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October 4, 2022


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The Changing Healthcare Landscape

India’s healthcare industry is still primarily dominated by traditional healthcare systems, but that is changing quickly with the onset and adoption of technology.

Telemedicine isn’t a new concept, but since last year, has seen countrywide adoption. A surge in new users repeat customers, and doctors, labs, clinics, and healthcare facilities – everyone coming online to connect remotely and safely.

India’s telemedicine market will reach more than $5 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 31% (source).

As demand for telemedicine and e-healthcare increases, new growth opportunities emerge for MedTech startups and healthcare companies in India. But to unlock maximum potential for growth and revenue creation, there are still challenges that need to be solved.

SquadStack has been helping some of India’s leading health tech startups, including Practo and Qurhealth solve sales growth challenges using technology and automation.

Let’s understand how we solve common industry use-cases and enable remote sales and fulfilment for consumer companies.

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Use Case 1: Doctor Onboarding

Engaging doctors with timely and relevant conversations is the key to onboarding high-quality talent on a digital platform or an app.

For healthcare companies and telemedicine startups, onboarding doctors on a new platform is a complex and resource-intensive task that involves:

  • Reaching out to doctors and
  • Building platform awareness

Although time-consuming and resource-heavy, this is a critical stage for the early perception and adoption of any brand, business, or platform.

To ensure doctors and medical practitioners can understand the value, and adapt to a new platform, requires the right positioning, timing and personalized approach.

Onboarding doctors on a new platform requires timely, clear, and personalized interactions. To ensure doctors can understand the value, and adapt to a new platform, requires the right positioning, timing and personalized approach.

SquadStack solves this at scale.

Setting up doctor onboarding campaigns requires only a couple of steps:

  • Set up your campaign and upload demo scripts and communication guidelines
  • Our team onboards and trains remote agents via webinars and mock calls
  • Create custom workflows to personalize communication via Voice, SMR, IVR and Email
  • Capture analytics and updates directly in your CRM or custom dashboards

Use Case 2: Driving Online Consultations

Online consultation is a faster, safer, and time-saving way for patients to connect with doctors.

For MedTech companies, it’s a massive opportunity to tap into a growing demand to access quality healthcare, especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India.

The challenge is – keeping up with a pool of leads and servicing them quickly.

Further, inconsistent marketing leads data also complicates the outreach process for in-house teams, leading to wasted time and resources.

With SquadStack, healthcare platforms in India can easily set up campaigns to connect with leads, answer their queries and nudge them towards booking online consultation sessions.

Setting up e-consultation campaigns requires only a couple of steps:

  • Set up your qualification parameters to drive consultations, tests, and appointments
  • We onboards and train our remote workforce on your quality benchmarks
  • Build custom communication workflows across Voice, SMR, IVR and Email
  • Import lead data via APIs and integrate your CRM for real-time monitoring of campaigns
  • Track behavior, and user inputs, and A/B test outreach at scale to drive better outcomes

Use Case 3: Medicine and Service Reminders

Medicine sales doubled in the first months of the pandemic, adding more than 6 million people to online pharmacy platforms.

In just a span of a few months, the demand for online medicine delivery skyrocketed, leading to Indian e-pharmacy companies scaling resources in-house to meet the demand.

But the challenge is – following up with customers, and nudging them to use or reactivate their subscriptions is time-taking. Further, slow turnaround times can also lead to missed opportunities for revenue creation.

Reminder calls require persistence and personalization, and that too at scale.

SquadStack solves this through automated follow-up workflows that free up time and bandwidth for in-house teams.

Setting up follow-up reminders and confirmation calls requires only a couple of steps:

  • Set up patient details, and pharmacy prescriptions  
  • Create custom reminder workflows to reach customers across Voice, SMR, IVR and Email
  • Integrate with your CRM to capture real-time campaign analytics.
  • Upsell medical packages and subscriptions to repeat customers

Setting up similar use-cases, like booking a periodic lab test or a regular health check-up can also be automated for faster sales and fulfilment.

Ready to accelerate sales for your business?

The changing healthcare landscape, large scale adoption of technology and internet have provided massive tailwinds to India’s e-healthcare ecosystem.

The pandemic shifted consumers to online-first and that is here to stay.

Be it consulting a doctor online, booking a test or order medical supplies, technology has opened up new growth opportunities for India Inc.

Online doctor consultation, medicine delivery, personal health, digital wellness, diagnostics services – India’s healthcare ecosystem continues to mature and advance, and 2021 is only going to boost the adoption and customer acquisition for companies.

Companies who want to be future-ready can run their sales and fulfilment processes on technology and automation with SquadStack.

With technology, health tech platforms can achieve faster GTM (go-to-market), identify common roadblocks, and generate more revenue opportunities without scaling teams in-house.

Interested to learn more about how SquadStack can help you accelerate sales and fulfilment growth? See a product demo to know more.

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