Lead Qualification Made Easy With SquadStack

Learn how SquadStack can save you time and money through lead qualification and help your sales team work on high-intent leads that matter.

January 25, 2023


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Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

 Lead Qualification Made Easy With SquadStack


Lead qualification is one of the most high ROI tasks within a sales team. If done right, it helps save a salesperson's time and pushes them to only work on hot leads or leads with real intent. It also bifurcates qualified leads based on levels of intent and helps support nurture strategies.

Do you know that by prioritizing and qualifying leads, sales representatives can make 49% more contact attempts and extend their discussion time by 88%?

Through lead qualification, businesses can prioritize their sales efforts and distribute resources efficiently, resulting in higher conversions and revenue.

Manage your lead effectively with the help of call center technology and tools

Lead Qualification is Important But, Time Consuming

Lead Qualification is an essential step in the sales and marketing process. It helps segregate leads with better conversion potential and pushes sales to work only on them.

Even though lead qualification is an irreplaceable step in sales, you can’t deny the tedious nature of this task. Sales teams spend extra hours qualifying and prioritizing leads before they start working them, which reduces productivity and conversions.  

Here are a few lead qualification pain points;

  1. Hiring and managing more people to reach and qualify influx of leads wastes time and money, which could be spent on reaching out to hot leads.
  2. Not having enough data on lead quality and lead sources to hold your Marketing or lead generation team accountable.
  3. Low lead connectivity: Agents don’t call quickly or make enough attempts per lead
  4. 50% of sales time spent on unqualified or junk leads
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How Can You Make Lead Qualification Efficient?

SquadStack helps your sales team save time and drive better conversions by using a combination of outreach methods and analytics to identify the best leads for your business.

SquadStack: Your Trusty Telecalling Solution

SquadStack is India’s most secure and transparent telecalling partner, with no fixed seat costs, best-in-class connectivity, and powerful analytics. With us, you can scale risk-free with a highly trained and trusted telecalling team.

Why Should You Consider Our Solution?

Transparency and Insights

SquadStack gives you access to in-depth reporting, custom dashboards, actionable insights, and 100% call recordings of your campaigns.

Improved Connectivity

We give you omnichannel outreach with weekend and after-hours coverage (9 AM to 9 PM).

Usage-based Pricing

We work according to the highs and lows of your business. You only pay for productive, connected minutes.

Trained Telecallers

Our telecalling team is highly screened, vetted, CEFR certified, and is constantly being trained to keep up with industry standards.

Quality Check

Best-in-class human and AI-driven quality monitoring to ensure excellent customer experience.

Data Security

Enterprise-grade data security measures and encryption across every layer.

Lead Qualification with squadstack






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