SquadStack VS. Your Traditional BPO


Ura Verma


October 4, 2022


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SquadStack is not like your traditional BPO.

Outsourcing sales to a traditional BPO can be a good way to boost your business. But, trusting an outsourcing company with something as important as sales - that directly impacts your revenue - can be challenging.

Let’s face it; outsourcing can be a tedious process if not done right. You can be prone to data breaches, communication and transparency issues with no control over campaigns, and the worst - poorly trained sales reps leading to bad customer experience. This leads to low conversion rates and a bad reputation. 

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But if done right, sales outsourcing can give a massive boost to your business. A good outsourcing company lifts the weight off your shoulders, tackles your challenges, and does everything for you. 

  • Hiring, training, and managing expert sales agents.
  • Having accountability systems for optimum performance. 
  • Creating visibility through dashboards with all key sales metrics.  
  • End-to-end campaign management and sales ops. 
  • Constant support from the outsourcing team; real people working behind the scenes to boost your campaign. 

This is where SquadStack comes in.

We have everything you need to get your sales outsourcing right- 

  • A fully managed sales team with industry-trained and vernacular sales agents.
  • An analytics dashboard with essential sales metrics, so you have visibility and control over your campaign. 
  • AI-driven personalized outreach that assigns the best sales agent to your lead. 
  • Automated follow-ups and omnichannel outreach making sure that you reach all your leads without spamming them. 
  • A team of sales trainers, analysts, data scientists, and quality assurance making optimizations to your campaign to continuously improve conversions. 
  • An always reachable team that manages your campaign end-to-end. 

All this, and so much more! 

Go through the table below, and learn how SquadStack can transform your business. 

SquadStack Traditional BPO
Your sales needs are managed end-to-end by us. Our services offer a complete package of sales training, sales operations, data science, and quality assurance. The sales team can be fully-managed or partially managed depending on the BPO. But, it’s rare to find dedicated human touch to improve conversions at each funnel stage.
Pay only for outcomes. I.e. Only pay for handling time spent by the sales agents on connected leads. You pay a fixed cost per month/campaign regardless of productivity and connectivity.
We do A.I.-driven personalized outreach to discover the best outreach channel, template, sales agent, and timing for any lead. This causes a 2-5x increase in funnel growth! There’s no A.I. to learn & improve outreach strategy.
Our customer dashboard reports all important sales metrics helping you keep track of your campaign at every level. Minimal or no insight into campaign metrics leading to customer distrust.
We build custom cadences depending on the flow of your use case. You control this process, making it scalable, flexible, and transparent. Building custom cadences is usually not possible.
We are technologically charged - Automated follow-ups and omnichannel outreach increase lead connectivity by up to 30%. Automation also ensures that leads aren’t spammed. Manual follow-ups & limited outreach channels leading to dropped leads. No spam checks which hurts your brand reputation.
We support 6+ regional languages, so you won’t miss out on any opportunities, increasing your appointments/ activations by up to 10%. No guarantee for multiple languages, leading to lots of missed opportunities because of language barriers.
Our sales experts are skilled, have industry-focused training, and use personalized dynamic scripts for all outreach. Sales experts use non-customized scripts for outreach, and usually don’t have industry-focused training.
Fully remote work - Leading to flexible timings, more people working from across the country giving extra reach, and helping the community achieve financial freedom from the comfort of their homes. Most BPOs don’t function remotely, have limited supply, and lower community impact.

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