India's Telecalling Revolution: SquadStack's AI-Led Tech Creates Vast Work Opportunities

July 25, 2023


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India's Telecalling Revolution: SquadStack's AI-Led Tech Creates Vast Work Opportunities

In a world where there is often doubt about AI (Artificial Intelligence) replacing jobs, SquadStack is proving the skeptics wrong by creating spaces for a top-notch talent pool that can work at any time, anywhere, all enabled on the foundation led by AI.

Our recent article published in The Times of India featuring SquadStack highlights how our groundbreaking work, co-founded by Apurv Agrawal, Kanika Jain, Vikas Gulati and Rishabh Ladha, is leading the way in transforming the telecalling industry driven by AI technology. By harnessing the power of AI, SquadStack is revolutionizing the telecalling industry and empowering thousands of telecallers to redefine success on their own terms. Our unique combination of an AI-first approach fuelled by a robust tech stack in sales telecalling is paving the path for a future where innovation and empowerment go hand in hand.

SquadStack embraces a decentralized workforce and welcomes talent, as we have seen through homemakers from all walks of life. Equipped with only a smartphone and an internet connection, determined women like Priya Bhasin have discovered a newfound purpose. Currently, SquadStack deploys more than 10000 telecallers, of which 70% constitute a female workforce.

The brilliance of SquadStack lies not only in its inclusive work opportunities but also in its innovative blend of AI and human intelligence that is transforming the telecalling industry.

At SquadStack, something magical happens when humans and AI come together. It's like a symphony, where AI brings power and data expertise while humans bring creativity, empathy and critical thinking skills. This combination creates an ecosystem that enhances efficiency and eventually contributes to the greater success of our customers. But it goes beyond a step ahead – human intelligence takes the spotlight by adding a touch to telecalling. Through connections with customers and engaging sales pitches that lead to conversations, telecallers captivate attention.

SquadStack ensures the relationship with sales telecallers optimizes through recruitment processes, training programs and performance assessments to transform them into true heroes by harnessing AI and data analytics.

SquadStack’s Iron Man Suit for Telecallers

Imagine a suit like Ironman wears, instead designed for agents and packed with powerful AI features. This incredible suit equips them with conversational skills and supercharged productivity. We boldly embrace the concept of the “Iron Man Theory”, which steps into the realm of AI with a drive for experimentation (and certainly experiencing its fair share of audacious trial and error).

At our essence, we strongly believe that the seamless fusion of AI and ML expertise can empower individuals to be superhuman,  just like Iron Man, and unlock their hidden capabilities in the world of sales telecalling.

In the published article, Apurv Agrawal, our CEO, eloquently expresses that AI's purpose is not to replace humans but to enhance its abilities and cross-functional relationship with humans. Even when SquadStack automated some roles back in the day, our AI-driven approach has helped the company offer more opportunities to people who really need them. The real genius lies in identifying which tasks best suit automation while preserving the human touch in crucial areas such as sales and customer interactions.

For Pooja Gupta, SquadStack became her gateway to a better living. In 2018, without her laptop, Pooja seized the opportunity presented by SquadStacks simplicity. All she needed was a phone and an internet connection to embark on her journey.

However, it goes beyond creating career opportunities; it's about supporting the empowerment journey of thousands of passionate individuals with flexible schedules that cater to their diverse responsibilities. With SquadStack, working hours are no longer chains but an open canvas for people to paint their professional and personal aspirations.

SquadStack's journey is filled with optimism and continuous transformation, which is already redefining the hiring landscape of India, including the hidden talent pool we have seen from tier 2 & tier 3 cities. For us, it demonstrates that when AI and human creativity blend in, it revolutionizes how telecalling performs and redefines the possibilities for sales telecallers - a truly inspiring story deserves to be shared widely!







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