The Power of Sales Outsourcing: Meaning and Benefits

Learn about the meaning and advantages of outsourcing sales. Discover the power of sales outsourcing in achieving rapid business growth. Find out if you should outsource your sales process.

January 3, 2022


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The Power of Sales Outsourcing: Meaning and Benefits


Paving the way to a successful business requires hard work, dedication, time, and, most importantly, the right resources. Among these resources, the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are the people within and outside your business, including your in-house and outsourced sales staff, customers, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, etc. If you can combine your in-house team with the perfect partner for sales outsourcing, you have the exclusive ticket to fast-paced growth.

In this blog, we will explore the meaning, importance, and benefits of having the right sales outsourcing partner for a better-looking growth graph. We will also discover whether outsourcing sales operations is the way to go for your success. So, let us dive right in and check out the endless opportunities of sales outsourcing.

What Is Sales Outsourcing?

To begin with, let's go through sales outsourcing meaning and a quick review of the concept. When a company hires another company to perform its sales process, it is called sales outsourcing. The right outsourced sales and marketing firm can help build crucial connections and handle resources in a great way to reach maximum potential in a short period. It can reduce your workload, bring in sales experts, and allow you to use your time and resources for other vital activities.

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What an Outsourced Sales Firm does to Business?

When you hire an outsourcing service provider as your sales expert, it acts like an extension of your company. It performs your sales processes and is responsible for the sales cycle management of your business. This includes lead generation, checking quality of outsourcing process, prospecting, customer outreach, and closing deals.

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How Outsourced Sales Firms Help Your Business?

When you delegate your sales process to an outsourced sales team, you get external support that can help you increase prospect generation, nurture leads, and customer satisfaction, and move clients through the sales funnel. Outsourced teams bring in many tools that fast-track your business expansion and offer invaluable insights to reach a broad spectrum of audiences.

How Outsourced Sales Firms Help Your Business?
Image - How Outsourced Sales Firms Help Your Business?

Outbound Call

Purposeful outbound calls  add value to potential customers. Proper focus on triggers that initiate sales and bring in more customers towards conversion from the top of the funnel. Connect with potential customers when they are at the highest propensity to connect.

Social Sales

Connecting with relevant clients using social media will take a certain level of expertise and knack of luck. Social sales by outsourcing increase your business visibility. 77% of potential customers won’t consider connecting with customers until they have done their research.

Sales Chat

Clearing your prospects’ doubts quickly is imperative for increasing your sales and credibility in the digital landscape. By partnering with a well-established sales fulfillment firm, you give prospects the interaction/immediate gratification they crave.


Gauge the interest of your prospects and pave the way for more personalized communication in the future. Email is still the top option for communication among business professionals, and it’s a great way to nurture relationships as prospects/leads continue to consider your product. Your outsourced sales team can help you manage email outreach, generate prospects and opportunities, then move them further down the sales pipeline and closer to buying your product.

Various Types Of Sales Outsourcing

All business have their unique needs and requirements. Some might need a hand in inside sales; some might need help in the collection process; others may require support in B2B sales, and so on. And so, there are various types of sales outsourcing to fulfill the various requirements and objectives of businesses. Let’s go through them and see what each one entails.

Lead Generation Outsourcing

Suppose you want to generate leads for your business. The team will ease your initial tasks of reaching potential customers using cold calling, social media, email marketing, etc. Your in-house sales team can then engage with the leads and convert them.

Inside Sales Outsourcing

When you want the sales function to be carried out by sales professionals, you can choose inside sales outsourcing. Here, the entire sales process is taken care of by experts. The external team works efficiently on lead qualification, nurturing, and closing deals.

Field Sales Outsourcing

In-person meets have the effect of personal touch, helping to build and improve rapport with companies. In field sales outsourcing, the sales team meets clients face-to-face and closes deals. It is commonly used for B2B sales and fosters strong business relationships.

Channel Sales Outsourcing

Here, a third-party channel or reseller sells your products or services. The external partner performs distribution, marketing, and selling functions for you. This offloading helps businesses focus on production and core activities.

B2B Sales Outsourcing

If you want professional help for specific sales functions like telemarketing, social media sales, or sales training, you can leave them to the outsourcing team and focus on growth.

Specialized Sales Outsourcing

Sales is a vast department and has many functions. Specialized sales outsourcing involves hiring third-party professionals for particular sales functions. For example, outsourcing your telemarketing, social media sales, or sales training to the respective experts.

Full Sales Department Outsourcing

Some businesses outsource their entire sales department, giving the external team full responsibility for sales operations and results. This is an all-around solution if you are looking to offload the entire sales process.

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International Sales Outsourcing

Want to enter international markets? You can partner with a sales outsourcing firm with expertise in the target countries. They'll help you steer cultural differences and sales strategies specific to those markets.

