What is Telecalling? | Telecalling Software For Business

Telecalling is the process through which businesses reach out to their customers using telephonic devices or telecalling software to promote a product or service, generate leads, or facilitate sales.

April 12, 2023


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What is Telecalling? | Telecalling Software For Business


Telecalling is used for sales, marketing, and customer services by large and small businesses. It involves making unsolicited telephone calls to potential customers. Calling services are needed to promote a product or service, qualify leads, and conduct market research for direct sales, where representatives persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service. Telecalling Software (or call centre software or contact centre software) is a tool designed to manage the calling operations of businesses. It enables smooth and efficient call communication and helps enterprises ease up the customer support process. The important telcalling software tools and technology include omnichannel support technology, predictive dialing, outbound text messaging technology, cloud call center technology, etc.

What is Telecalling? 

Telecalling is a form of direct marketing effort where a sales representative or telemarketer contacts potential customers over the phone. The primary objectives of telecalling include promoting a product or service, generating leads, and making sales.  Businesses often need help establishing a dedicated team within their organization to address the complexities of handling business-related telecalling. However, this effort frequently proves to be both time-demanding and costly. Such initiatives divert valuable attention from core business tasks, hampering the efficiency and focus required for optimal operational performance. To solve this problem there is always a need for a platform that seamlessly integrates both technology and trained agents.

SquadStack utilizes advanced technology and analytics for daily calls, employs artificial intelligence for quality monitoring, and boasts a well-trained team of telecallers proficient in handling both inbound customer calls and outbound sales and lead generation calls.

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Combined power of both technology and trained agents
Image: Combined power of both technology and trained agents

Telecalling Services For Sales, Operations, and Lead Generation

Telecalling service providers are crucial in allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. Companies can use telecalling software to monitor and assess the performance of telecallers, ensuring quality and adherence to scripts. Traditional outbound calling service providers need more advanced technology so that there is less significant dependence on humans for processes and tasks. Squadstack employs best-in-class technology to enhance dialling facilities, ensuring the highest connectivity and effective lead management through CRM.

Outsource Your Telecalling Needs
Image: Why choose SquadStack for Your Telecalling Needs

Telecalling has a variety of use cases across different industries, such as onboarding and welcome calls, informational and operational calls, pre-sales calls, and sales and renewals calls. Customer support and service calls play a pivotal role in addressing customer inquiries, providing assistance, and swiftly resolving issues or technical problems. Various used cases for using telecalling services are shared below:

Customer Onboarding Telecalling Services

These services involve calls to guide customers through the initial stages of using a product, ensuring they understand its features and benefits. These calls help customers address any questions or concerns they may have, thus increasing their satisfaction level.

Various Onboarding Calling Solutions
Umage: Various Onboarding Calling Solutions offered by Squadstack

Telecalling For Sales Purposes

Telecalling agents contact customers for direct sales, renewal, upselling, cross-selling, and presales calls. It serves as a direct channel to connect with potential customers, minimizing time wastage and providing an efficient method to introduce our product. SquadStack is the best solution for sales calls for the following reasons:

Converting Drop-Offs to Ensure Lead Continuity

A large number of leads need to be connected for conversion in sales calls, resulting in a considerable drop-off in the case of a traditional call center. This issue can be significantly addressed this challenge by employing technology for daily lead tracking.

Reactivation & Renewals for Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

We encourage users to renew their interest and commitment through targeted campaigns and personalized communication.

Upsell & Cross Sell For Enhancing User Experience and Revenue

Our strategy for upselling and cross-selling is designed to enhance the overall user experience while increasing revenue per user.

Informational and Operational Telecalling Calls

Informational calls are designed to provide specific details, updates, or relevant information to the recipient like confirmation of order, feedback and survey calls, event reminders, etc.

Telecalling Management Software For Sales and Operations

SquadStack provides the best telecalling management software for sales and operations teams, which can be integrated with businesses existing technology stack. It is a tech-first alternative to traditional BPOs, utilizing technology and AI features to enhance connectivity, analytics, and compliance adherence. SquadStack is the leading telecalling management software in India, offering a system-driven omnichannel outreach option. This innovative feature enables telecallers to connect with contacts through automated number swaps, reducing issues related to numbers marked as spam and significantly boosting connectivity by more than 90%.

Features of SquadStack Telecalling Management Software
Image: Features of SquadStack Telecalling Management Software

With SquadStack,experience powerful quality analysis through Intel Assist, featuring an 85% accurate speech-to-text engine for precise transcription. This ensures stringent compliance adherence, provides insights into calls, manages knowledge bases, and centralizes best practices for knowledge continuity within our operations. The analytical dashboard feature allows users to view weekly and monthly trends in calling campaigns and outreach metrics, covering lead stages, number of calls, connectivity, and conversions.

