SquadStack vs. In-House: What Makes SquadStack Different?

Learn how SquadStack is different from your in-house telecalling team!

March 9, 2022


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Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

SquadStack vs. In-House: What Makes SquadStack Different?


SquadStack: Your Trustworthy Telecalling Partner

SquadStack is India’s most secure and transparent on-demand telecalling partner, with no fixed seat costs, best-in-class connectivity and powerful analytics.

We have enterprise-grade data security measures and encryption across every layer. And you still have complete control over your campaign.  We help leading Indian consumer companies like Delhivery, Tata Cliq, Upstox, etc., streamline their sales and operations. 

Improve your efficiency with SquadStack

Want to know how Upstox became a leading brokerage in India? Check out their journey with SquadStack!

Here are 6 more reasons that make SquadStack different from your in-house telecalling team or traditional BPOs:

What Makes Us Different?

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Challenges of an Inhouse Telecalling Team What Makes SquadStack Different
Hiring, Training, & Management: Time consuming process and high agent churn rates leading to high costs and wastage of resources Fully Managed Telecalling Stack: End-to-end training and management of our decentralized network of high-quality telecallers for your campaigns
Low Agent Productivity: No bandwidth for agent management and leading to compromised calling hours and no productivity & performance guarantee Usage-based Pricing with 100% Agent Productivity: Get complete agent productivity with the help of our guided telecalling app and pay only for productive connected minutes
No Flexibility: High CAC due to no flexibility to scale up or down based on variable lead volume Better Flexibility: Scale up or down as per your business needs
Lack of Meaningful Insights: No analytics and customer insights to improve your product/service Transparency & Insights: Access to in-depth reporting, custom dashboards, actionable insights, and 100% call recordings of your campaigns
Low Connectivity: Fixed working hours leading to poor coverage Improved Connectivity: Omnichannel outreach with weekend and after hours coverage (9AM to 9PM)*
Agent Accountability: Agents cherry-pick leads & follow-ups are broken due to low agent accountability or bandwidth. System Driven Follow Ups: End-to-end script compliance and system driven outreach to ensure 100% agent accountability.

*Weekend and after hours coverage is only available for Operations Callers

Best Outsourcing Partner


What is SquadStack's main focus as an on-demand telecalling partner?


SquadStack focuses on providing secure and transparent telecalling services with no fixed seat costs, strong connectivity, and powerful analytics. They help streamline sales and operations for leading Indian consumer companies.

How does SquadStack differ from an in-house telecalling team in terms of hiring, training, and management?


SquadStack offers a fully managed telecalling stack, providing end-to-end training and management of a decentralized network of high-quality telecallers for your campaigns. This eliminates the time-consuming process and high agent churn rates associated with in-house teams.

What makes SquadStack's pricing different from in-house teams in terms of agent productivity?


SquadStack offers usage-based pricing with 100% agent productivity. Their guided telecalling app ensures complete agent productivity, and you only pay for productive connected minutes. This guarantees higher efficiency compared to in-house teams.

How does SquadStack improve connectivity compared to fixed working hours of an in-house team?


SquadStack offers improved connectivity through omnichannel outreach, including weekend and after-hours coverage from 9 AM to 9 PM. This ensures better coverage and engagement with potential customers compared to the limited working hours of in-house teams.

How does SquadStack ensure agent accountability?


SquadStack implements system-driven follow-ups, ensuring end-to-end script compliance and system-driven outreach. This enhances agent accountability and reduces issues such as cherry-picking leads and broken follow-ups.

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