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About SquadStack

At SquadStack, we believe that a synchronous combination of Humans + AI is the future of work. We leverage technology to build sales-acceleration solutions for consumer companies across the globe.

We are looking for individuals with the right mix of hunger, passion, and cultural-fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done’ while building a people-first organization.

If you’re excited by the prospect of using technology to transform consumer sales, come build SquadStack with us.

Job Description

You will be the CEO of a multi-stakeholder cross-functional ‘solver’ team. Great products aren’t built with engineering silos. We believe that in early-stage startups, there are no Engineering teams. There are only Product Teams. You will contribute to the culture and product DNA of Auctm and SquadStack. Squadstack takes the Joel Test. You will work directly with the founders and report to the company CEO.

At SquadStack, our vision is to create the ultimate sales acceleration stack for businesses around the world. Our Products: AuctmSquadIQClassifyIt.

 About Auctm

We are building the operating system for the US real estate teams of the future (~$100B in annual commissions).

Despite being a huge market it is extremely fragmented with lots of inefficiencies. The industry has been behind on tech. The systems and tools are reminiscent of Web 1.0, poor user interfaces, highly siloed, and built without consideration for data science, machine learning, design, open APIs, and other themes we’d consider fundamental to product and technology. There are systems of record, but there are no systems of intelligence. 

Auctm fixes this all by giving the broker CEO a dashboard that helps them visualize their most important leading and lagging indicators and providing them with their most important insights. This allows them to focus on what’s driving delta in their business, and correct or double down on it, instead of sorting through endless spreadsheets and graphs to find causes or worse, not look at all. This then enables them to manage the three most important aspects of their business, (1) their goals and sales attainment, (2) profitability, and (3) agent performance. 

To close the loop, we provide a mobile app to agents, that integrates with the CRM. We built the app after conducting hundreds of interviews with agents so that they’d love it, and it functions as an EA from their phone, telling them what leads to reaching out to and how, who they need to meet with, and allowing them to dictate notes and feed in structured data to the CRM and broker dashboard, so all data is complete. All of this is fed into data science models learning from each action and modelling off the top performing agents while providing the broker insights on how to coach that agent to drive better results.

Business Model: The commission-driven pricing model native to real estate allows us to charge a percentage of transaction fees on top of the SaaS fee, similar to a fintech model (which is much higher upside and aligned incentives to the broker team).

The future of the industry, like many others, will be driven by technology. For the most successful brokers, instead of paying 10% annually of their commission to place a Coldwell Banker logo on their physical office, website, and business cards, they will be able to with the click of the button, become a tech-powered brokerage, reaping the benefits of well-designed technology with data science & machine learning built into everything. From “Coldwell Banker Susie’s Brokerage” to “Susie’s Brokerage, powered by Auctm”.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Owning the roadmap & strategy of the product area you’ll be responsible for
  2. You’ll be working on a “zero → one” problem with strong customer/user discovery
  3. Designing & performing customer interviews to uncover blindspots & form deeper insights into how customers use our product
  4. Iterate on provisional customer/user personas & form deeper understanding about their persona. Educate relevant teams about the same.
  5. Responsible for defining the right outcomes/OKRs. Religiously tracking the outcomes to the granular level.
  6. Prioritizing the right experiments in close collaboration with product engineers & product designers. 
  7. Perform rapid iterations with a fail-fast approach. Build rapid low-fidelity prototypes.
  8. Looking at data & measure experiment results
  9. Build & own backlog grooming sessions in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Keeping all the relevant stakeholders (biz development, customer success, design, engineering, biz operations, analysts) aligned during decision making (SPADE)
  10. Defining mutual contracts with interfacing product teams
  11. We are building a US focussed product. So there will be days when you’ll have to work across time zones in order to be able to interface with customers or the US team.
  12. Actively contribute towards growing the product culture at Squad


  1. 5 years experience building a customer-facing SaaS or FinTech product
  2. Solid internal and external communication chops
  3. Strong understanding of customer needs. Ability to empathize with the customer. 
  4. Has an agile mindset. And yes, that doesn’t mean putting in place a cookie cutter agile framework but it’s more about staying true to the ethos of agile
  5. Not shy of getting your hands dirty. Someone who understands that staying closer to the problem & forming a good domain context often involves doing some grunt work.
  6. Ability to stay focused on outcomes over output. We operate in cross-functional teams with OKRs. Excellent outcome-based prioritization skills.
  7. Traits & culture: Entrepreneurial & willing go the extra mile. Manager of one. You can read more about our values and culture here.

What's in it for you?

People who have joined us in the past have experienced tremendous growth. You will get to join our product team at a very early stage with significant potential for impact to our future growth. Check out our medium publication for more. :)

Being part of a small team, you will also work directly with the founders and have good transparency into the business strategy, and get to see how a business is built. People who join Squad are extremely smart and you will end up forging lifelong bonds here. :) 


  • Compensation: INR 25-36 LPA + ESOPs
  • Location: We are fully remote till June 2021, but we do have our office open in Noida in case you want to work from the office you are free to do :) 
    • We will update you about our plan post in June 2021, as soon we make a decision on that front, but there would be a minimum of a 2-month window provided to help everyone on the team plan their travels to move back to the office.
  • Joining Date: Tomorrow ;)

 Why should you consider us seriously?

  • Read about our values and culture here.
  • We are a well-balanced team of experienced entrepreneurs and are backed by top investors across India and the Silicon Valley (Chiratae Ventures, Blume Ventures, senior product execs at Square, Genpact & Flipkart; co-founders of Infosys, Snapdeal, Slideshare, Zomato, etc)
  • Unlimited vacation & WFH policy, which means you are not entitled to a specific number of leaves per year. You can take time off from work according to what suits you the best. Needless to say, the system works on trust and we expect you to make fair decisions based on the team's needs.
  • Health Insurance

This is just the beginning and we're here to change the world. :)