Call Quality Analysis
Industry-leading call quality analysis
We power high-quality calls combining AI and human expertise in quality analysis
Here’s how it works
What makes our quality analysis different?
Reducing Incorrect Qualification with
Smart Sampling

We minimize incorrect qualifications with a smart sampling rate of 12%, which surpasses the industry standard of 1-2%.

Flexible Parameters & Industry Expertise

Our quality monitoring samples 15% calls across 23 quality parameters using the best method to ensure high standards of quality. We also offer the flexibility to add or remove parameters as per your business needs.

Improved Performance & Faster Innovations

Our feedback loop is faster than the average manual process and can be accelerated, leading to improved decision-making for your business.

More Savings as Your Company Grows

Our cost model ensures that the increase in quality monitoring cost slows down as your company scales, leading to greater savings.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

We ensure the accuracy of AI-generated quality scores and minimize errors with the help of manual checks and audits and implementing measures to prevent data drift.

Bias-free Call Assessments

We use a deterministic approach to our call assessments, ensuring the result is free of human bias and provides objective answers.

Call Quality Dashboard

Get complete visibility into the quality of your campaigns with our dashboard. where you can access valuable insights such as call quality scores, audit parameters, total audited calls, and performance-based categorization of callers.

AI-Powered Call
Quality Analytics

Unlock actionable insights with AI-powered call quality analytics  and to drive better sales and customer experience. Easily analyze groups of calls by agents, lead sources, call duration, dispositions, accurate transcripts and more with customizable filters.

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