Call Management Software in India

Explore the types, features, and importance of call management software. Discover how SquadStack’s solutions can be the perfect fit to streamline your communication and boost customer satisfaction.

June 10, 2024


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Shara Zareen

Shara Zareen

Call Management Software in India


What is Call Management Software?

Call management software allows businesses to manage incoming and outgoing calls effectively through various features like call recording, call routing, and interactive voice process (IVR) systems. These functions ensure the calls are directed to the correct department or individual for a customer-centric approach. Additionally, call management facilitates organizations with valuable insights into agent performance, call metrics, and overall communication. Overall, it is a useful tool for businesses seeking to enhance their customer service.

Leverage the Tech-First Approach for our Telecalling Needs

Why Your Business Needs a Call Management Software?

A single negative phone interaction can inflict lasting damage on customer loyalty, potentially driving them to competing firms. Call management software emerges as a critical solution in this scenario, safeguarding both customer relationships and a company's financial well-being.

Call Overload

Your agents are constantly swamped with high call volumes, leading to long wait times.

Growth Spurt

As your business expands, a basic phone system might not be enough to handle business needs.

Customer Service Woes

Frustrated customers frequently complain about poor customer service and long wait times.

Inefficient Data Management

Without effective data management, valuable insights cannot be accessed, obstructing the decision-making process.

Communication Chaos

Your agents are struggling with voicemail messages and lacking context about past customer interactions.

Why Choose SquadStack as a Call Management Software & Outsourcing Telecalling Solution?

In today's competitive landscape, businesses need a powerful call management solution that goes beyond basic features. SquadStack steps up as a comprehensive platform, offering a unique blend of innovative software and expert outsourcing services to elevate your call center operations. Here's why SquadStack be your top choice.

Human + AI Advantage

SquadStack has a vast team of industry-trained and vetted telecallers alongside a best-in-class tech stack. Our AI-powered features like call quality analysis ensure high-quality calls and provide actionable insights to drive better sales and CX. We empower businesses with the best of both worlds.

SquadStack: best call management software
Image: SquadStack Combines the Power of Human and technology to Drive Better Results

Focus on Flexibility & Scalability

Our solutions are designed to be adaptable as we understand the evolving needs of your business. Whether you need a temporary surge or a long-term partnership, SquadStack’s large network of 10000+ decentralized telecallers will allow you to scale according to your business needs without any disruptions.

call management software with telecallers
Image: SquadStack has a Large Network of Trained and Vetted Telecallers

Omnichannel Outreach

SquadStack goes beyond just calls; our dynamic workflow system configures and customizes different touchpoints. Offering omnichannel outreach through calls, emails, SMS, IVR, WhatsApp, etc., we allow you to connect with your customers on their preferred platforms seamlessly.

Call managent software: Omnichannel Outreach ‍
Image: SquadStack's System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach

Data-Driven Decision-Making

SquadStack’s advanced analytics will enable you to access a comprehensive overview of all your campaigns and provide actionable, in-depth insights into call performance and agent productivity, among other input and output metrics. Our analytics and reporting feature allows you to control your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Call management software: Data-Driven Decision-Making
Image: Make Data-Driven Decisions with SquadStack's Advanced Analytics

Security Measures

Security measures are of utmost importance because if a company knows its customer’s information is protected, it will confidently deploy call management solutions. SquadStack is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. We restrict access to confidential information, and screen capture along with providing PII masking.

call management software: security measures
Image: SquadStack Adheres to Enterprise Grade Data Security Measures

CRM Integration Options

A call management software that easily integrates with the existing business systems ensures efficient workflow. At SquadStack, we offer custom in-house CRM integration and can seamlessly integrate with standard CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales, and many more.

call management software: CRM Integration
Image: SquadStack Seamlessly Integrates with Standard and In-House CRMs

Cost-Effective & Proven Track Record

A positive reputation proves that the vendor can be trusted and is a sign of a sustainable partnership. SquadStack has a history of helping companies achieve remarkable results at a very cost-effective price. We offer a variety of pricing structures for our usage-based pricing model that charges you only for the connected minutes.

The Best Call Management Software Features

With so many options available, what features should you prioritize? Let's delve into the best features that call management software has to offer, helping you choose the perfect solution to elevate your call center and strengthen your customer relationships.

Call Routing

It is used to direct incoming calls to the appropriate agent or department based on predefined criteria. Employing various routing algorithms, such as time-based routing or skill-based routing, it helps minimize wait times.

Call Recording

Calls are recorded and stored for multiple purposes, such as quality assurance, training, and reference purposes. It can also be used to evaluate agent performance, identify improvement areas, and resolve disputes. 

