Enhancing Patient Experience Through Health Call Centers

A health call center focuses on various activities ranging from patient communication to appointment scheduling and enhancing patient-centerd care. Let’s discover their vital roles in modern healthcare.

November 1, 2023


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Shara Zareen

Shara Zareen


Health call centers are responsible for managing large volumes of health-related incoming and outgoing calls from patients or customers. Effective communication and patient support are of utmost importance in today's fleet-footed healthcare environment. They are dominant bodies that help healthcare providers meet the demands of modern healthcare and the patient's expectations.

A health call center provides a wide range of services. Resolving inquiries, scheduling or rescheduling appointments, and assisting patients in medical emergencies. They are also proficient in providing information about the products or services offered, healthcare resources, and vital information necessary for a patient's care plan. Their goal is to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers and promote patient-centred care.

Understanding the Role of Health Call Centers

Health call centers serve as a communication bridge between patients and healthcare providers, significantly contributing to modern healthcare. They are responsible for patient assistance and engagement. Discussed below are the pivotal roles of health call centers.

  • Patient Satisfaction: They provide accurate information and solve queries, ensuring patient satisfaction. They are also responsible for connecting the patient with their healthcare providers easily.
  • Appointment Management: Their effective appointment management can reduce the number of no-shows and help healthcare providers optimize their schedules and offer timely care.
  • Triage: Health call centers use triage to classify the caller's condition into critical, serious, or stable and provide initial medical advice while directing them to the most appropriate department.
  • Emergency Response: Some centers ensure immediate assistance in critical situations. They provide emergency services like poison control, strokes, and shortness of breath.
  • Maintaining Administrative Records: They are supposed to maintain administrative records of the prescriptions to handle the patients and their needs correctly.

Best Practices of Health Call Centres

In order to enhance patient satisfaction and overall healthcare experience, health call centers must adhere to best practices. Some of the best practices that help health call centers overcome their challenges and ace their services have been discussed below.

  • Integration of Telemedicine: Integration of telemedicine platforms has increased as it provides virtual consultation and support to people who cannot afford physical consultations.
  • Language Services: Centers focus on providing proper care to patients from diverse backgrounds by providing multilingual support and cultural sensitivity training.
  • Enhanced Communication: Health call centers make it possible for patients to connect with their healthcare providers for any concerns, follow-ups, or clarifications.
  • Training Programs: Agents are trained with the best knowledge to help them upskill and easily solve issues on call.
  • Coordination of Care and Personalization: They help coordinate care by scheduling appointments, managing referrals, and providing personalized support and advice with access to patient's medical records.

Challenges Faced by Health Call Centres

Health call centers face numerous challenges in providing excellent customer support. Let us understand the common issues and address the hurdles they encounter in the healthcare landscape.

  • High Volume Calls: It often becomes challenging to manage high volumes of calls, especially during peak times, leading to long wait periods and frustrated patients.
  • Data Security and Privacy: It falls into the hands of health call centers to protect the patients' sensitive information by following the laws and robust cybersecurity to avoid data breaches.
  • Technology Integration: Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other systems must be integrated for seamless patient support as a step towards advancement.
  • Staff Retention: High turnover rates and the need for training make maintaining highly skilled staff complicated.

Data Security and Compliance in Health Call Centres

Patient information is susceptible and must be protected through data security and compliance. It is not only essential but also a legal requirement to store and transmit data securely to maintain trust.

  • HIPAA Compliance: Health call centres must strictly adhere to the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations to safeguard the patient's data. It instructs the centres to take maximum caution while releasing information over a phone call.
  • Secure Communication: Data breaches are prevented through encrypted and safe channels for transferring information.
  • Regular Audits: Regular security audits and assessments ensure the security of data and help identify weak points.

Healthcare Telecalling Services Provided by SquadStack

SquadStack is a fully managed telecalling solution that combines the power of trained telecallers, a robust tech stack, and AI to streamline operations and sales calling in the healthcare industry. We offer use cases like -

  • Lead Qualification and Appointment Booking: We qualify leads, schedule appointments, or set up lab tests.
  • Telesales: Close leads, cross-sell other products or services, and drive repeat orders.
  • Non-Delivery Report (NDR): When the shipment is in the warehouse, we help you confirm whether you should re-attempt delivery to reduce RTO.
  • Appointment and Payment Reminder: Reminder calls to ensure customers attend lab/ doctor appointments and make their payments on time.
  • Feedback and Survey Calls: With SquadStack, you can get valuable consumer insights to improve your product or service.

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What do health call centres do?


They are primarily responsible for handling healthcare-related calls, scheduling appointments, and assisting patients/ customers.

What are the services provided by health call centres?


Health call centres provide services such as medical billing, medical transcription, and medical outsourcing.

What is the full form of HIPAA?


HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

What is telemedicine?


Health call centres are rapidly integrating telemedicine, a remote diagnosis and treatment service for patients.

How do patients benefit from health call centres?


Patients can connect to healthcare providers easily, receive personalized care, get emergency assistance, and resolve inquiries.

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