SquadStack Provides ₹3 Lakh Healthcare Package to Gig Workers




October 4, 2022


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SquadStack is a solution by SquadStack, focused on solving big-ticket consumer sales challenges in India for industries like financial services, education, e-commerce, and insurance.

In 2017, SquadStack set up a mobile-based platform to enable sales and fulfillment through telecalling. The remote work platform, SquadRun, aimed to identify a latent workforce of skilled callers across India and subsequently offer flexibility and quick payouts to its pan-India workforce performing sales calls – all with a carbon-neutral footprint. Joining forces with AI and automation, SquadIQ was launched.

SquadStack is offering its 10,000+ remote sales experts a host of health and accidental insurance benefits, along with free doctor consultations. We’re in the process of rolling it out to everyone, and already have 750+ sales experts (most of them stay-at-home mothers) on the plan.

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Onboarding began in March 2021, a time when the nation had been grappling with a raging pandemic, this came as a relief to many on the platform.

For Rachna Malik, a homemaker and remote sales expert based in Gurgaon, it had become a huge challenge to secure a hospital bed for her husband, who was reeling under the effects of the coronavirus. She promptly reached out to the SquadStack team to inquire about coverage – and soon after, filed for an insurance claim. After her husband recovered, all his medical expenses – amounting to Rs 1.96 lakh – were reimbursed to her in 2 weeks’ time under the insurance plan.

“Everyone at SquadStack supported me through the ordeal, financially as well as emotionally,” said Rachna.

Sales experts with mild cases of COVID-19 have also claimed insurance under the healthcare package offered by SquadStack.

“Doctors followed up with me regularly during home quarantine. From medicines to tests to assistance with paperwork and quick reimbursement, it was a smooth process,” said Shilpa Singhania, a Madhya Pradesh-based MBA graduate who has been working on the platform since 2016 and leads sales calls for financial brokerage firm Upstox.

Similarly, sales expert Pooja Gupta, a former Delhi-based lecturer who handles recruitment and training on the platform, also reported a good experience with reimbursement following a bout of mild COVID. “It covered most of my expenses”, she said.

“Our vision, in the coming years, is to enable access to meaningful work for a million families and help them achieve financial freedom, from the comfort of their homes,” said CEO Apurv Agarwal.

Without a doubt, the gig economy is booming. According to a 2020 study by Assocham, India’s gig economy is set to grow at a rate of 17 percent, to be worth Rs 33 lakh crore by 2023. The country may be fraught with widespread job losses, but it is also a time for burgeoning opportunities for gig workers. Medical coverage for them is rightly the need of the hour.

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