Call Tracking Software: AI-Assisted Call Metrics Tracking

Identify the blind spots in your sales and marketing efforts using SquadStack’s
in-built call tracking software solutions along with complete agent management platform.

What are Call Tracking Metrics?

Call-tracking metrics are key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure and analyze your sales and customer support team’s effectiveness. These metrics also show insights and improvement areas regarding agents’ performance, company offerings, and marketing decisions.

For Example, SquadStack's call-tracking software evaluates agents' calls based on 23 critical quality criteria. These include effectively wrapping up the call, demonstrating empathy towards the caller, clearly stating the call's purpose, establishing a connection with the caller, managing the call smoothly, greeting enthusiastically, attentively listening without disruptions, minimizing unnecessary filler words, etc.

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software lets you record interactions between agents representing businesses and consumers. The data and insights pulled from the interactions allow stakeholders to optimize their marketing, sales, and operations, leading to higher revenue and better customer experience.

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Why Opt for SquadStack's Call Tracking Software?

  • SquadStack's call-tracking software offers numerous advantages. Our tech-driven knowledge management platform ensures seamless operations regardless of attrition rates. We continuously update scripts by tracking new call recordings and identifying missing details.

  • Compared to traditional contact centers, where agent training can take 1-2 months, our system significantly reduces ramp-up time. By swiftly extracting call summaries, past notes, and crucial conversation points, agents can efficiently train on multiple campaigns.

  • Moreover, our AI-led agent quality monitoring samples 12% of all call recordings (with an additional 3% manual review) across 23 quality parameters. This approach enhances agent performance and ensures top-notch quality assurance.

Choose the Right Technology 

Tracking Calls through Lead Prioritization

  • We streamline call tracking by prioritizing leads using our advanced system. Leads are categorized based on factors like city, product interest, age, and profession. By employing Last in First out (LIFO) and First in First out (FIFO) algorithms, we ensure efficient processing, optimize lead connectivity, and reduce missed opportunities.

  • Our approach includes thorough spam and Do Not Disturb (DND) checks, lead prioritization, omnichannel outreach, rapid speed to lead, and real-time alerts for connectivity fluctuations. This comprehensive strategy enables us to achieve an impressive 90% connectivity rate.

Assess Customer Preferences 
and Costs
Importance of Call Tracking Metrics in Calling Campaigns
Agent Management
Agent Management

The call tracking metrics enable businesses to generate insights on agent’s performance, time management, and how their performance impacts your business process and revenue.

Saves Time
Saves Time

The tracking metrics provide insights into average call length per lead, which helps businesses with time management and planning their processes.

Need of Expansion
Need of Expansion

Call tracking metrics can help you identify prospects’ waiting time on calls. A longer waiting time shows the need for expansion

Customer Demographics 
Customer Demographics

Track calls to access detailed insights into the origin of inbound calls and the geographical distribution 
of your leads.

Measure the Marketing Efforts
Measure the Marketing Efforts

Accurate measurement of conversions helps identify ROI from marketing spending, including the cost incurred from a contact center if outsourced.

Need for Agent Training
Need for Agent Training

Assessing customer interactions identifies the shortcomings of agents, such as objection handling, product knowledge, and cross-sell/up-sell, and identifying training needs.

Qualified Lead Source
Qualified Lead Source

Call recordings also help you find the number of qualified leads generated. Excessive unqualified leads indicate poor quality of the lead source.

Need for Agent Training
Visibility on Customer Journey

Track the customer journey from the initial touchpoint to conversion across different channels and platforms and tailor your campaigns to meet customer preferences.

Call Tracking Metrics to Measure

Call Tracking Metrics to Measure

  • Source

    Source: Tracking the source of your calls enables you to identify what campaigns are performing right. Note that one campaign might drive the highest leads while others fail to cut it.

  • Average Handling Time

    Average Handling Time: The call duration enables businesses to measure customer engagement. Short calls usually indicate general queries or minor assistance, while longer call durations expose the need for additional caller training.

  • Call Volume

    Call Volume: First-time callers are the direct indicators of expanding customer reach. In addition, higher first-time callers and qualified prospects indicate that an acquisition marketing campaign is performing well.

