BPO vs SquadStack: How SquadStack Leverages Technology to Deliver a Better Outcome

We are living in a time of massive innovation – remote work, decentralized currencies, on-demand services – the the time for large scale disruption of legacy practices, processes and systems is now.

January 6, 2022


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BPO vs SquadStack: How SquadStack Leverages Technology to Deliver a Better Outcome


“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

We are living in a time of massive innovation – remote work, decentralized currencies, on-demand services – the the time for large scale disruption of legacy practices, processes and systems is now.

But not every industry is ready to embrace change and leap ahead.

Ultimately, innovation has ceased to exist in an industry that to date, remains largely unchanged in the way it has operated for the last twenty years.

Despite changing business landscape and consumer expectations, brick and mortar BPOs have failed to evolve and serve the needs of modern consumer-first businesses.

This is where SquadStack comes in.

Here’s how we are helping businesses leverage on-demand agents present pan India technology and large-scale automation, to achieve better outcomes with outsourcing.

Improve productivity with SquadStack

> Technology for the agent

Legacy call-centers have literally ‘fixated’ work opportunities to a central location.

Although most of the call centers in India have pivoted to a remote-work model temporarily, they’re still waiting to go back to their physical spaces, and continue to invest heavily on office infrastructure and setup to achieve pre-COVID results.

As a result, majority of the problems that currently affect employees in the outsourcing industry (especially in a post-COVID remote-first environment)  arise due to a heavy dependency on office infrastructure and tools for secure work, which ultimately leads to little flexibility for agents who want to work from remote locations.

Since the traditional call center model hasn’t changed with time, agents working at BPOs have been largely neglected when it comes to their working conditions and well-being.

The results?

  • A growing gap between efforts and earnings for agents
  • High-stress working conditions
  • Lack of opportunities to work and earn meaningful incomes remotely

Without a productive, healthy and highly engaged workforce, the output takes a hit.  

With technology, SquadStack opens up a better way to work for agents in a remote world:

  • A mobile-app based platform attracting quality talent across India
  • Flexible work conditions with an opportunity to work anywhere anytime
  • Up to two times higher earning potential and performance-based rewards

As a result of these, agents working with SquadStack achieve higher productivity, irrespective of their location, and stay engaged in their work for longer duration.

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> Technology for the businesses

Traditional call centers look at technology in a limited way.

As a result of this tunnel-view, some of the problems that affect businesses relying on legacy call centers arise due to heavy dependency on archaic delivery frameworks and cost-intensive setups.

Over time, these small inefficiencies add up to become large-scale gaps, ultimately leading to a waste of resources, capital, and opportunity for the ecosystem.

As a result, businesses that outsource to legacy call centers in India, often have to face the following changes:

  • Complicated delivery mechanisms that are not aided by technology
  • Time-consuming processes (ex: 30 days to hire/replace and train a single agent)
  • Limited visibility on real-time analytics and insights to make mission-critical decisions

With technology, SquadStack delivers better and faster results for businesses.

  • Automated workflows to avoid manual campaign setup and prolonged agent training, therefore achieving  faster go-live (from scratch to launch in 72 hours or less)
  • Data models to track, measure, and analyze campaign performance in real-time
  • API integrations to connect with powerful tools and CRMs, and keep all your customer interaction data centralized in one place

SquadStack versus Traditional BPOs: Three Key Differences

1. Satisfied agents with very low attrition rates

Burnout on the job and low remuneration are two major reasons for agent attrition in legacy call centers. It affects most workers, and contributes to low productivity and unsatisfactory outputs.

SquadStack is built on a culture which proliferates a sense of belongingness and purpose. As a result, people feel as if they belong to a community, instead of a company.

We enable change with our more than fair remuneration practices and an environment where people can participate in opportunities to learn, upskill and grow, all while working remotely.

2. Higher quality conversations and better outcomes

Consumer focused businesses need more than just results, they should focus on building deeper customer relationships and loyalty.

SquadStack provides an end-to-end funnel sales funnel view to help you track and optimize campaign performance in real-time.

With CRM and third-party integrations, businesses can track performance in real-time through custom dashboards and turn analytics into actionable insights to drive better decisions.

3. Diverse talent pool with deep experience and domain expertise

Fast growing businesses need access to high quality talent that can do more than just handling queries – and offer personalized experiences to leads and customers.

Typically, BPOs go through a long and tedious cycle of attracting, hiring, training and managing people. Plus, it doesn’t help much when a majority of the workforce comprises first-timers looking to set foot.

With SquadStack, businesses can access a pool of pre-trained, industry ready callers and leverage domain expertise to scale faster. All this without going through the hassles of hiring, training or managing on your own.

Most importantly, businesses can avoid massive overheads that come as part of the costs charges by traditional BPOs.

Pricing model: Legacy Call Centers versus SquadStack

The traditional call-center pricing is based on a contract-labour approach or a ‘fixed cost’ model.

It’s a model that still makes for the way outsourcing companies work, because it’s designed to focus more on promises, and less on results.

Here’s why it’s an inefficient way to outsource, especially for modern consumer businesses:

  • No correlation between pricing and actual outcomes
  • No direct incentives for service provider to improve efficiency or quality
  • Difficult to implement due to high initial investment related to location, skill, margin markups
  • Charges are usually independent of work volume

Due to the massive gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered – it’s the business that ends up compromising on quality, service delivery or both.

At SquadStack, our pricing model is based on transactions and outcomes, not promises.

Here’s why it’s a better alternative for businesses of different scale and requirements:

  • Direct correlation with the outcomes – clients pay for results, not for resources.
  • Builds trusts and deeper engagement with clients through higher visibility and transparency
  • Easy to implement as no complicated costs or hidden charges are involved
  • Pay as you go pricing based solely on the volume of work

In Conclusion: The Past or The Future?

The way the world gets work done is changing. And the way businesses need to think about outsourcing needs to change as well.

Most of the problems affecting the traditional BPO model are not a result of a lack of technology per se, but they arise due to an archaic way of looking at problems, which results in poor utilization of technology.

We look at Technology combined with Artificial Intelligence to enable the next paradigm shift in business process outsourcing.

Take the example of Uber, and how it disrupted the legacy cab-hailing industry by deploying a mobile app to provide on-demand, quality cabs at the push of a button. Uber disrupted the ride-hailing market with technology and changed how people moved from point A to B.

Leading consumer companies across Edtech, Fintech, Ecommerce, Logistics and Entertainment industries in India leverage our platform as a future-ready alternative to traditional call center companies in India.

You can think of SquadStack as the ‘Uber for Outsourcing’.

Here’s why:

  • A simplified omnichannel platform to manage all campaigns across Voice, SMS, IVR, and Email
  • Ability to A/B test on outreach to help businesses easily test, tweak and optimize their campaigns
  • On-demand scalability to help businesses ramp up outreach without investing in cost-intensive setups or additional tools
  • A performance-based, pay as you go model that is asset-light and ROI focused

With the freedom to pay only for the impact, companies can deliver exponentially better results.

Technology in BPO process

SquadStack helps consumer businesses to save time and massive overheads, and the endless hiring + training loops.

In the past, BPOs paved the way for businesses to leverage specialized services from expert partners.

In the future, businesses will rely on partners that provide more than just services – and share deeper insights to drive better outcomes.

The future of outsourcing is now. It’s an idea whose time has come.







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