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Our Solutions

  • Lead Qualification

    Screen your leads to confirm eligibility and intent before passing them on to your sales team.

  • Appointment Setting

    Save time and effort by seamlessly setting appointments for your sales team.

Why Choosing SquadStack is a No-brainer

Usage-based Pricing

You only pay for productive connected minutes

Pay only for productive connected minutes


Scale up or down as per your business needs with zero overhead costs

Scale up or down as per your business needs

Improved Connectivity

Omnichannel outreach with weekend and after-hours coverage (9AM to 9PM)

Transparency & Insights

Access in-depth reporting, actionable insights, and campaign call recordings

Quality Check

Expert human and A.I. driven quality monitoring with 100% call transparency

Data Security

Enterprise-grade data security measures and encryption across every layer

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Choice India reduced its CAC by 200% through SquadStack’s network of fully managed telecallers

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“One important process that has changed after SquadStack is proper allocation of the leads and calling them in a particular manner with greatly improved TAT. We have achieved a great scale by keeping the cost in control. That is a perfect combination that SquadStack has given us.”

Ronak Agrawal

Head of Marketing, Choice