Next-Gen Lead Outreach: SquadStack's Intelligent Telecalling Partner App

Learn all about SquadStack's newly launched telecalling partner app for both mobile and web. The all-new agent interface is equipped with AI-enabled features to ensure higher efficiency and performance.

August 16, 2023


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Next-Gen Lead Outreach: SquadStack's Intelligent Telecalling Partner App


The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in India is experiencing a transformation, thanks to the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Leading this change in the telecalling industry is SquadStack, where we are redefining the success of telesales with an advanced tech stack, both for mobile and web, to equip telecallers with all the necessary features for greater sales success. In this new feature, a telecalling agent's entire lifecycle and onboarding journey happens through the mobile app, from screening and training to outreach.  In addition, SquadStack’s robust AI + human-powered quality monitoring, led by our robust web app interface, empowers sales agents to be better qualified and at all times in action to convert leads.

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The Need to Build a Top-Notch Agent Interface for Web and Mobile

We have seen telecallers often face challenges when navigating through unintuitive interfaces. These interfaces make it hard for them to quickly access customer information leading to delays and frustration during their interactions. The limited ability to personalize hinders their effectiveness in engaging with customers resulting in reduced efficiency and productivity. Additionally, errors or inaccuracies in data entry can negatively impact the customer experience, potentially leading to missed sales opportunities. 

Challenges faced by telecallers

They also struggle to evaluate their performance and adjust during calls without real-time insights, ultimately affecting sales outcomes. To tackle these issues effectively, it became crucial for SquadStack to have user-intuitive interfaces that empower telecallers to provide personalized experiences. This will boost customer satisfaction, team morale, and overall productivity

AI-Led Solutions for Improved Clarity and Productivity

The foundation of SquadStack’s innovation lies in how we manage the leads of our trusted customers with greater success. Our Agent Interface, which incorporates cutting-edge AI technology, is helping telecallers to use this platform and gain insights into their performance, including script clarity, customer data and overall metrics. While they are equipped with this information, telecallers are able to engage in personalized conversations leading to happy customer experiences and, eventually, increased sales conversions.

Empowering Telecallers with AI Technology through Web and Mobile App

The user-friendly web application of the agent interface provides access to information, ultimately improving call quality and overall productivity. Telecallers now get the advantage of having all the information about the people they speak to, allowing them to engage in effective conversations. Like a well-oiled machine, the web and mobile app go hand in hand. The mobile app screens, trains, and onboards telecallers with a rigorous approach before they finally dial into leads for live telecalling. The web app provides a seamless journey to boost telecallers’ journey and motivates them to convert leads into customers. 

Partner Login

The agent interface lets telecallers explore a pool of powerful features such as: 

Omni-Channel Outreach

This new platform enables intelligent outreach to leads through emails, IVR, SMS, WhatsApp, and voice calling, which leads to a higher lead connectivity rate of up to 90%.

Omni-Channel Outreach

Access to Comprehensive Customer Information:

The agent interface provides sales executives and telecallers with a range of data like company backgrounds and demo calls, enabling personalized conversations that significantly improve customer satisfaction. They can also access Battle Cards and FAQs, which provide to-the-point information to carry a meaningful conversation with the leads throughout the call.

Access to customer information before starting the call

Improved Clarity in Script Guidance:

Script clarity ensures telecallers can access structured and up-to-date scripts during calls, minimizing errors and enhancing professionalism. Adhering to script compliance is a key process for telecallers to ensure the sales goals and objectives are met precisely. 

Step by step process for script guidance

Built-in Translations: 

SquadStack's new feature enables their agents to communicate effectively with a range of customers even if they don't have advanced language skills. The real-time translations lead to precise interactions, saving time on calls and boosting the agents' overall productivity.

Built-in translations

Call Recording and Analysis:

The call recording feature enables telecallers to review their interactions with customers helping them identify strengths and areas for improvement to deliver customer experiences. They also receive timely insights and feedback from our team.  

System-Driven Outreach: 

Compared to regular scripts, telecallers have access to conditional scripts, giving them the right flexibility to adapt to customer conversations during phone calls. It also gives them a push to take the conversations off-script as and when required, an opportunity for them to offer added value while ensuring their sales targets are met. 

