Agent Management Platform

Simplifying screening, training, & outreach

Empowering best-in-class telecallers with a fully managed ecosystem

Selecting the right callers for your campaign

Your campaign is handled by skilled and vetted callers
Only 2% of the callers who sign up on the app successfully qualify, meeting the CEFR guidelines through telesales and speech assessments. Their soft skills and objection handling are evaluated through intense mock calls.

Module-based & on-the-job training for improved performance

Our training modules are based on real-life scenarios
The app has built-in training for calling, objection handling, and brand protection. Mock call sessions, personalized feedback, and industry insights help them boost their performance.

System-driven omnichannel outreach for maximum connectivity

We ensure maximum caller productivity
The outreach process is streamlined with easy task navigation, FAQs, in-app dialers, guided scripts, and structured data entry. PII masking, DND scrubbing, and data purging ensures compliance and prevents spamming.
Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring that exceeds industry standards

Our human & AI driven quality monitoring samples 15% calls across 23 quality parameters
Callers receive personalized feedback and training based on the performance analysis.
quality monitoring
Web App

Cutting-edge sales enablement for our telecallers

We empower our callers with the best technology   for a seamless calling experience
The web app offers in-built sales enablement, screen-sharing features, seamless navigation across FAQs, guided scripts, battle cards, rescheduling, and customer communication to ensure uninterrupted calling.
web app

A thriving communityof telecallers

Our incredible community is integrated into the app
It enhances engagement and motivates callers to improve performance through cross-learning, gamified contests, and leaderboards. The trainers also use this space to share feedback, new updates, and process changes.
Looking for a telecalling solution that guarantees 100% caller productivity?