Call Center in India: Sales Agents and Advanced Technology

SquadStack's tech-first approach is leading Indian call centers in a new direction of offering unmatched services to businesses across industries.

June 11, 2024


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Shara Zareen

Shara Zareen

Call Center in India: Sales Agents and Advanced Technology


Introduction to the Call Centers in India

Call centers are facilities that handle large volumes of calls on behalf of businesses. India also has a significant number of call center service providers that cater to various companies from different industries across the globe.

Due to India’s skilled workforce, cost-effective nature, and robust infrastructure, the country has emerged as a global hub for call center operations. The Indian call center service providers offer various services, including inbound and outbound support, telemarketing, and lead generation.

Indian Call Centers: Adapt to Your Customer's Needs

Solutions Offered by Indian Call Centers

Indian call centers cater to a wide range of customer support needs, offering a diverse set of solutions to businesses around the world. Here's a breakdown of some of the most prominent services they provide:

Inbound Call Center Services

The inbound services utilize ACD, IVR systems, call monitoring, and recording features to enhance the operation’s efficiency. ACD automatically directs the incoming calls to the most appropriate agents, and IVR provides self-service options to the callers through automated menus and voice prompts. The call recording and monitoring feature boosts quality service and provides valuable insights into areas of improvement.

Additionally, inbound call centers offer multichannel support that helps customers reach out through their desired mode of communication. The advanced features provided by inbound call centers facilitate improved CX and foster client retention. It allows businesses to make informed decisions based on call analytics and insights.

Indian Call Centers offer Inbound Services
Image: Indian Call Centers offer Inbound Services to Improve CX and Boost Customer Retention

Outbound Call Center Services

This type of call center promotes proactive engagement with customers for outbound campaigns. The typical solutions delivered by an outbound call center comprise auto-dialing systems for automating the calling process, call scripting tools for agents to provide uniform messages, and CRM integration to view customer details and provide personalized services. Apart from these, businesses can also benefit from the campaign and lead management functionalities, which can be used to plan, execute, and monitor campaigns along with tracking and managing the leads. Outbound calling facilitates customer retention through follow-up calls, prompt issue resolution, and feedback. It also helps in data collection, market research, surveys, and promotions, eventually generating revenue growth.

Call Centers in India Utilize Various Touchpoints
Image: Call Centers in India Utilize Various Touchpoints to Maximize Customer Outreach

Blended Call Center Services

As the name suggests, blended call center services combine the functionalities of both inbound and outbound call centers. It can manage both incoming and outgoing calls within the same platform. From ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, it has all the features to provide flexibility to businesses. By combining the robust features and advanced technologies of inbound and outbound call centers, the versatile solution of blended call center services empowers the company and the agents to increase productivity, enhance the sales process, and deliver exceptional customer service for improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Call Center Phone Systems: Find the Right Virtual Solution

Indian Call Centers: Strategies for Better Training

Benefits of Choosing SquadStack For Call Center Outsourcing in India

SquadStack is a telecalling company that caters to businesses from different industries like brokerage, education, e-commerce, and healthcare. Our skilled agents, cutting-edge technology, and data-driven insights empower enterprises to increase their sales, streamline their operations, and improve customer satisfaction scores.


SquadStack offers cloud-based solutions that do not require hardware or software setup, effectively reducing upfront costs. We follow usage-based pricing, which eliminates fixed costs and hidden fees, meaning you pay only for the connected minutes. 

Skilled & Multilingual Agents

SquadStack has 10K+ telecalling agents, proficient in 9 languages, working remotely and centralized. Every agent undergoes various assessments and training processes before they go live. Our telecallers also receive targeted training based on their performance insight.

Lead Management & Outreach

SquadStack’s system-driven management and omnichannel workflows allow you to manage your leads effectively. The checker system inspects for DND and duplicate numbers to avoid spamming them, while our customizable omnichannel outreach nudges the customers throughout the funnel.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize advanced technologies to automate our operations. Our auto-dialing feature automates the calling process. We offer advanced features like IVR, CRM integration, call recording, and analytics, together with skill-based routing that is done through a lead-matching engine. 

Call Quality Analysis

Our AI-powered call quality analysis provides valuable insights, ensures the accuracy of quality scores, improves performance with our feedback loop, and reduces incorrect qualification with a smart sampling of 12% (3% manual), which surpasses the industry standards of 1-2%. 

Analytics & Reporting

SquadStack boosts data-driven decision-making. You can comprehensively overview all the active campaigns and track KPIs. We allow historical data to be analyzed to identify weekly and monthly trends and generate agent and campaign performance reports to help identify & address insufficiencies. 

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Pillars of Indian Call Centers

Onboarding Process 

First off, you must thoroughly research and analyze the demand, location, infrastructure requirements, and regulatory considerations. The next step involves securing the necessary licenses and permits. After that comes the most crucial part of the onboarding process, where you hire professionals according to your needs and train them based on their job roles.

Communication & Reporting

After the onboarding process, you must consider setting up effective communication channels between the management and the clients for seamless communication. Additionally, comprehensive reporting systems must be implemented to monitor calls and agents’ performance and track key metrics. Regular reporting facilitates informed decision-making for optimized call center performance.

Quality Assurance 

This step involves defining suitable quality metrics and service standards such as call resolution time and customer satisfaction scores. Quality assurance enables data collection and analysis, which helps track performance trends and make data-driven decisions. Moreover, quality analysis protocols like call monitoring and customer surveys allow for monitoring and evaluating agent performance.

Start a Cloud Call Center For Business With SquadStack

SquadStack’s cloud-based solution, Plug-and-Play, empowers businesses to launch and optimize their call center operations effortlessly. Our Plug-and-Play approach eliminates the complexities of setting up and managing a call center. Here’s how you can easily set up an outbound calling campaign in 5 easy steps and under 15 minutes.

Sign up & Explore

  • Create a free SquadStack account.
  • Navigate the dashboard to understand its layout and features offered.

Define Your Needs

  • Identify your call center goals.
  • Estimate the expected call volume.
  • Decide on the essential features you need.

Plan Your Campaign

  • Create a campaign and define specific details.
  • Develop scripts and guidelines.
  • Upload training materials, if required.

Recruit & Train Your Team 

  • SquadStack’s telecallers are pre-screened & trained. 
  • They have rich past experience and worked for large Indian enterprises

Launch and Monitor

  • Time to go live.
  • Monitor the performance with our reporting tools.
  • Continuously improve based on performance analysis.
Indian Call Centers: Start Your Cloud Call Center
Image: Start Your Cloud Call Center with SquadStack's Plug-and-Play
Indian Call Centers: Connect with Our Experts at SquadStack

How can a call center in India benefit my business?


Consider a call center in India for its cost-effectiveness. You'll benefit from a large pool of English-speaking talent at competitive rates. Plus, India offers 24/7 operations, ensuring you can serve customers globally without downtime. This combination of affordability, skillset, and flexibility makes India a compelling outsourcing choice.

What skills are required to work in an Indian call center?


English fluency is vital, along with customer service skills like patience and problem-solving. Technical knowledge might be required for specific roles.

Are Indian call centers equipped for multilingual customer service?


Yes, many Indian centers cater to a global audience. They offer support in multiple languages, often with agents trained in cultural sensitivity.

What services do call centers in India offer?


Indian call centers handle a wide range of services, including inbound customer support, outbound sales calls, technical support, telemarketing, and back-office operations.

Are there any challenges related to outsourcing an Indian call center?


Potential challenges include cultural differences as communication and work styles may differ, time zone variations can cause difficulty in managing teams, and data security concerns.

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