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Outbound Telecalling Solutions for Education

  • Lead Qualification

    Increase sales team productivity by screening and identifying high-intent leads

  • End-to-End Sales

    Nudge leads towards closure and reduce lead drop-offs

  • Reactivation

    Increase course completion and student retention

  • Upsell & Cross-Sell

    Upsell and cross-sell other courses to increase revenue per user

  • Surveys

    Capture feedback from students, parents, or teachers

  • Event Registration & Reminders

    Increase the attendance of your event, webinar or test

Helping Aakash Institute reach 15 Lakh leads in 7 Days

Aakash utilised SquadStack’s lightning-fast campaign setup and on-demand telecallers to reactivate their user base.

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How We Do It?

Industry Trained Telecallers

10k+ highly screened, vetted and trained telecallers who speak English and Hindi.

System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach

Our outreach ensures timely follow-ups, 100% data entry, and maximum connectivity by discovering the best channel, template, and timing.

Usage-Based Pricing

Pay only for connected minutes (i.e. talk time) instead of fixed seat costs, so you don’t have to worry about caller productivity.

Quality Monitoring

Best-in-class Human & A.I. driven quality analysis that analyzes factors like emotion, intent, sentiment, and keyword usage to improve customer interaction.

In-Depth Reporting

Access to in-depth reporting, custom dashboards, actionable insights, and all call recordings.

Data Security

In-built PII masking, encrypted data flow, access control, automated spam checks, and 100% script compliance.

What Makes Us Different?

In-House/BPO Services BPO Services
Fully-Managed Telecaller Hiring, Training & Management
Increased Connectivity through system-driven follow-ups
Usage Based Pricing: Pay only for connected calls
In-Depth Reporting & Analytics