Call Center Outsourcing Company in India

Call center outsourcing is when a company hands over its customer support operations to an external call center. Let an External Call Center Manage Your Calls, Surveys, and More for Your Business.

September 23, 2023


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Om Shukla

Om Shukla

Call Center Outsourcing Company in India


Thousands of technology startups in India allocate a significant portion of their resources to improving product sales, customer services/support, after-sales operations, lead qualification, providing technical assistance, distribution, and marketing. These companies need more resources to set up an in-house call center facility, incurring high setup costs. Setting up an in-house facility causes a distraction from their core activities and operations. There is a need for a technology-powered managed call center outsourcing provider for sales and processes that can simplify your outreach with trained telecallers for seamless inbound and outbound calling

SquadStack is a professional call center outsourcing company with over ten thousand trained telecalling experts who deliver high-quality calls, ensuring a 90% or higher connectivity rate. This call centre services outsourcing company strongly emphasizes quality control by combining AI, human expertise in quality analysis, and a diverse group of ten thousand-plus certified telecallers. 

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Using SquadStack as Call Center Outsourcing
Image: Using SquadStack as Call Center Outsourcing

What Is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center or contact center outsourcing involves contracting an external service provider to handle various aspects of your customer support functions and sales operations. These functions may include answering customer inquiries, resolving issues, processing orders, and providing information using telephonic devices. Call center outsourcing companies may be located domestically or internationally, depending on a company's preferences and requirements. With the help of call center outsourcing vendors, companies can outsource calling services like customer support, sales, and lead qualification to an external agency. Due to this outsourcing of operations, teams can now concentrate on core functions, including product development, marketing, and achieving remarkable success.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services
Image: Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services to Squadstack

Look at the example below to grasp the transformative impact of call center outsourcing:

Upstox, a leading investment platform, collaborated with SquadStack for  sales outsourcing in the dynamic Fintech industry. Upstox is India's premier investment platform, known for its brokerage plans and recognized as a trusted online stockbroker, providing exceptional comfort in online share trading.SquadStack's fully managed call center outsourcing services, combining AI and expert outreach, boosted Upstox's activation rate by 40%. With 740+ trained sales callers, they excel in account opening and activation campaigns, achieving impressive results and flexibility.

Distinctions between SquadStack and your in-house telecalling team.

Analysis of Various Call Center Outsourcing Service Types

Call center outsourcing services emerge as a strategic choice for companies grappling with the intricacies of customer interactions and operational demands. The various call center outsourcing services provide numerous options tailored to specific business needs ar eshared below:

Inbound Call Center Services Outsourcing

Inbound call center outsourcing services handle incoming customer inquiries, requests, and complaints. Agents are trained to provide information, assist with troubleshooting, process orders, and address various customer concerns. This service is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of Using Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services
Image: Benefits of Using Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

Outbound Call Center Services Outsourcing

Outbound call center outsourcing services involve proactive calls to potential or existing customers. These include lead generation, market research, customer follow-ups, and sales calls. Outbound telemarketing is an effective strategy for expanding customer reach and increasing sales.

Outbound Call center outsourcing Services
Image: Outbound Call center outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Technical Support Services.

Technical customer support services assist customers with technical issues related to products or services. Agents are trained to troubleshoot problems, guide customers through solutions, and escalate complex issues to higher-level support.

Outsourcing Helpdesk Support 

Helpdesk support services focus on providing timely assistance to users experiencing issues with software, hardware, or IT systems. Helpdesk agents offer solutions, document reported problems, and ensure quick issue resolution, contributing to improved user productivity.

Order and Payment Processing Services

This service systematically handles customer orders and payments. It encompasses tasks such as order verification, payment confirmation, transaction recording, and ensuring the accuracy and security of financial transactions. 

Sales and Lead Generation Outsourcing Services

Sales and lead generation & conversion services aim to identify potential customers, also known as leads, and convert them into actual customers through targeted sales efforts. The services may include outbound calling, conducting surveys, and employing various strategies to nurture and convert leads into sales opportunities.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services

Telemarketing outsourcing is a strategy that involves reaching out to potential customers and clients via telephone to promote products or services, generate leads, or conduct market research. Telemarketing services often employ trained agents who communicate directly to convey information, answer queries, and encourage desired actions such as purchasing. 

Various Call Center Outsourcing Services
Image: Various Call Center Outsourcing Services

Benefits of Call Center Services Outsourcing

Outsourcing call center services offer cost efficiency by reducing operational expenses for setting up infrastructure and personnel in-house. Additionally, outsourcing provides access to a pool of skilled professionals, ensuring that customer interactions are handled by experienced agents. The various benefits of call center services outsurcing are shared below in detail:

Benefits Of Call Center Outsourcing Services
Image: Benefits Of Call Center Outsourcing Services

Cost Saving: Hiring an outsourced call centre operations can significantly reduce overhead costs, including management salaries, infrastructure, and technology investments in setting up these facilities at home.

SquadStack can help your sales team save time using its lead qualification services, which enhance the conversion rate so that your sales team does not waste time annd money on unworthy leads.

Access to Expert Telecalling Team: Experienced outsourcing providers like SquadStack invest in training and technology to stay updated with industry best practices. This expertise can lead to improved customer service quality and customer satisfaction.

