Your In-house Telecalling Team Isn’t Enough. Here’s What You Need!

An in-house telecalling team comes with its own challenges and here's what you can do.

February 17, 2023


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Your In-house Telecalling Team Isn’t Enough. Here’s What You Need!


Telecalling is a critical aspect of every business. It is a cost-effective and foolproof method to connect with your customers in a targeted and personalized manner.

It is easier for your business to establish a relationship with your customers and receive immediate actionable feedback on your product and service. It’s the most effective lead qualification method and provides a unique opportunity to understand your customer’s needs and preferences.

You already know the benefits if your business has an in-house telecalling team.

It gives you better control over your telecalling operations and ability to closely monitor the performance and results.

Better brand protection and elevated customer experience as in-house telecalling teams can offer a more personalized and familiar experience.

Challenges of In-house Telecalling Teams

Let’s dive a little deeper into the world of telecalling. With all its benefits intact, having an in-house team doesn’t automatically solve all your telecalling challenges.

Hiring, Training, and Management

Setting up an in-house telecalling team requires a significant investment in equipment, training, and infrastructure. And once your initial set-up is complete, you need to invest a lot of time in hiring, training, and managing your agents. This often backfires because the industry witnesses high churn rates, leading to increased costs and the wastage of resources.

Low Agent Productivity

Setting up a team is tough, but it is more challenging to spare bandwidth for agent management as you will have other things piling up. This results in low agent productivity and can lead to compromised calling hours and poor performance.

Low Lead Connectivity

Did you know agents have to dial 18 or more times on average to connect with a prospect? Lack of agent bandwidth and accountability is one of the major factors in low lead connectivity. Agents tend to cherry-pick leads, follow-ups are broken, and in-house solutions do not have weekend or after-working-hours coverage.

No Flexibility

Your lead volume is never fixed, but your in-house team is. Hence, you incur high CAC due to no flexibility to scale up or down based on variable lead volume.

Lack of Meaningful Insights

Most in-house teams need Telecalling technology that can help them have better visibility and control over their campaigns. Without such systems in place, businesses are unable to capture meaningful customer feedback to understand their pain points and drive better business decisions to improve their product/services.

But if you already have an in-house team, traditional outsourcing solutions may not be your best bet to overcome these challenges.

How can you use SquadStack if you already have an in-house team

SquadStack is not your traditional outsourcing platform. We are India’s most secure and transparent telecalling partner, with no fixed seat costs, best-in-class connectivity, and powerful analytics.

How is squadstack different from inhouse telecalling team
What Makes SquadStack Different

Tips to make the best use of SquadStack

  • Supplement your in-house team with SquadStack and get access to additional skills and resources without hiring more employees.
  • Easily adjust the size of your team by scaling your campaigns up or down as per your business needs and eliminate the need to hire or lay off employees. This is especially beneficial for businesses facing seasonal lead volume fluctuations. 
  • By letting SquadStack handle your telecalling needs, your in-house team can focus on other high-leverage activities. 
  • Our data and analytics can help your internal team drive better-informed decisions to impact your business positively.
In-house calling team not enough

What are the benefits of having an in-house telecalling team?


An in-house telecalling team allows for personalized communication with customers, provides immediate feedback on products and services, and helps establish a closer relationship with customers.

What are the challenges of having an in-house telecalling team?


Some challenges of having an in-house telecalling team include hiring, training, and management. Agent productivity and lead connectivity can be low, in addition to lack of flexibility, and low data-driven insights due to lack of infrastructure.

How is SquadStack different from an in-house telecalling team?


SquadStack offers best-in-class connectivity and powerful analytics. It eliminates fixed seat costs associated with maintaining an in-house team, and provides the flexibility to scale campaigns up or down as needed.

How does SquadStack ensure security and transparency?


SquadStack ensures security and transparency by implementing robust data protection measures and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Does SquadStack charge fixed seat costs?


No, SquadStack does not charge fixed seat costs for on-demand telecallers. They offer a flexible, pay per usage pricing model based on your requirements.

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