How Our Product Enables Sales Experts to Be More Productive

A sales team effectively bridges the gap between a customer and your business. A tech-powered and data-driven sales outsourcing platform can empower you to maximize your sales productivity. 

May 31, 2022


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How Our Product Enables Sales Experts to Be More Productive


A busy day isn’t always a productive day. And that is what most sales team leaders struggle with when it comes to managing, training, and helping sales reps increase their productivity. 

Sales is the most crucial, customer-facing aspect of your business. You need an industry-trained team to guide your customers and quickly adapt to off-script conversations. And most important of all — you need to monitor their quality and manage them to ensure they continue to speak your brand language and focus on one singular goal - convert more leads. 

When it comes to converting more leads, exponential growth has been directly linked to the importance of a “human layer” intertwined with your product/service journey. 

A sales team effectively bridges the gap between a customer and your business. 

Consumer Businesses that have nailed down growth significantly invest in their sales. Doing this in-house can be time-consuming and expensive, while outsourcing can be challenging if you cannot find the right fit. 

A tech-powered and data-driven solution can empower you to maximize your sales productivity. 

Leading companies like Upstox, Edelweiss, ZestMoney, Classplus, and Tata Cliq leverage SquadStack’s A.I.- powered and decentralized network of sales experts.

Let us look at how it works. 

et increased sales opportunities with SquadStack's tools and technology

Using Technology to Augment, Not Automate 

We have a powerful tech stack and a fully trained network of sales experts that allow us to help sales teams at top B2C companies bridge the gap between lead acquisition and revenue generation efficiently and at scale. 

Without human intervention, sales and marketing efforts can often backfire for your product or service. Technology and analytics alone will never be as powerful as a robust tech stack combined with human experience, observation, and sometimes even intuition!

We have married the best of both to augment sales processes and boost conversions by 3x

The Sales Expert App 

Our in-house sales expert app is the all-in-one resource center and platform for our network of sales experts. 

This guided selling app is a fully monitored and secure selling tool that our experts use every day for the complete cycle of fulfilling each task. The app is designed to guide the experts through the onboarding, training, information sharing, completing each task, and feedback cycle for their next mission. 

This guided selling app sets our team of decentralized experts apart from others, enabling them to be more productive.

Here’s how we do it! 

Easy Sign Up & Onboarding 

Right from onboarding, our job is to help the sales experts focus on their tasks and convert the leads. The app is the all-in-one source that allows them to learn, earn, and grow in a completely remote setup.

After a rigorous selection process that involves interviews, general aptitude, and communication testing, with less than a 10% selection rate, the experts undergo intensive training. A sales expert is qualified to do customer calls only when they are thoroughly vetted, monitored, complete the mock assessment, and are approved by you. 

Once we complete the initial onboarding, we conduct training sessions and offer ample resources directly linked to their tasks that they can access unlimited times within the app. It also allows them to have visibility on their expected earnings and how they can increase it. 

SquadStack's Guided Sales App

Reduced Manual Processes 

The app is designed to encourage the experts to take up more tasks and complete them efficiently in a shorter amount of time. The user’s in-app journey is mapped with CTAs, improved navigation, and an auto-dialing feature that allows them to call the next lead assigned to them right after they complete an existing task. 

Being a powerhouse resource for everything related to their lead and the questions that need to be answered, the app meaningfully guides the experts through objection handling. It maintains consistency across all the sales experts so that nobody is under-prepared to answer questions or effectively communicate and help their customers. Additional features such as search functionality lead to a better in-app experience and a faster, smoother response.

Fully Guided Scripts 

For effective selling, sales experts must have access to not just a regular script but a conditional script. This enables them to have the right flexibility to adapt to customer conversations and go off script as required. Yet, it ensures that there is no mis-selling and forced selling. 

Improved Connectivity 

Our built-in lead prioritization model matches leads with the sales experts who are more likely to convert them. The leads are queued by the system, which ensures the right leads are followed up at the right time, by the right person, and through the right channels by simply using the ‘Call Next Lead’ feature. This model also ensures that geography and language preferences that are crucial to great communication are taken into account by the experts. SMS and WhatsApp templates are also pushed based on the prioritization model. 

The rescheduling option ensures that the lead is still in the loop and does not slip through the cracks of your sales funnel after the first failed attempt at following up. This immensely boosts connectivity and leads to greater chances of lead conversion. 

A.I. Powered Quality Monitoring 

We ensure 100% cadence compliance, capture key information, and schedule follow-ups, all populated in your CRM for complete transparency. We algorithmically check 100% of the call recordings, tag, and flag a smart sample. We then look at 19 quality parameters while sampling 12-16%* of call recordings daily to improve customer interaction by analyzing emotion, intent, sentiment, and keyword usage. 

This model ensures faster call quality monitoring and daily insights for our sales experts to improve customer experience. It is also highly effective in fraud prevention and alerts. We constantly monitor and keep track of their performance to provide your customers with the best quality sales experience. 

*industry-standard rate 1-2%

Guardrails to Prevent Spamming

We have guardrails in place that prevent spamming your leads. Cadence compliance is based on lead scores, not the sales expert’s preferences. Every lead in your funnel gets ‘n’ calls based on our lead prioritization model and not the assigned expert’s willingness to work. The sticky agent feature connects the caller to the same expert. 

No expert can contact the lead outside the designated channel for communication as the app controls the entire process. 

Data Security Measures 

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Your conversations and information are safe and secure in the cloud, and data security is our top priority. Our sales expert app restricts access to confidential information with customer PII masking, screenshot restriction, and headset mode.

Chasing Efficiency and Continuous Improvement 

Maximizing conversions for your business is the primary goal of our fully managed sales services. To achieve this, we prioritize productivity and take measures to consistently maintain a high-quality standard across our entire network of sales experts. 

This can only be achieved through a smooth and easy-to-understand in-app experience for our sales experts. 

  • Before they begin a call, our experts get a checklist that helps them fully prepare with all they need to get started. This ensures that even though our experts work in a remote setup, they do not lack any resources that can negatively impact the customer experience.
  • We conduct regular training sessions and webinars, share best practices, and take our sales experts’ community seriously. 
  • Their well-being is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure they have access to financial independence and healthcare through our work model. 
  • We share continuous feedback and ensure that they have access to every information through FAQ updates push and assessments that make them fully prepared to deliver great results. 
Improving productivity of sales experts with squadstack

How does SquadStack ensure efficient onboarding and training for sales experts?


SquadStack helps telecallers focus on their tasks by providing an easy sign-up and onboarding process. After a rigorous selection process and intensive training, experts gain access to training sessions and resources directly linked to their tasks. The app also offers visibility on expected earnings and opportunities for growth.

What are the benefits of SquadStack's fully guided scripts?


SquadStack Partner App provides callers with fully guided, conditional scripts. These scripts offer the flexibility to adapt to customer conversations while ensuring no mis-selling or forced selling occurs. They can confidently engage with customers while delivering accurate information and maintaining a personalized approach.

How does SquadStack prevent spamming of leads?


SquadStack has guardrails in place to prevent spamming of leads. The app controls the entire communication process, restricting callers from contacting leads outside of designated channels.

What data security measures does SquadStack implement?


SquadStack is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, ensuring data security. The app restricts access to confidential information through customer PII masking, screenshot restrictions, and headset mode. Conversations and information are stored securely in the cloud, prioritizing data privacy and protection.

What is the SquadStack Partner App?


The SquadStack Partner App is an all-in-one resource center and platform for SquadStack's network of telecallers to reach out to your leads. It is a secure selling tool that guides callers through screening, onboarding, training, completing tasks, and providing feedback.

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