 Objective of Sales Outsourcing
Image - Objective of Sales Outsourcing

Advantages of Sales Outsourcing

“Why outsource sales?” Well, we have a solid answer. Read below the benefits offered by top sales outsourcing companies, and you will realize that outsourced teams bring in many tools and strategies that fast-track your business growth and offer invaluable insights to reach a broad spectrum of audiences.

  1. Cost efficiency: Save your money, time, and effort as you won't need to hire and train an in-house sales team. A sales outsourcing firm will provide you with a well-trained sales staff to carry out the sales process for your business.
  2. Flexibility: With the sales process outsourced, your business can free up resources to focus on other departments and drive growth. It's like having more room to spread your wings and soar.
  3. Specialization: Outsourcing gives you access to many skilled sales professionals who know the sales game inside out. They'll handle the sales process with expertise and bring in better results. That's a win-win!
  4. Profitability: When you combine the efficiency of the outsourced sales team with your in-house crew, your revenue and profits can skyrocket.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers equals successful business! Sales outsourcing can work wonders for boosting customer satisfaction, creating a strong brand image, and building a solid reputation.
Images - Benefits of Outsourcing for Sales

Should I Outsource My Sales?

Sales outsourcing can be a great solution for businesses looking to boost their sales performance, extend their reach, or explore new markets without the overhead of maintaining a full in-house sales department. If you’re wondering whether outsourcing is right for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Size of your salesforce: If you have a small sales team that cannot handle the volume of leads generated,
  • Workload: If your sales team has a lot on its plate and can not afford to spend time on sales,
  • Budget scope: If you lack the budget needed to hire and train sales professionals,
  • Availability of resources: If you lack expertise in your sales team to manage sales processes efficiently,
  • Stage of your business: If you are a startup, growing and navigating through the market, and don't have the sales resources,

Best Sales Outsourcing Company in India

Whether it is a small business or a large MNC, outsourcing non-core activities is a common strategy in the fast-paced and dynamic world of business. Due to high demand, there are many sales outsourcing companies in the industry. And so, choosing the right one for your business is a tricky task.

SquadStack is one of the top sales outsourcing companies in India. With highly-skilled and trained professionals for telecalling, it can take care of calling needs. SquadStack's AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation tools, and CRM (Customer Relations Management) integration can help your company lead the industry, just as many of its clients have done.

We have helped many companies drive revenue, and increase profits and growth rates. Business giants including Upstox, Delhivery, Moneyview, Choice, Udaan, and many more trust SquadStack for their telecalling needs. Read customer stories of Squadstack to know more!

Best Sales Outsourcing Company in India
Image - 'Squadstack' Best Sales Outsourcing Company in India

Outsourced Sales Firm Work with in-house Team

If you do not have an internal sales team, then you will need to set up a meeting with the relationship manager of your outsourced group and establish clear expectations. Talk to your outsourced group about the larger patterns and trends in your industry when you begin your relationship. Together, you can define key execution points, create a handover between internal and external team members and determine the best way to stay focused.

Outsourced sales companies with exceptional experts can track triumphs and issues. They will then make a feedback loop to target customers in a specific way. Outsourced sales teams can bring new ideas and freedoms when it comes to improving your business processes. They will then execute these effectively.


By now, you have understood the meaning and benefits of sales outsourcing and if it is what your business needs. When you outsource your sales and marketing, you leave the matter to the experts and get ample time and resources to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. With sales outsourcing, you expand your reach, get more prospects, and drive more conversions.

Squadstack, India's most reliable partner for Telecalling, offers no fixed costs, the best connectivity, and analytics. Book a demo with SquadStack to fulfill the sales outsourcing needs.


What is an outsourced sales firm?


An outsourced sales firm is a third-party partner that businesses can hire to help increase prospect generation, nurture leads, and move clients through the sales funnel. They provide external support and expertise to accelerate business growth.

Is sales outsourcing cost-effective?


Yes, outsourcing sales is cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house sales team. The cost of hiring, onboarding, and training an in-house team can be significant. Outsourcing allows you to leverage the expertise of an experienced sales team without the overhead costs.

How can outsourcing sales help me expand my business?


Outsourcing your sales allows you to leverage the expertise and resources of an external partner. This enables you to reach a broader audience, generate more prospects, and drive conversions. It gives you the time and flexibility to concentrate on other essential aspects of your business's growth and scale up and down your campaigns without impacting your in-house workforce.

Can an outsourced sales firm help improve my sales processes?


Yes, an outsourced sales firm can bring new ideas and opportunities to the table to enhance your sales processes. They can identify areas for improvement, track successes and issues, and provide actionable insights to your product and marketing teams to optimize their current processes and achieve better results.

Why should I hire an outsourced sales firm?


Partnering with an outsourced sales team gives you a competitive edge. These firms have sales experts who excel at converting leads into sales. They can focus solely on making connections and delivering better sales results, helping you save time and resources.

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