6 Signs Your Business Needs Sales Outsourcing

Don’t know when to outsource sales? We have you covered. Here are 6 signs your business needs sales outsourcing!

January 3, 2022


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Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

Writer at SquadStack - Ura Verma

6 Signs Your Business Needs Sales Outsourcing


When running a business or sales team, it can be hardwired into your brain that you need to do everything yourself. Outsourcing any core business function sounds like a big commitment, and businesses are usually wary about giving it a try. But, as a business leader, you have to be on your toes and know when external help is necessary.

It can be tricky to decide between outsourcing and working around challenges within your current setup. However, if you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned below, it is high time for you to outsource your sales processes.

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1. You’re New in The Market

Imagine scaling in a new market with a new business. Sounds like something you’re doing? Then read on to know how sales outsourcing can help!

For companies that are set to enter new markets, or expand their product/service offerings, building a sales team & implementing sales processes can take too long, leading to missed opportunities to acquire and engage customers.

As a new business, you probably do not have the bandwidth or resources to build in-house sales teams. Sure, there are various advantages to it but, training people on-job is often a consuming process that demands internal resources and A LOT of time.

Here is where sales outsourcing can help your startup!

Outsourcing is all about relying on an expert to get into action faster. You pay for deliverables. It helps businesses get things off their back quickly, so they can launch, test, iterate, and grow. This can save both time and opportunity costs, and help businesses avoid inefficiencies in service delivery.

2. Task Overload ​

Doing everything on your own, in-house in a business, gets tricky. Why? Because it is time-consuming and very costly.
Maybe your team is so involved in other high-priority tasks that time for selling has reduced drastically, leading to low growth and dissatisfaction among customers. Outsourcing sales can help ease the workload, save time, get to your goals faster and push your team to reach its highest potential.

An example for outsourcing sales would be - If you’re a technology company entering an established industry, focusing on your core product will be the area that brings exponential rewards for your business. Putting maximum energy and effort into what you’re building will help you compete better in the marketplace.

Selling the product can be left to a third-party company that has more experience in the industry and will also ease the tension when it comes to building the product. 

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3. Lack of Sales Strategy and Expertise ​

Sales thrive on strategy. Approaching an industry and its customers has a pre-planned system; that is what makes a sales team and a sale successful. Not having this strategy or not having expertise in it can hamper your growing business. 

Outsourcing sales can provide you with a mindset and skillset that help make a comprehensive sales plan. Sales outsourcing opens up a bigger and more diverse talent pool for companies who want to expand their reach to work with skilled people from across the world.

You work with people who know the ins and outs of the industry and have expertise in sales planning. This leads to a to-the-point growth sales system carved out for the industry your business is in. What more can you ask for! 

4. Plateauing Sales ​

Running a company cannot be smooth all the time. There will come a point in your business where your sales will start to plateau. What do you do then? Hire more sales experts, brainstorm for ideas or try to push your marketing? Sure, but these are time-consuming and cost-heavy.

The plateau problem can be easily solved by contracting external sales professionals to boost and rejuvenate sales. You will get a fresh perspective on your industry, save time on on-boarding since they already come trained, plus you will be able to experiment as much as you want with other options without hampering your sales in any way!

5. Overflow of Leads ​

It’s simple, you need to have enough workforce to handle the number of leads you generate.

Maybe you’re a small team that has started off in a new industry; outsourcing sales for your startup will help get industry insights, save money, and will rid you of the hiring and on-boarding process entirely.

Sales outsourcing can also help if you’re a small business in an industry with an abundance of leads. Considering you’re a small business, having sales in-house will become difficult. In a situation like this, outsourcing your sales will become like a growth potion for your team.

6. Seasonal Fluctuations in Business or Sales​

Outsourcing sales can help businesses be agile while staying lean.

You can solve business problems by hiring, training, and managing resources in-house but, it can also result in massive overheads and huge responsibilities, which can come back to bite you if you’re in an industry that sees seasonal fluctuations.

Leveraging sales outsourcing services can help you scale up or down basis the seasonal fluctuations, without the need to hire & train people for a short period of time.

Let SquadStack help you with seasonal industry fluctuations.

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Next Steps?

Alright, now you know the advantages of sales outsourcing and if your business actually needs it. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you outsource sales: 

  1. Define your WHY for sales outsourcing. 
  2. Do your research; pick an external sales agency that matches your company’s voice. 
  3. Define your metrics; list down your goals and what exactly you want to achieve by outsourcing your sales. 
  4. Keep your team in the loop; outsourcing your sales is a pretty big step, keep your team in the loop and discuss its pros and cons before you proceed. Define and discuss roles, responsibilities, KPIs. 






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