Call Center Dialers: Types, Benefits & Used Cases

Call center dialers are automated systems for outbound calls and they help in optimizing agent efficiency and improving call outreach in customer service and sales operations.

November 15, 2023


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Call Center Dialers: Types, Benefits & Used Cases


Call Center Dialers are advanced yet simple tools that automate the process of making and receiving calls. According to a survey conducted by a leading global call center outsourcing company, on average a call center agent only spends 31.8 minutes talking to customers, for every 1 hour of activity. Now the obvious question is, what happens during the remaining 28.2 minutes?

If there is no dialer installed in the call center, the agent may have to manually dial the number, wait on hold till the person receives the call, and then repeat the process again for the next call. During this process, many people may not pick up the phone, which also contributes to lost time, leading to low average productivity.

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What is a Call Center Dialer?

A call center dialer, also known as a "dialer," is a specialized software or hardware system used in call centers and customer service operations to automate the process of making outbound phone calls. These systems are designed to streamline the calling process, increase the efficiency of the agents, and improve the overall productivity of a call center.

Benefits of Call center Dialers
Image: Benefits of Call center Dialers

Types of Call Center Dialers

Call Center dialers come in various types, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Here are some of the common types of call center dialers -

Preview Dialers - Agents use preview dialers to review customer information, previous interactions, and context before placing a call. This type of dialer is often used in scenarios where agents need to prepare for complex sales or support interactions.

customer information of lead
Image: Complete customer information of lead is visible as a preview on the screen

Predictive Dialers - Predictive dialers use algorithms and call pacing to automatically dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously. The system predicts when an agent will become available to take the next call and dials accordingly. This type of dialer maximizes the number of calls made per day thus reducing agent idle time.

Progressive Dialers - Progressive dialers automatically dial the next phone number in line as soon as an agent becomes available. Unlike predictive dialers, which may dial multiple numbers at once, progressive dialers maintain a balance between call volume and agent availability. This approach is suitable for various outbound campaigns.

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Used Cases of Call Center Dialers

Now that we are aware of the types of call center dialers, let us see how businesses deploy this technology in real-life situations -

Telemarketing and Sales

Predictive dialers are often used for telemarketing campaigns and sales outreach. They help sales teams make more calls and increase the chances of connecting with potential customers.

Debt Collection

Debt collection agencies use power and progressive dialers to efficiently manage and track collections efforts while staying compliant with regulations.

Customer Service

Call center agents in customer service roles can benefit from preview dialers to prepare for complex inquiries or complaints. This ensures they have the necessary information at their fingertips.

Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare providers and service-oriented businesses use power dialers to efficiently schedule appointments and reminders.

Benefits of Call Center Dialers

Now that you are aware of the uses of call center dialers and their various types, the next question is, why should one adopt this technology for their business?

Increased Agent Efficiency

Call center dialers automate the manual dialing process which allows agents to spend more time engaging with customers and less time waiting for calls to connect.

Improved Call Quality

Call center dialers give access to customer information before each call, thus agents can provide more personalized and informed interactions, which ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction.

Higher Call Volume

Predictive and progressive dialers can significantly increase the number of calls made in a day, which can improve outreach efforts and potentially boost sales.

Reduced Abandonment Rates

Predictive dialers ensure that agents are connected to live calls, this minimizes the risk of abandoned calls, which is very frustrating to customers.

Cost Savings

Call center dialers optimize agent time and reduce idle time thus a business can greatly reduce their labor costs and achieve a higher return on investment.


What are call center dialers ?


Call center dialers are automated systems for outbound calls and they help in optimizing agent efficiency and improving call outreach in customer service and sales operations.

How many types of call center dialers are available out there?


There are various types of dialers available in the market depending upon the needs of the business. Broadly we can classify them as preview, productive and progressive dialers.

Where are call center dialers usually deployed?


Call center dialers are usually deployed in telemarketing and sales services where the outbound volume is very high. They are also used in operations such as debt collection, customer service, appointment scheduling etc.

What are the benefits of using call center dialers in my business?


Call center dialers can help to increase the efficiency of agents, improve call quality, reduce call abandonment and overall reduce cost for the business.

How does Squadstack integrate call center dialers in its operations?


SquadStack uses some of the most advanced dialer software to ensure high productivity, efficient utilization of agent time and low call center outsourcing cost for our clients

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