What is Sales in BPO? 7 Sales Process Steps For Best Results

Find the answer to the question What is sales in BPO?'. AIso learn the 7 Steps in the Sales Process in BPO.

July 20, 2023


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Tooba Khan

Tooba Khan

What is Sales in BPO?  7 Sales Process Steps For Best Results


‘Sales’ is a well-known term for everyone. It is the fundamental concept of any business. Sales is the means of developing and scaling a business. It makes the company profitable. But what is sales in BPO? and What do we mean by B2B sales? To better understand BPO sales, let us start with the basics.

When we exchange a commodity or provide a service for a sum of money, the process is known as Sales. However, the sales in BPO are slightly different from the common B2C (Business to Customer) ones.

What Is Sales In BPO?

Ever wondered how businesses operate while focusing on their core strengths seamlessly? That's where BPO sales come into play!

But what is sales in BPO? Well, it is all about providing businesses with the support they need to streamline their operations. It is when a company carries out activities for another business and charges them a set amount.

For example, a BPO company provides customer support services to its client (another business). Now, a team of Customer Service Executives from the BPO vendor will handle their customers, resolve their issues and maintain a positive relationship with them on the client's behalf.

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7 Steps Sales Process in BPO

BPO sales aid the outsourcing partner in marketing its services to businesses that require them. The BPO sales process is what drives revenue for the company. It must be both systematic and efficient. Let us go through the 7 steps in the sales process in BPO.

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Step 1: The first step is to recognize the prospects and collect relevant data. The sales team invests time and effort in conducting in-depth research of the market, the competitors, clients and their needs. They gain a comprehensive understanding of the industrial landscape by networking, surveying, participating in business events, etc..

Step 2: Once the data is gathered, it's time to narrow down the search results. The team analyzes the collected data and determines which leads align with the services offered by the BPO firm. This shortlisting process is carried out considering factors like business requirements, resources available, budget, etc.

Step 3: The success of any sales process depends upon the relationship between the two businesses. A good BPO sales team understands its importance and aims to foster and maintain a positive customer relationship. This includes asking the right questions and trying to understand what they need. Active listening and understanding on the team’s part help the BPO gain valuable insights into their goals, requirements and challenges.

Step 4: Now that the BPO sales team has a solid grasp of the client’s need, it offers them personalized outsourcing solutions, demonstrating the firm's expertise, capabilities, and track record. The team highlights the numerous benefits of outsourcing by showcasing how their services align with the client's goals. Focus is placed on creating a solution tailored to the client's needs.

Step 5: The potential client may have questions or concerns during the BPO sales process. The sales team responds to these questions and clarifies them. Throughout, communication is open and transparent. They gain the trust of their clients by sharing real-life success stories and examples.

Step 6: The negotiation begins when the client is convinced and shows interest in doing business with the BPO company. The sales representatives work closely with the client to finalize the agreement with mutual consent. Clear communication about the pricing, service-level agreements (SLAs), contract duration, data privacy, etc., is essential.

Step 7: The BPO sales process doesn’t end with signing the contract. The final step is to maintain communication and resolve any concerns with the client. After-sales support and collaboration ensure a long-term relationship with them. Additionally, it lays the foundation for a successful business as it would build a good reputation of the BPO company.

BPOs follow these 7 steps in the sales process in BPO to deliver the best outsourcing solutions to their clients. It helps them build a relationship based on trust and reliability. Moreover, it ensures the growth and success of their business in the long term. Now that you know what sales and its process are in BPO, you can leverage outsourcing and boost your revenue.

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What is the sales process in BPO?


The sales process in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) refers to providing services like customer support, marketing, finance, technical support etc., to other businesses. It includes prospecting leads, communicating with them and offering appropriate solutions, negotiating the terms of the agreement, and finalizing the contract.

What is sales in a call center?


In a call center, sales refers to reaching out to potential customers via phone calls and offering them a product or service. Strong communication and marketing skills are crucial to make a sales call successful.

What is BPO in business?


BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the process of hiring another company to perform secondary or non-core business activities so that it can focus on its core business. These activities include finance, marketing, IT services, customer services, data entry, HR services, content management, etc.

What are the types of sales?


Some examples of the types of sales are E-commerce sales, B2B (Business to Business) sales, B2C (Business to Customer) sales, Channel sales, Inside sales, Retail sales, and Direct sales.

What are B2B sales?


Business to Business (B2B) sales involve exchanging products or services between businesses. They may include commodities purchased wholesale, services like IT, marketing, customer services, or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based solutions.

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