can learn about new businesses and their industries

Roles and Responsibilities For Telesales Experts At SquadStack

If you’re searching for a remote telesales job, your dream career might be closer than you think. At SquadStack, we seek talented and results-driven telesales partners to join our ever-growing team. This work-from-home role requires you to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Explore the products and services of our business partners to get a comprehensive understanding.
  • Address customer concerns and guide them through their purchase journey.
  • Build trust and rapport with potential and existing customers.
  • Directly work toward boosting the revenue of our business partners through your sales efforts.
  • Stay updated with the challenges and opportunities in your chosen industry.
  • Ensure that there are no incidents of fraud or mis-selling.

Eligibility Criteria For Remote Telesales Jobs at SquadStack

  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills, both written and verbal.
  • Candidates should have a minimum diploma or graduate degree. 
  • 0-1 years of sales experience, preferably in a BPO environment. 
  • Fluency in English and Hindi is essential for effective communication in this role.
  • A working laptop, a stable internet connection, and wired accessories such as headphones, a keyboard, and a mouse.
  • Strive to attain 24 hours of weekly talk time and maintain an 85% compliance score monthly.

Why Join SquadStack For Remote Telesales Jobs

Everyone loves online work-from-home jobs. Don’t believe us? Here’s a better way to convince you!

A study by Tracking Happiness on employees and their working conditions found that as many as 20% of the workforce reported feeling happier and healthier in WFH jobs. Think about it—a lack of commute, flexible schedule, higher mental health and well-being—isn’t that what everyone secretly wishes for?

But that’s not all! Apart from these direct merits of working online, SquadStack offers you many other benefits. Here is why you should join SquadStack to begin your WFH journey now!

Freedom to Work from Anywhere You Want

  • We believe in giving you the freedom to take ownership of your workplace.

  • Choose the comfort of your home office or your favorite workplace

Work from Anywhere

Fixed + Bonus Payouts To All Remote Sales-Partners

  • With potential earnings ranging from ₹ 14,000 to ₹ 22,300 plus conversion bonuses of over ₹ 25,000

  • Have a consistent stream of earnings from the comfort of your home.

  • Insurance benefits of up to 2 Lakhs for yourself, spouse, and children will be provided after 90 days of employment.

Earn Fixed + Bonus Income

Give Your Career a Boost

  • Work with top brands like Upstox, Bharat Pe, Delhivery, Tata Digital, Bajaj Finserv, Flipkart, Kotak, Aditya Birla, and many more.

  • Opportunity to learn about their business sales model and give your career an edge

  • Level up your sales game and close more deals with the help of the latest sales techniques at SquadStack.

Give Your Career a Boost

Learn Industry Sales Skills

  • Our training programs empower you to become the best and most efficient.

  • Dive into the sales strategies of renowned brands across various sectors.

  • Get a deeper understanding of industries like BFSI, Ed-Tech, Healthcare, and E-Commerce.

Learn Industry Sales Skills

Additional Income Besides Your Daily Earnings

  • The more you convert, the more you can earn. Rewards and bonuses of over ₹ 25,000 INR are up for grabs.

  • Take charge of your growth in a supportive work environment.

  • At SquadStack, we believe in you to take charge of your professional growth.

  • Immerse yourself in a supportive work culture where collaboration and freedom are celebrated.

Give Your Career a Boost

How to Join?

To become a Sales Partner at SquadStack, you need to download the SquadStack app and log in using your email and mobile number. Then, follow these steps below:

Step 1
Grammar and Speech
Step 2
Online Training
Coachability and Sales
Online Training
Step 3
Personal Interview & KYC

Success Stories of Our Telecalling Experts

How is Life Better at SquadStack?

Traditional BPOs focus on growing the business; our focus is YOU.

Traditional Agency

Work from Office

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just save all the money you spent to get to work?

Rules and Managers

Why are there so many rules to follow in an office? Why can’t you take a break when you want to? Feels bad, doesn't it?

Fixed Schedules

Fixed schedules are followed to make your manager’s life easy, not yours

Fixed Monthly Payout

A fixed earning limits your productivity, putting in extra effort just doesn’t feel right

Work from Anywhere

Focus your energy towards what truly matters, and save time and money by working from the comfort of your home.

Independence and Mentorship

We don’t have managers, we have industry's best mentors who will guide you to grow, learn and become the best version of yourself


You will have the freedom to choose a 9 hour time slot between 9AM to 9PM

Fixed monthly payout + Bonus

Along with base payouts that can range from 13K to 45K, you will also be eligible for conversion-based incentives.

What Makes SquadStack Unique?