Call Queuing 

During peak hours, when all agents are busy, instead of being directed to a busy line or voicemail, the callers are placed in queues. This system allows the systematic handling of high call volumes.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System

It is an automated system that uses pre-recorded voice prompts or menus to interact with callers. IVR allows them to self-navigate and access the necessary information or services on their own.

Auto Dialing

It is the process of automatically dialing a list of phone numbers and connecting them to the agents. This process saves the time and effort wasted on manual dialing, increasing overall productivity.

CRM Integration

Integrating call data with the CRM system equips the agents with a complete view of customer data, such as purchase history, preferences, and past interactions, allowing them to personalize the conversation and improve CSAT

Cold Call Management Software

Choose the Right Type of Call Management Software for Your Business

Call management software emerges as a powerful tool to elevate your call center operations, foster positive customer interactions, and drive business success. However, with a myriad of software options available, choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and goals. Here are the different types of call management software to guide you through the selection process.

Sales Management Software

It provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, thereby helping the sales team make informed decisions. The sales team uses it to handle customer interactions effectively. It includes analytics, call tracking, and recording features. It helps organize and monitor the sales calls.

Service Call Management Software

Service-oriented organizations like maintenance teams and field service companies leverage it to handle service-related inquiries. It helps the customer support, field service management, and technical support personnel to track service requests, monitor progress, and provide timely responses.

Free Calling Management Software

It offers essential call management features without any monetary investment. This service is suitable for small businesses or individuals with limited finances. It provides the basic functionalities like call routing and call logging. However, the free version might not offer the advanced features.

Open-source Telecalling Software

This telecalling or telemarketing software is developed with open source. It means that the source code is freely available for the public to use. The users can view, customize, and distribute the code according to their requirements. Organizations opt for this type of software because of its cost-effective and flexible nature.

Phone Call Management Software

It is a narrower domain of call management software that focuses on organizing and managing phone-based communications. The key features of this software incorporate call routing, call recording, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. The software increases productivity and enhances communication effectiveness by automating the call process.

SquadStack’s Call Management Software for Small Business

Call management software is designed to address the specific needs of businesses with limited resources at a reasonable price. It equips them with the essential tools to handle and optimize their communication and improve their customer engagement.

SquadStack’s plug-and-play outbound telecalling solution assists small businesses in connecting with 80% of their leads and enhances customer engagement. It has been market-tested and trusted by 100+ top brands. The 15-minute easy set-up reduces the time and effort associated with setting up a telecalling solution.

Follow the steps below and boost your CX with SquadStack’s plug-and-play.

Call Management Software for Small Business
Image: SquadStack’s Plug-and-Play is an Outbound Telecalling Solution for Small Businesses

Importance of Cold Call Management Software

In the world of sales, cold calling remains a powerful tool for generating leads and building customer relationships. But the traditional approach – manually dialing numbers and navigating endless voicemails – can be time-consuming, inefficient, and ultimately demotivating for your sales reps. Here's how cold call management software transforms the cold calling experience and boosts your overall success.

  • Automating repetitive calls frees up time for crafting pitches and engaging prospects.
  • Call management system software features like dialers, script compliance, and recording tools effectively increase agent productivity.
  • CRM integrations help provide targeted solutions based on customer data, resulting in improved conversion rates ans customer experience.
  • In-depth reports and performance insights help identify areas for improvement and refine your strategies.
  • Features like call monitoring and recording allow tracking agent performance for providing real-time feedback and training.
  • It reduces burnout associated with traditional cold calling and allows tracking key metrics to demonstrate the ROI of your cold calling efforts.
Best Call management Software
Image: Reasons to Choose Us

Will Call Management Software eliminate the need for live agents?


Call management software is not a replacement for live agents. It empowers agents with tools to work more efficiently and handle a higher call volume. Live agents are still essential for personalized customer service and complex interactions.

Is Call Management Software difficult to use?


Most call management software is user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces. However, some features and functionalities, like advanced reporting and custom integrations, might require agent training.

Is Call Management Software secure?


Reputable CMS providers prioritize data security. Look for features like encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant security regulations.

What are some things to consider when choosing Call Management Software?


Factors to consider while choosing call management software include your business needs and budget, the features and functionality offered by different vendors, the software's scalability and flexibility, ease of use and implementation, and vendor support and reputation.

How is a cloud-based CMS different from an on-premised CMS?


The key difference between cloud-based CMS and on-premise CMS lies in their deployment. Cloud-based solutions are accessed through the internet, requiring no software installation on your end. This offers scalability and easier setup but less control over data security. On-premise CMS requires installing and maintaining hardware/software on-site, giving you more control but potentially higher costs and a complex setup process.

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