How to Convert Leads into Sales? Lead Conversion Mistakes

Check this page for know about lead conversion mistakes and procedure to convert leads into sales. Check complete procedure to convert leads into customers.

January 6, 2022


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How to Convert Leads into Sales? Lead Conversion Mistakes


The complex process of converting leads into sales expands further, more than website traffic. It contains nurturing the interests of these leads and ultimately converting them into customers. Conversions can also come from leads that don’t complete their onboarding and activation journeys digitally and require further intervention from a sales team.

Hiring a top sales outsourcing firm can be a big game changer for your business growth. Businesses often make several lead conversion mistakes when it comes to converting leads. These errors can hinder the process and prevent them from successfully converting potential customers.

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How to Convert Leads into Sales? 

Removing Unqualified Leads: A common mistake many businesses make is investing excessive time and effort in pursuing unqualified leads, resulting in insufficient demo opportunities. To convert leads, Squadstack is the top outsourcing firm in India which has helped many companies with onboarding calls and churn more than 2cr leads. 

Hiring Outsourcing a Sales Team: Evaluating whether an in-house solution aligns with the business's specific needs is crucial.  Businesses often encounter challenges with hiring, training, and managing personnel when converting leads into sales.

Squadstack is a trusted choice for prominent Ecommerce, Logistics Businesses, and consumer platforms when hiring telecalling sales teams.

Qualifying your Leads: Qualifying leads into sales help in lead conversion as it allows for quickly identifying relevant sales opportunities within your leads. Lead qualification also provides a comprehensive understanding of their needs and other essential signals.  This knowledge empowers businesses to personalize their sales pitch effectively, resulting in maximum impact.

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5 Common Lead Conversion Mistakes Experienced by Businesses

Let’s discuss five common mistakes even the most experienced sales leaders and businesses make while outsourcing sales.

Not Picking the Appropriate Outsourcing Partner

Sales outsourcing is not a process where you can go all in without thinking twice. Sales are revenue-generating. Hence it is important to properly discuss the outsourcing decision before taking action.

How can you pick the right outsourced team?

  1. Define your WHY for sales outsourcing.
  2. Do research or pick an Intelligent sales and operations outsource that matches your company’s voice.
  3. Keep your team in the loop; outsourcing sales is a big step.
  4. Keep your team in the loop and discuss its pros and cons before proceeding. Define and discuss roles, responsibilities, and KPIs.
  5. Have a defined interview and onboarding process – have culture fit rounds.

You should outsource your sales to a company that -

A. Understands your company voice?

B. Will customize its sales processes according to your goals?

C. And already have trained sales experts who are champions of your specified industry?

All these requirements can be met by booking a Squadstack demo

No Defined Goals

The most prevalent lead conversion mistake is not establishing goals and processes and assuming that the sales team can handle them independently. It is crucial to understand that as a business owner, you must clearly understand the desired outcomes you wish to achieve.

How can you have clear goals for your Sales team?

  1. Before outsourcing sales, have a clear process of sales set up in-house.
  2. Document everything - This will help save a lot of time during the onboarding process and not leave room for loopholes.
  3. Have a clear understanding of your company goals which leads to good customer satisfaction.
  4. Define goals for your outsourced team, why you want to achieve them, and their importance in the longer run.

Not Performance Measurement 

Measuring performance is an essential practice you must regularly follow – Not only for an outsourced sales team but any sales team. Checking metrics as a process often takes a backseat regarding outsourcing. Making sure that it’s not neglected is important.

Keep your goals in mind, understand how to measure them through clear metrics, and keep them in check. Weekly/ monthly metric checks will keep your outsourced team accountable and help you save money.

How can you measure performance for your outsourced team?

  1. If you already have your goals set for your outsourced sales team, then figuring out how to measure these goals will be easy.
  2. Sit down with your team and discuss what metrics are important to your business and how you can define sales success.
  3. Jot those metrics down, and define a clear process of when to check them, how to check them, and who will take ownership.
  4. Build accountability not just in your team but also within your outsourced team.

SquadStack works on performance tracking & makes it easy by providing customers with a dashboard to see all-important outreach metrics of their outsourced team.

Our reports can be customized, scheduled, and downloaded in just a few clicks. It’s easy, breezy, and efficient and increases accountability.‍

No Room for Ideas and Feedback From Team

The biggest mistake a team leader can make, which can significantly hinder company growth, is failing to seek and consider feedback and dismissing new ideas. Entrepreneurs need to avoid overlooking ideas and feedback from hired or outsourced staff.

How to make room for ideas and feedback?

  1. Create a culture where the outsourced sales team can openly share ideas without constraints.
  2. Have frequent one-on-ones with your sales experts or at least their managers. Ask them for feedback and how they can work better.
  3. Create anonymous feedback surveys.

No Exit strategy.

“Every agreement should include criteria for disengagement.”

What happens when the outsourced team does not meet defined standards and goals? What should you as a team leader do when you know it’s time to let go, and how should you do it?

An exit strategy should be communicated to the outsourced team and your internal team. This strategy has to be a part of your agreement and should be openly communicated so there is no room for loopholes.

Sometimes, without having such checks and balances, you keep going ahead with an agency and don’t focus on an exit strategy.

How to define an exit strategy?

  1. When creating goals for your outsourced sales agency, also create a minimum standard that must be met.
  2. Define this well, document it, and communicate it openly to the agency.
  3. Making an exit strategy keeps accountability and saves money, time, and other complications towards the end of an agreement.

Key Takeaways

  1. Have clear company goals, and be open with communication with your outsourced team.
  2. Be careful while picking an outsourced team. What works for other businesses may not work for you.
  3. The key to accountability is checking metrics regularly.
  4. Do not be a tyrant when it comes to taking ideas. Be open to creativity and feedback when it comes to your outsourced team.
  5. Always create a minimum standard of performance that has to be met.

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What are common lead conversion mistakes businesses make in sales?


Following are the common lead conversion mistakes which businesses make No personalizing communication. Not addressing customer pain points. Not nurturing leads throughout the sales funnel. Not measuring and analyzing conversion metrics.

Why is it essential to measure and analyze conversion metrics?


Measuring and analyzing conversion metrics is crucial because it provides insights into the effectiveness of your lead conversion strategies.

How does neglecting lead nurturing affect conversion rates?


Neglecting lead nurturing can lead to lower conversion rates. Without proper nurturing, leads may not be adequately educated about the product or service, and they may not see the value it offers.

How can I effectively convert leads into sales?


Effective lead conversion contains steps like Building relationship Understanding customer needs Addressing objections, and Demonstrating the value of your product or service.

What role does lead qualification play in converting leads into sales?


Lead qualification helps identify the most promising leads and prioritize your sales efforts. By evaluating factors such as a lead's level of interest, budget, decision-making authority, and fit with your product or service, you can focus your resources on leads with a higher potential for conversion.

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