  • First-Time Callers

    First-Time Callers: Lead scoring is a methodology sales and marketing teams use to evaluate and rank leads based on their likelihood of becoming customers.In this process, a numerical value, or score, based on various attributes and behaviors, helps prioritize leads for follow-up and nurturing efforts. Read More

  • Conversion Rate for Calls

    Conversion Rate for Calls: A high conversion rate shows positive signs of ROI and positive agents' performance. A low conversion rate signifies the optimization required at customers' touchpoints, such as agents' training, marketing expenses, lead source, and more.

Why Use Call Tracking Software?

Ensure the agents deliver the customer experience and adhere to the brand image using call tracking software.
Virtual Call Center
Virtual Call Center

Assists in operating a virtual call center-like system (with remote and/or centralized teams) for your business.

Better Experience
Better Experience

Achieve sales excellence (via improving agent performance) and enhance customer experience (via tracking lead journey).

Less Cognitive Load
Less Cognitive Load

Make faster decisions about expanding your calling team or streamlining your processes using call-tracking software.

Quality Insights
Quality Insights

Assess the agents' performance using the call analytics dashboard, which gives multiple insights regarding call center efficiency.

SquadStack: A Sales Transformation Solution with In-Built Call Tracking Software

SquadStack serves as your strategic partner in sales transformation, offering tailored solutions to streamline your sales and operational processes through telecalling outsourcing. With our AI-driven tools, you gain access to a pool of skilled agents, cutting-edge technology, and fully managed services.
Our mission is to enhance conversions, bolster connectivity, and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) by revamping sales procedures and empowering agents through advanced recruitment, training, and onboarding strategies.

AI-Led Quality Monitoring
sq with moneyview
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“So far, it has been amazing to work with SquadStack. We have seen a more structured approach to our calling and a lot of discipline in our way of calling our users or talking to them. The fundamental shift has created a lot of other cascading benefits for us.”
Manoj Kumar Dronadula
Manoj Kumar Dronadula
Product, Growth, and Partnerships at MoneyView

Benefits of Using SquadStack for Call Center Outsourcing Needs

Improved Connectivity
SquadStack emphasizes lead prioritization, omnichannel outreach, de-duplication, and A/B testing for faster TATs, ensuring that connectivity is not compromised.
Flexibility to Scale
Our extensive network of 10K+ telecallers (full-time & part-time) and quick deployment enables businesses to scale up or down as required.
Advanced Features & Technology 
Advanced Features & Technology
SquadStack provides insights on agents' calls and telecalling campaigns using AI and advanced features, like transparent analytics dashboard, call grouping, and more.
No Additional Charges
No Additional Charges
Unlike contact centers or subscription-based call tracking software, SquadStack charges for productive, connected minutes (usage-based) with no additional charges.
Improved Conversions & Revenue
Complete lead management using features like lead prioritization and visibility on lead journey, drop-off, and TATs improves conversions, leading to higher revenue.
Data Security
Data Security
SquadStack is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and provides enterprise-grade security with our data encryption and built-in PII masking features.

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“It is a very cost-effective model and has been extremely helpful for us. It is ever-evolving, 
user-friendly, and lucrative unless there are people who don’t want to try new things.”

Ishita Shah,
 Program Manager at Delhivery

“Their app and the structured approach to calling have been game changers for us. 
Having a clear, organised process for the callers to follow has made all the difference 
and this shift has created a lot of other cascading benefits for us.”

Praveen Jain,
 Product Manager at Moneyview

“With SquadStack, we've achieved a great scale while keeping the costs in control. Leads are properly allocated to ensure we have a great TAT, leading to a higher connectivity rate.”

Ronak Agarwal,
 Head of Marketing at Choice

“Outsourcing to SquadStack gives us a lot of flexibility. To do anything in-house, you will 
need a lot of time to scale up and execute things at a fast rate. We found a great partner 
in SquadStack, who helped us achieve our growth goals”

Satyartha Srivastava,
 Customer Success Lead at Upstox
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