The telecalling agents undergo training via videos tailored for specific use cases, aligning with the industry, particular campaigns, and business requirements.

Access to Expert Telecalling Team
Image: Access to Expert Telecalling Team

Focus on Actual Business: Outsourcing customer support enables businesses to allocate more time and resources to their core business activities, such as product development, marketing, strategic planning, etc.

Flexibility In Scaling: Call center outsourcing services offer the flexibility to scale call center operations up or down based on seasonal demands or changing business needs. This ensures that companies can efficiently manage customer support during peak periods without overcommitting resources during quieter times.

Cost-Effective Multichannel Support: Outsourcing call center services often include support across various channels, such as phone, email, and chat, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses needing multichannel customer interaction.

SquadStack uses multichannel outreach methods to ensure leads are received, utilizing our customizable omnichannel outreach system, including calling, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

multichannel outreach methods
Image: Multichannel outreach methods

Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Outsourcing can lead to increased efficiency and productivity as specialists handle tasks, reducing the burden on the in-house team.

Measurable Performance Metrics: Outsourcing partners often provide detailed performance metrics and analytics, allowing businesses to monitor and assess the effectiveness of their customer support operations.

Outsourced sales call centers allow a comprehensive overview of campaigns to gain transparency in all outreach efforts and ensure accountability by tracking lead engagement and follow-ups.

Measurable Performance Campaign Metrics
Image: Measurable Performance Campaign Metrics

Best Call Center Outsourcing Company

Now that you know all the services, benefits, and due processes of outsourcing a call center, let's see how many boxes we can check and what SquadStack can offer you. SquadStack, as a call center outsourcing company, provides you with best-in-class telecalling services, including outbound call center services, product onboarding, welcome calls, assisted KYC, relationship management calls, appointment booking, product sales, pre-sales, upsell and cross-sell, and inbound voice calling. All the key features of SquadStack that can significantly benefit your call center outsourcing journey are:

Agent Management Platform

We help the top companies to get the best outsourced call center services with the most skilled and trained telecallers in the market. Our agent management platforms assess soft skills through intense mock calls, with only 2% of callers qualifying.

Agent Management Platform
Image: Agent Management Platform

Top Industry Call Quality Analysis.

Using AI technology, the call quality management platform checks samples of 15% of calls across 23 parameters. We have the facility to monitor the quality of your Tele-calling campaigns, which a BPO cannot offer. These call quality scores include all audit parameters, such as total audited calls and categorization of callers based on performance.

Top Industry Call Quality Analysis
Image: Top Industry Call Quality Analysis

Proper Analytics and Reporting of Campaigns

The capability to observe weekly and monthly trends of leads, connectivity, quality standards, conversions, cost of your sales, etc. We allow you to oversee all your telecalling campaigns in a consolidated view with comprehensive control. The entire lead journey can be examined with a 100% data capture.

Proper Analytics and Reporting of Campaigns
Image: Proper Analytics and Reporting of Campaigns

Lead Management and Multichannel Outreach Methods

When the leads enter our system, they undergo a check to ensure compliance with calling regulations. This involves using omnichannel outreach methods to check for Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers, ensuring that every lead is handled properly. We utilize Last in First Out (LIFO) and First in First Out (FIFO) algorithms to uphold the desired turnaround time efficiently.

 Lead Management and Multichannel Outreach Methods
Image: Lead Management and Multichannel Outreach Methods

How to Outsource Call Center?

To avail the services mentioned above, businesses must follow some standard procedures. These steps ensure a smooth call center outsourcing operation for companies and outsourcing vendors.

Service Agreement Between the Business and the Outsourcing Provider

Outsourcing begins with negotiating and establishing a service agreement between the business (the company seeking support) and the outsourcing provider (the third-party call center). This agreement outlines the scope of services, performance expectations, service level agreements (SLAs), and pricing structures.

Training And Knowledge Transfer

Once the agreement is in place, the business typically provides the outsourcing provider training on its products, services, brand values, and customer service protocols. This training is crucial to ensure that the call center agents can effectively represent the client's brand and assist customers with inquiries and issues.

Staffing and Resource Allocation

The outsourcing provider is responsible for staffing the call center with trained agents who can handle customer inquiries and support requests. The number of agents deployed can be adjusted based on the client's needs, ensuring scalability during peak periods and cost savings during quieter times.

Best Call Center Outsourcing

What are call centers?


Call centers are customer service hubs where agents handle inquiries, provide support, and manage communication through various phone, email, chat, and social media channels. But in today's time, call centers can offer the same services while operating on a work-from-home model.

Why do companies outsource call centers?


Outsourcing helps companies reduce costs, access specialized expertise, enhance flexibility, and focus on core competencies. It allows them to scale operations, improve customer service, and navigate global markets efficiently while maintaining a competitive edge.

What is Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) in a call center?


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in call centers means contracting an external service provider for various functions like customer support, sales, or back-office functions, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Is there anything I should know before outsourcing my call center operations?


Before outsourcing your call center operations, you should consider your objectives, vendor reputation, cost, cultural fit, data security, legal compliance, and the quality of service provided.

How can SquadStack help your business with outsourcing call center operations?


If you decide to outsource your call center operations with Squadstack, we could help you reduce your costs, provide you with trained agents, and give you access to best-in-class call center software and technology.

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