Our vision is what sets us apart, the app is just a medium that helps us execute it


You work daily, why wait for 30 days to get paid?

Leaderboards & Bonuses

Get exclusive rewards and bonuses based on results

Health Insurance

Your health is as important to us as your growth

Exclusive Community

Interact and learn from other telecalling experts & mentors

Work with the Best Brands

Your growth enables our partners to grow

Upstox is a financial technology firm that provides consumers with unique investing choices. With its tech-driven, fast, and simplified stock trading and securities brokerage services, Upstox aims to empower its clients to make wiser investment decisions with utmost convenience
Delhivery is the largest and fastest growing fully-integrated player in India by revenue in Fiscal 2021. They aim to build the operating system for commerce, through a combination of world-class infrastructure, logistics operations of the highest quality and cutting-edge engineering and technology capabilities
Classplus is an Ed-Tech start-up company transforming the world of education by powering educationalists with the digital tools and resources that help them become future-ready. Our industry-first unified platform lets coaching institutes have their own app to manage all their tasks and reach lakhs of students across the country with our next-level technology
Razorpay is the only payments solution in India that allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite. It gives you access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, netbanking, UPI and popular wallets including JioMoney, Mobikwik, Airtel Money, FreeCharge, Ola Money and PayZapp

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a SquadStack Sales Partner?

Sales partners for SquadStack will work with our business partners to fulfill their sales requirements after becoming eligible and trained for the process.

What are the requirements to become a SquadStack Sales Partner?

  • Graduate/Diploma Degree.

  • +1 years of relevant sales experience.

  • Working Laptop, stable internet connection, and a disturbance-free environment.

What are the login hours for a Sales Partner for SquadStack?

During the training sessions, you will receive detailed information on how login hours work which include Mission hours, Downtime hours, and Training hours.

How to become a SquadStack Sales Partner at SquadStack?

  • Step 1 - Assessments: Grammar and Speech.

  • Step 2 - Complete Online Training: Coachability and Sales

  • Step 3 - Interview: Personal Interview, KYC.

When do I start working as a Sales Partner at SquadStack?

Onboarding and training take somewhere around 5-7 days, depending upon the demand and campaign available.

How many hours a day do I have to work?

It will be a 9-hour shift anytime between 9 AM-9 PM with Sundays off.

How much can I earn through incentives?

Base earnings start from 14,000 - 23,000 INR, and along with incentives you can earn over 40,000 INR.

How will I get paid?

We support bank transfers through net banking, UPI, and other electronic wallets such as Paytm. Earnings will be disbursed by the 10th of each month, for the work done in the previous month.

What opportunities does SquadStack offer for promotion and career advancement?

Based on your effectiveness and efficiency in meeting targets, exciting opportunities in the form of training modules shall be provided for your growth.

How does the Bonus Structure work for SquadStack Sales Partners?

The Bonus Structure for SquadStack Sales Partners operates on a simple principle, the higher your sales conversion, the greater your bonus earnings.

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection in a disturbance-free area, you can work from anywhere.

Does SquadStack provide any equipment?

Yes. The Sales Partners that do not have access to their own device, can avail the same through us

Can I choose the campaigns I work on?

No. While Sales Partners cannot directly choose the campaigns that they work on, they can select the industry in which they want to work.

What are the companies I will be working with as a Sales Partner at SquadStack?

You’ll get a chance to work with industry leaders such as AngelOne, Razorpay, Delhivery, Kotak, and many more.

Does SquadStack offer ongoing support for Sales Partners?

Yes! We offer weekly webinars, feedback sessions, and a dedicated support team to solve all your technical and onboarding-related issues.

When do I start earning?

You need to have at least 6,000 squad coins to redeem your earnings

How do I transfer earnings to my bank account?

We support bank transfers through net banking, UPI and other electronic wallets such as Paytm. Please note that your account has at least 6,000 squad coins

How do I earn bonuses?

Bonuses are based on performance and consistency, both of these factors are linked to the time you spend on the app

I am not able to sign up / sign in

Please make sure if your device runs on android, if nothing works, please reach out to support@squadrun.co

My account was banned, why?

Any fraudulent activity will result in an instant ban, we take this very seriously

I am unable to redeem my earnings

Make sure your account has at least 6,000 squad coins to redeem your earnings. Sometimes, the bank servers take some time to reflect the changes as well. If the issue still persists, please reach out to support@squadrun.co

Balance in my account is not being updated after completing jobs

Please send us an email at support@squadrun.co with relevant details and screenshots, we’ll look into it right away

How long will the onboarding process take?

Onboarding and training takes somewhere around 7-10 days, depending on your availability

Do I need to pay any training fee?

Not at all, your growth is our responsibility too