Telecalling Excellence: SquadStack's Intuitive Agent Interface

Discover how SquadStack's cutting-edge Agent Interface is reshaping the landscape of telecalling and telesales. Dive into technological innovations, intuitive design, and AI integration, solving core challenges in the industry and empowering telecalling agents with top-tier technology.

March 18, 2024


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Technological advancements in the rapidly evolving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), have significantly transformed the telecalling industry.

Leading this transformative wave, SquadStack is spearheading this paradigm shift in the telecalling industry with an intuitive Agent Interface. How is this solving the core challenges in the industry? Let us read on to find out.

Tech Adoption for Telecallers Through Intuitive Design 

Navigating complex interfaces has long been a challenge for telecallers, making technology a hindrance to the problem it was intended to solve. 

While training can streamline the adoption of technology, consistent usage to ensure better productivity, accurate data entry, and a good calling experience are challenging to achieve when it becomes an additional step in customer outreach. 

SquadStack Agent Interface

At its core, the Agent Interface orchestrates the entire telecaller journey at SquadStack. From meticulous screening, extensive training, onboarding, seamless customer calling and outreach, and community experience - the entire agent lifecycle and their day-to-day tasks are integrated into a mobile and web application. This innovation directly solves the biggest pain point for agents – end-to-end tech adoption with a system-driven telecaller journey.

Selecting the Right Callers for Campaigns

Agent Screening

The telesales and speech assessments integrated into the platform ensure that only callers who meet the CEFR guidelines and industry benchmarks successfully qualify after the sign up process. Their soft skills and objection handling are evaluated through intense mock calls replicating the real-time calling experience. 

In-built Training for Calling, Objection Handling, and Brand Protection

In-built Agent Training

Once selected, these callers undergo rigorous training within the app. The platform hosts modules that cover all aspects of industry-specific customer outreach with a special emphasis on objection handling, better language and conversational skills, and, ultimately, brand protection to ensure that all businesses who outsource their customer outreach to SquadStack can replicate a streamlined customer experience for them that mirrors the original brand guidelines. 

Personalized feedback loops, regular classroom and online training sessions, and a community to discuss and learn from challenges build an environment of continuous learning and improvement for the agents. 

Improved Productivity & Connectivity with System-driven Outreach

The app is designed to encourage the agents to take up more tasks and complete them efficiently in less time. The user's in-app journey is mapped with CTAs, improved navigation, and an auto-dialing feature that allows them to call the next lead assigned right after completing an existing task.

Guided Scripts and System-driven Outreach

Apart from reducing manual processes, the app is also a powerhouse resource for everything related to their lead and the questions that need to be answered. It meaningfully guides the agents through objection handling, with easy access to all information with the help of search functionality that leads to a better in-app experience and a faster response time. 

In-app Screensharing for Assisted Sales

In addition to having similar interfaces on both the mobile and web versions, the Web App offers an even more seamless experience for the callers, where they can view the lead details, script, notes, and FAQs on the same screen. It also has the added feature of screen sharing to navigate comfortably and hand-hold customers during onboarding procedures or for assisted buying in high-ticket sales

The system-driven approach to training and outreach ensures that telecalling expertise at SquadStack is built and shared within the system to empower all agents with the same knowledge, guidance, and resource repository, leading to zero knowledge loss.

In-built FAQs and Battlecards

For effective selling, the agents have access to fully-guided conditional script, giving them the right flexibility to adapt to customer conversations and go off script as required. Yet, it ensures that there is no mis-selling and forced selling. 

The rescheduling option ensures the lead is still in the loop and does not slip through the cracks after the first failed attempt at following up. This immensely boosts connectivity and leads to greater chances of lead conversion. 

Leveraging AI to Elevate Customer Outreach

In-app Translation

SquadStack's innovation is rooted in the seamless integration of AI technology. With the help of real-time in-app script translations, agents can connect across language barriers, facilitating seamless communication and optimizing call time, making the most of connected minutes.

AI-Powered Quality Audits

The entire calling setup is rigorously monitored by human experts and an AI model based on 23 quality parameters to ensure all calls adhere to and surpass the industry benchmark of call quality standards.

The system tracks how well callers are doing by looking at recent calls. If a caller has at least five checked calls in the last 15 days, their overall score is calculated by averaging them. Based on this score, callers are put into three groups: red, amber, or green. Red means the caller isn't doing well and might need to be replaced. Amber means they could do better with more training - all of which is fully taken care of and managed by SquadStack.

Towards Telecalling Transformation

While the telecalling industry is still jostling its way to technological advancement and its subsequent adoption, the Agent Interface is leading the way into the future of telecalling. The platform ensures that the agents aren't just users but active participants in a community where insights are shared, challenges are discussed, and triumphs are celebrated. This collaborative approach celebrates and transcends individual performance, elevating the combined expertise of the entire telecalling community. 

The Interface is adaptable and scalable and is a space for innovation where AI-driven insights and human expertise are combined to stay ahead of the curve continuously and shape the future of customer outreach. 

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