Product Engineer -1 (Frontend)

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About SquadStack

At SquadStack, we believe that a synchronous combination of Humans + AI is the future of work. We leverage technology to build sales-acceleration solutions for consumer companies across the globe.


Our Products: Auctm, SquadIQ, ClassifyIt.


We believe that longer-term, people >> product & profits and prioritize culture over everything else.


We are looking for individuals with the right mix of hunger, passion, and cultural-fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done’ while building a people-first organization.


We are a 150-people team and have raised ~$7.5M. We’re in a high growth phase – to exponentially grow culture, team, products and revenue – in the next few quarters.


If you’re excited by this, come build SquadStack with us.

Job Description

We’re looking for entrepreneurial people with the right mix of hunger, experience, and cultural fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done’.

About the Opportunity

You will join the team as a frontend specialist. You’ll be responsible for building pluggable components. You’ll work on building highly-performant, data-intensive & responsive frontend applications.

You will work in cross-functional teams - Strong products aren’t built with engineering silos. We truly believe in engineers collaborating within a cross-functional setup & contributing with valuable inputs towards the product outcomes.

We believe that in early-stage startups, there are no Engineering teams. There are only Product Teams. What it means is that not only are you responsible for "how does it work technically", but also "should we make this?", "How well should we build this?", "Is this what the user/customer needs?". We like to focus on outcomes vs output.

If you are interested, Kevin from our Engineering Team wrote a blog that offers a comprehensive window to the coding culture and ethics at Squad: Squad takes the Joel Test.

About Auctm

At Auctm, we are building the operating system for the US real estate teams of the future (~$100B industry in just annual commissions). Despite being a huge market it is extremely fragmented with lots of inefficiencies.

The Problem: Selling expensive products and services to consumers is complicated. It's expensive, has poor user experience, lacks intelligence, etc. Imagine the last time you applied for a credit card, or a loan, or even bought a house. The legacy experience is often broken, spammy, and doesn’t fulfill our expectations in the digital age we live in. Businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing to generate leads, but convert very few leads, and aren’t able to give their consumers the right experience. Everybody loses. This is a massive inefficiency problem across all kinds of industries. This is what we are solving.

This is a complex problem - and we’re combining SaaS software, cutting-edge machine learning, and a focus on user-centric design, to deliver a best-in-class product. We’re helping these companies and teams move from static CRMs and legacy infrastructure to a data-driven future.

Launched Auctm in Oct 20 -- Rapidly grew from 0 to 55 teams in 6 months; will grow nearly 10x (~500 teams) by the next year.

Awarded the Top 10 Products by Inman - Largest US Real Estate Media. Second product ever in their history to get 5 stars rating.

What you’ll be doing

  • Transform complex designs and prototypes into beautiful products without sacrificing the vision of the design team or code quality.
  • Build a highly performant and responsive frontend for marketing and product teams.
  • Build modern front-end web applications in using the right JS frameworks.
  • Build pluggable components as part of a modular frontend architecture.
  • Contributing some back-end experience, collaborating on APIs, and more.
  • Collaborate closely with the marketing, product & design teams.
  • Be an active agent towards strengthening the technology team & culture.
  • Maintaining software workflow via tools like GitHub, webpack, task runners like Grunt and Gulp, etc.
  • Tech Stack; React, React Native, Redux, Redux Saga, Gatsby, Typescript, SASS, Bootstrap, Styled Components, Jest.

About you

  • 1-2 years of relevant experience
  • Traits & culture: Entrepreneurial & willing go the extra mile. Manager of one. You can read more about our values and culture at
  • Strong knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a must.
  • Experience developing front-end interfaces by leveraging modern development libraries and toolchains like React/Angular/Vue.js/Any modern framework, Jasmine/Mocha, SASS, Grunt/Gulp, Require JS/Webpack, etc.
  • Deep understanding of DOM, Rendering and how the browser works.
  • Experience building web-based user interfaces for mobile and desktop.
  • Experience in writing modular and reusable code.
  • Solid understanding of software development methodologies and processes.
  • Experience in building fast, fluid, beautiful user experiences and driving growth in consumer websites and web applications.
  • You are generally curious/interested in tech, motivated, creative/entrepreneurial, energetic, humble and hard-working.
  • Bonus points for experience working on backend technologies :)


  • Compensation: 12 - 17 LPA + ESOPs
  • Location: Remote till December 2021 - We’ll work out of our Noida office, and will also open offices in Bengaluru & Hyderabad once it’s safer to work from the office.
  • Joining Date: Tomorrow ;)

Why should you consider us seriously?

  • You get a chance to be one of the first few persons to join the frontend team at Squad and really shape and architect everything here and create massive impact henceforth.
  • People who have joined us in the past have experienced tremendous growth. You will not only become a better engineer, but we believe that you will have a much more well-rounded growth where you will learn more about various technologies.
  • Unlimited vacation policy, which means you are not entitled to a specific number of leaves per year. You can take time off from work according to what suits you the best. Needless to say, the system works on trust and we expect you to make fair decisions based on the team's needs.
  • We are a well-balanced team of experienced entrepreneurs and are backed by top investors across India and the Silicon Valley (Blume Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Emergent Ventures; Senior execs at Google, Square, Genpact & Flipkart; Co-founders of Infosys, Snapdeal, Slideshare, Zomato, etc)
  • You can read more about our values and culture:
  • We believe that longer-term, people >> product & profits and prioritize culture over everything else. Check out our reviews on Glassdoor.

Here are a few pieces our Engineers have learned and written about it in the past:

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