Functionalities of Telecalling Software

Telecalling software enhances call center operations, productivity, customer service, and efficiency. However, the specific functionality could change based on the call center's needs. The goal of telecalling software is to improve the effectiveness of both outbound and inbound contact center operations. It gives telecallers the resources to organize and handle consumer services efficiently. The following are some typical features of telecalling software:

Call Routing and Distribution: It helps direct incoming calls to the relevant agents or departments according to the predefined rules or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus.

Outbound Dialing: Telecalling Software enables agents to make significant calls efficiently. Features like predictive, progressive, or preview dialing optimizes agent productivity.

Call Monitoring and Recording: The software allows supervisors to keep track of live calls for quality assurance, training purposes, and compliance. The recorded calls can be reviewed and evaluated later.

CRM Integration: Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enables reps to access caller information, update customer records, and offer personalized service.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting: Telecalling Software generates real-time and historical data on various call metrics, such as call volume, average handling time, wait time, and agent performance.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Callers can use this feature to interact with an automated system to select options, retrieve information, or perform specific actions without agent intervention. It streamlines call routing and provides self-service options for callers.

Call Scripting: The Tele-calling management software may include call scripting features that enable agents to follow predefined scripts or prompts to ensure consistent and effective customer communication.

Integration with Other Channels: Many Telecalling Software solutions integrate with other communication channels like email, chat, and social media. This enables businesses to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Telecalling Software

Why Outsource Your Telecalling Needs to a Service Provider?

Outsourcing telecalling to a service provider can offer several benefits to businesses, such as reduced operational costs, including salaries, benefits, and infrastructure expenses. It enables companies to provide 24/7 customer support, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering assistance anytime. Telecalling outsourcing service providers have well-established systems for tracking and measuring performance metrics. This allows businesses to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their telecalling campaigns more efficiently.

Below are the diverse features offered by SquadStack as a telecalling services provider

Trained Professionals with Telecalling Expertise

With a wide range of on-demand and dedicated callers, select the one best suited to your business needs. SquadStack has a team of over 10,000 trained telecallers who undergo an English speaking test assessing fluency, speech, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Therefore, businesses with fluctuating call volumes can leverage telecalling services for cost optimization..

trained telecallers
Image - Trained telecallers

Automation and AI for Optimized Agent Productivity and data-driven Insights

Using our built-in lead prioritization model, we prioritize and match leads with callers best suited to convert them. Using Automated Quality Check (AQC), we provide top-quality calls and keep a check on fraudulent activity. We monitor calls and review customer feedback to provide a quality telecalling experience, convert leads, and increase sales. You can also access your campaign's real-time data through the customized dashboard.

 Data Driven Insights for telecalling
Image: Data Driven Insights

100% adherence to your Telecalling Script and other standards

Calls are regularly evaluated for telecalling script adherence, end-to-end compliance, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Feedback and training are provided to agents to improve performance. Quality assurance processes are implemented to ensure high standards of customer service.

script adherence & end-to-end compliance
Image - Script Adherence & End-to-End Compliance

Omnichannel Outreach for Maximized Connectivity

We reach out to your customers through multiple channels, including social media, SMS, email, and chat, to engage and connect with them. We strengthen your brand relationship with the customers and ensure they are satisfied with the services.

omnichannel outreach
Image - Omnichannel outreach

CRM Integration and On-Demand Customization

Call recordings and notes synced to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provide insights into your customer's behavior. The data gathered from customer engagement is integrated into the systems to enable transparency and customization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Undoubtedly, SquadStack Does It Better

Software for telecalling will lend a hand to your in-house calling team. SquadStack can streamline your sales process, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and provide valuable insights from call data.

SquadStack Telecalling Solutions
SquadStack Telecalling Solutions

How to Book Telecalling Software Demo?

Medium and large-sized companies in India have the opportunity to schedule a demo for India's fully managed telecalling partner. These companies can enjoy the benefits of no fixed seat costs, best-in-class connectivity with over 90% connected calls, connected omnichannel tools , and powerful analytics.

Telecalling Software Image

What is telecalling software?


Telecalling software is a technology tool designed to streamline and optimize telephonic communication for businesses, to enhance customer service and agent efficiency.

What are telecaller skills?


You need excellent communication abilities to engage with customers effectively, problem-solving skills to address inquiries or issues, and empathy to provide personalized customer service and build rapport over the phone.

What is required for telecalling?


A reliable telecommunication infrastructure (phones, headsets, internet connection) and telecalling software that provides call management features like routing, monitoring, and analytics, along with trained agents equipped with product knowledge and communication skills.

What tools do telemarketers use?


They use various tools, including telecalling software for call management and analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to track and manage leads and customer data, and guidance scripts to ensure consistent messaging and effective communication during calls.

How can I improve my telecalling sales?


Focus on active listening to understand customer needs, tailor your pitch accordingly, and emphasize the benefits of your product or service. Additionally, continuously refine your sales techniques through training, feedback, and analyzing successful call outcomes

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