Outbound Calling Software With Telecalling Experts

Outbound calling software is an effective tool that has proven to promote businesses trying to enhance their outgoing calling strategies.

January 26, 2024


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Shara Zareen

Shara Zareen

Outbound Calling Software With Telecalling Experts


Outbound calling software is used to optimize the process of making outgoing calls in an outbound call center environment. It has features like advanced auto-dialers, script management, and easy integration with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Organizations use these solutions to enhance their sales effort, conduct market research, and provide top-quality customer service.

What is Outbound Calling Software?

Organizations are using a specialized tool called outbound calling software to optimize their outgoing phone calls. It is designed to incorporate all the advanced features required to accelerate the results of outbound campaigns. The specifically customized features of outbound calling software assist the call center agents in reaching a large number of leads by automating the calling process.

This software is extensively used by industries where reaching out to potential customers is of utmost importance.

Outbound Calling Software Services
Image - Outbound call center services

Why Do You Need Outbound Call Center Software?

With outbound calling software, organizations can eliminate unnecessary features that are not required for making outgoing calls and get access to advanced ones like predictive dialers, lead management systems, and IVR systems to support their outbound campaigns.

Businesses, particularly those operating in the sales and marketing domain, require this software to fulfill their needs for connecting with customers. It helps them proactively reach out and engage with their targeted audience through automated outbound calling processes called auto-dialers. This reduces the work pressure on the call center agents and increases their productivity. This software allows businesses to operate and control multiple campaigns simultaneously. The outbound call center solutions are beneficial for multiplying revenue and boosting the value of significant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by means of an improved lead conversion ratio.

SquadStack is a telecalling outsourcing solution that also provides outbound calling. Our solution includes fully managed services for hiring and training callers, analytics and reporting, CRM integration, and AI quality monitoring, among others.

Our outbound telecalling solution, Plug-and-Play, is designed to assist businesses in their outbound calling campaigns. Click here to know more.

Plug-and-Play, outbound telecalling solution of SquadStack
Image: The 5-step easy to set-up telecalling solution of SquadStack

Book a Demo with SquadStack for further information on our services.

Best Features of Outbound Call Center Software Solutions

From automated dialing process to analytics and reporting, outbound calling software offers a multitude of features to empower a business and streamline its operations. We have discussed some important solutions below that can elevate the performance and productivity of every outgoing call center.


Auto-dialing is one of the most prevalent features of automated outbound call center software. This tool significantly increases call volumes by automatically dialing a list of telephone numbers and then connecting them to the agents. Auto dialers contribute to eliminating the need for manual dialing and reduce idle time for call center agents. Three types of commonly used dialers are:

  • Predictive Dialers: It automatically dials multiple numbers, predicts agent availability, and connects them to live calls immediately.
  • Power Dialers: It initiates the next call only once the previous one is completed. The agents get the liberty to control the dialing process manually.
  • Preview Dialers: It is used when personalization or extra information is needed to address the call. Agents can preview the caller’s information before initiating the call.
Types of Auto Dialers
Image: 3 Types of Auto Dialing

Outbound Call Recording & Tracking Software

This feature of the software allows the recording, storing, and analyzing of outgoing calls initiated by the call center agents. These recordings are examined to ensure compliance with the regulations, to access insights on agents' performance, and to resolve disputes. SquadStack provides customers with 100% call recordings of their campaigns for absolute transparency, allowing them to make informed decisions. Our quality monitoring process helps us check and take action against agents indulging in fraudulent activities like providing false information, misselling, or prolonged calls.

CRM Integration

With its countless benefits, CRM integration has become a must-have for any outbound call center software. It provides a unified platform for agents to access customer data and track the progress of leads throughout the sales funnel. Since the customers’ information is updated and synchronized between the software and the CRM system, the risks related to manual data entry are almost negligible. SquadStack can be easily integrated with any standard CRM, which enables us to enhance and strengthen our customer’s experience.

Analytics and Reporting

The analytics and reporting features of this software empowers the company to make data-driven decisions. It helps them understand, refine, and improve their strategies for a successful outbound calling campaign.

Analytics provides a birds-eye view of the campaigns, whereas reporting compiles these analytics into detailed reports. With SquadStack, you can view weekly and monthly trends of your campaigns with 100% transparency. You can even avail real-time and historical reports of lead outreach activities.

Analytics Dashboard
  Image: SquadStack provides an overview of campaign performance

Script Management

It allows businesses to create, customize, and manage scripts according to their needs and preferences. The script management feature is useful in creating targeted scripts for various campaigns or customer segments. SquadStack’s own guided app ensures script compliance to equip the telecalling team with the most relevant and effective script.

Script Management
Image: The Script Management feature of SquadStack

Click here to learn more about call center scripts.

How Do You Choose the Best Outbound Call Center Software for Your Business?

The strategic decision for choosing software for your business requires careful consideration. Before anything else, you must define your organizational needs and objectives. Once you have outlined your goals and decided whether your business would focus on customer support, sales, or lead generation, you must consider the factors listed below.

  • The software must provide the flexibility to scale with increasing call volumes and expanding teams.

           Learn about how Upstox leveraged SquadStack to connect with more customers and boost its activation rates by 40%.

Upstox X SquadStack
Image: Upstox’s month-wise report
  • Check if the software follows stringent security measures and adheres to legal and regulatory compliance. We use Automated Quality Check (AQC) to provide the best quality calls. Besides verifying our imported leads through a system checker, we monitor for duplicates and DND numbers to avoid spamming anyone. Additionally, SquadStack is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.
  • Customization options allow a business to modify the software according to its needs and unique requirements. SquadStack provides a customizable omnichannel outreach. After prioritization, the leads enter our workflow, which configures and customizes various touch points like calling, email, IVR, or WhatsApp.
  • Proper training must be provided to the team as it helps them effectively use the software or overcome any challenge. SquadStack analyzes its agents' performance and provides them with targeted training sessions accordingly.

After careful evaluation and market research, you must now be able to choose the right and best-suited outbound call center software that would support your business and its goals.


What features are offered by outbound calling software?


Some common features offered by outgoing calling software are: 1. Auto-dialing 2. Call Scripting 3. Call Recording 4. Call Analysis 5. CRM Integration 6. Lead Management

How does auto-dialing work?


It automatically dials numbers from the predefined list, skips busy lines, and connects the live calls to the available agents. It helps in reducing idle time and risks related to manual dialing.

Why is CRM integration important?


It provides the agents with customer data and insights, allowing them to have personalized and informed conversations catering to successful campaigns.

Can outbound calls be recorded?


Yes, outbound calls can be recorded and stored for future reference

What do outbound call centers do?


They reach out to customers through phone calls or other mediums for various purposes like feedback, surveys, lead generation, telemarketing, follow-ups, and market research.

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