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Open more Demat accounts, activate them, and increase revenue per account.

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We Understand Your Priorities

Onboarding Experience

Providing great onboarding experience to your users.

Customer Education
Customer Education

Customer education to increase stickiness and lifetime value

Activating Customers
Activating Customers

Helping your customers place their first trade

Up-Selling & Cross Selling
Up-Selling & Cross Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling to increase revenue per user

Helping Upstox increase activations by 40% and connectivity by 75%

“The strength of this partnership is that we can scale up faster. I can leverage SquadStack to create different campaigns in 3-4 days, which would have happened in 3-4 weeks if done in-house.”

Satyartha Srivastava
Customer Success Lead, Upstox
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Boosting Sales For Your Business


Increase in lead connectivity


Increase in accounts opened


Boost in activations

How We Do It?

Industry Trained Sales-Experts

Industry Trained Sales-Experts

2k+ financial services sales experts all over India who speak English and 5 other regional languages.

User Education

User Education

Customizable and dynamic scripts in line with the changing political, economic, and social landscape of the fintech industry to guide your users better.

AI-Driven Omnichannel Outreach

AI-Driven Omnichannel Outreach

A.I.-charged personalized outreach discovers the best channel, template, sales agent, and timing for any lead source.

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

A.I. model checks call recordings and transcription data to analyze factors like emotion, intent, sentiment, and keyword usage to improve customer interaction.

Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

Our A.I. algorithms collect data from direct consumer interactions such as calls, texts, and social media and generate insights based on consumer behavior and preferences.

What Makes Us Different?

In-House/BPO Services BPO Services
Fully-Managed Telecaller Hiring, Training & Management
Increased Connectivity through system-driven follow-ups
Usage Based Pricing: Pay only for connected calls
In-Depth Reporting & Analytics