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Scale Risk-Free With a Fully-Managed Sales Team

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Our Solutions

Convert Drop-Offs

We ensure regular and systematic follow-ups so none of your leads go untouched.

Account Opening & Activation

Hand-holding your leads to open an account and place their first order.

Reactivation & Renewals

Increase customer lifetime value by reactivating dormant users

Upsell & Cross Sell

Increase revenue per user by upselling or cross-selling other products or services you offer

Why Choosing SquadStack is a No-brainer

Usage-based Pricing

You only pay for productive connected minutes


Scale up or down as per your business needs with zero overhead costs

Scale up or down as per your business needs

Improved Connectivity

Omnichannel outreach with weekend and after-hours coverage (9AM to 9PM)

Transparency & Insights

Access in-depth reporting, actionable insights, and campaign call recordings

Quality Check

Expert human and A.I. driven quality monitoring with 100% call transparency

Data Security

Enterprise-grade data security measures and encryption across every layer

Upstox experiences a 40% increase in activations with SquadStack

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Outsourcing gives us a lot of flexibility. To do anything in-house, you will need a lot of time to scale up and execute things at a faster rate. We found a great partner in SquadStack, who helped us achieve our goals, growth, and targets.

Satyartha Srivastava

Customer Success Lead, Upstox

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