Collecting Real-Time Customer Feedback:

Telecallers have the opportunity to gather feedback from customers either during or after a call. They have easy access to the notes section on the app. This valuable feedback provides insights into customer satisfaction. It helps improve the quality of calls, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.

Collecting feedback through notes feature

Nurturing Agent Productivity with SquadStack’s Agent Interface

SquadStack focuses on enhancing agent productivity in a time-saving manner. We start by selecting highly qualified telecallers through a rigorous screening process. Once selected, these callers undergo a training module that equips them with the necessary skills to handle calls effectively. Regular feedback and personalized guidance are also provided to help telecalling agents continuously improve their performance.

To facilitate multitasking during calls, SquadStack’s web app offers an experience by displaying lead details, scripts, notes and FAQs on one screen. This eliminates the need for interruptions while maintaining the flow of the call. Additionally, our system-driven outreach ensures adherence to scripts and prevents fraud, making the process smoother for agents.

SquadStack employs an AI monitoring system that analyzes call recordings to identify areas for training and further enhance agent efficiency. To create an environment and foster collaboration among users, we have introduced gamified contests and leaderboards within our community platform. This motivates telecallers to strive for excellence in their performance.

Key Distinctions Between Web App and Mobile App

Platform Usage:

  • The mobile application is used for initial sign-up and onboarding activities.
  • The web app provides a seamless journey to enhance the telecalling experience with maximum efficiency. 

Call Handling:

  • For voice-calling tasks, users rely on the mobile app.
  • During calls, the web app enables callers to access details, scripts, notes and FAQs all on one screen. This allows for multitasking and a smooth script flow.
  • The web app enhances flexibility and makes navigation easier by incorporating multiple keyboard shortcuts.


  • The user-friendly interface of the web app ensures productivity with minimal navigation required during calls.
  • In contrast, the mobile app focuses more on its dialer functionality. 


  • To help with call preparation, the web app offers a resource section that includes training materials such as webinars, scripts, and FAQs.
  • Additionally, within the FAQs section of the web app, there is a search function that allows access to information without interrupting ongoing calls.
  • To encourage efficiency, both mobile and web apps provide an added feature of translations, actions, and notes that helps the agents navigate and prepare during calls for their ease of use. 

Quality Monitoring:

  • Both the web and mobile apps employ an AI-based monitoring system that analyzes 23 quality parameters in call recordings.
  • Callers are provided with analysis and feedback, helping them enhance their performance through targeted training.
Quality parameters to evaluate call performance

Community Engagement:

  • Our web and mobile apps have a built-in community that promotes engagement, facilitates interactions, and motivates callers with gamified contests and leaderboards.
SquadStack's community dashboard for telecallers

SquadStack’s goal is to offer telecallers a seamless experience and empower them to achieve maximum productivity. To get a demo of our seamless partner app, click here!


How is SquadStack revolutionizing the BPO industry in India?


SquadStack is spearheading a transformation in the Indian BPO sector by harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to redefine success in telesales. It offers technological solutions for both mobile and web platforms, equipping telecallers with cutting-edge features that enhance their sales effectiveness.

What are some challenges faced by telecallers during customer interactions?


Telecallers often need help with unintuitive interfaces, leading to delays and frustration during interactions. Personalization options are necessary to ensure their ability to engage effectively, resulting in reduced efficiency and productivity. Additionally, errors in data entry can impact customer experiences and potential sales opportunities.

How does SquadStack's Agent Interface contribute to improving telecallers' performance?


Powered by AI, SquadStack's Agent Interface offers telecallers real-time insights into their performance metrics, script clarity, customer data and more. It empowers them to engage in personalized conversations that lead to customer experiences and increased conversion rates.

What are some features of SquadStack's Agent Interface?


SquadStack's Agent Interface offers features to enhance agent productivity and engagement. It includes omnichannel outreach capabilities such as email, IVR, SMS, WhatsApp, and voice calling. The interface provides access to comprehensive customer information, improves script clarity, offers built-in translations, enables call recording and analysis, facilitates system-driven outreach, and allows real-time customer feedback collection.

How does SquadStack enhance agent productivity and engagement?


SquadStack prioritizes screening and training for its agents while providing personalized guidance to enhance agent productivity and engagement. The web app presents lead details, scripts, notes, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on a single screen to enable multitasking during calls. Additionally, using AI monitoring along with contests and leaderboards promotes collaboration among telecallers while encouraging excellence in their performance.

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