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Powered by trained telecallers, best-in-class technology, and A.I.
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Managed Services

Your Telecalling Needs, Managed End-to-End

We offer the complete package of caller training, campaign management, quality assurance, and data science to help you drive more revenue.


Match Leads with Expert Callers

We have the largest network of on-demand trained telecallers. Our built-in lead prioritization model matches leads with the callers who are more likely to convert them.

Guided Calling

Guided Flow for Callers

Our telecallers reach out to your leads and follow your script end-to-end using our mobile app. We ensure 100% cadence compliance, capture key information and schedule follow-ups, all of which are populated in your CRM.

Quality Monitoring

Improve Customer Interaction

Our A.I. algorithm goes through call recordings and transcription data to analyze various factors like emotion, intent, sentiment, and keyword usage. It then shares insights that we pass on to telecallers to improve customer interaction.

Campaign Management

Efficiently Manage & Monitor Outreach

A/B test campaigns, bulk import leads, monitor the outreach status of all leads, and get insights at your fingertips using the Campaign Management Platform.

Omnichannel Outreach

Boost Connectivity

We reach out to your leads many times through multiple channels such as calls, emails, WhatsApp, SMS, and IVR leading to lightning fast turnaround time, better engagement, and maximum connectivity.  

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize Conversions with A.I.

Our A.I. model scores and prioritizes your leads based on 40+ data signals and behavioral interactions. We do A.I.-driven personalized outreach to discover the best outreach channel, template, and timing for any lead.

Voice of Customer

Capture Customer Feedback Through A.I.

Our A.I. algorithms collect data from direct consumer interactions such as calls, texts, and social media and generate insights based on consumer behavior and preferences. This helps you improve your product and marketing messages.

DATA Security

Effective Data Security Measures

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Your conversations and information are safe and secure in the cloud, and data security is our top priority. Easily restrict access to confidential information with customer PII masking, screenshot restriction, and headset mode.


Access call recordings and notes synced to your CRM with integrations & on-demand customization.
Case studies


Average Lead Connectivity


Increase in Activations
Upstox leveraged the fully managed services of SquadStack to onboard and increase their active user base and become #2 Brokerage in India.
01 / 00

Outsourcing gives us a lot of flexibility. To do anything in-house, you will need a lot of time to scale up and execute things at a faster rate. We found a great partner in SquadStack, who helped us achieve our goals, growth, and targets.

Satyartha Srivastava
Customer Success Lead,Upstox
Case studies


Average lead


Revenue  opportunitiES generated
In just 9 months, SquadStack created a measurable impact for Delhivery.
01 / 00

SquadStack has helped us reduce turnaround time significantly, leading to better qualification. This, along with their high focus on customer service and easy access to data and insights, helped us optimize our sales processes.

Anand Biswas
Director, SME Business Delhivery