Best Call Center Software in India

Call center software helps telecallers connect with target customers, efficiently managing inbound and outbound calls by leveraging AI technology.

January 5, 2024


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Prerna Bhandari

Prerna Bhandari

Best Call Center Software in India


Call center software plays an important role in managing and optimizing customer interactions for businesses. With embedded technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech analytics, and cloud calling centers, connecting with customers has become easy. Telecalling service providers like SquadStack can handle the outsourced enhanced connectivity, utilizing these technologies to provide valuable support rather than establishing in-house teams to manage a high volume of calls.

SquadStack’s call center software streamlines your outreach with its robust technology, along with a team of more than ten thousand skilled agents. This immensely helps you manage your sales leads and obtain real-time CRM progress analytics. With SquadStack’s best-calling software for call centers, your productivity increases, leading to more business opportunities. Since call center equipment and software can make or break your business, it is essential to know what features they must possess for a business’s success.

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Benfits of Best Call Center Sofware in India by SqudStack
image: Benefits of Best Call Center Sofware Solutions in India by SquadStack

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is a technology solution designed to facilitate the operations of call centers or customer support contact centers. Call center software plays a vital role in assisting telecallers in connecting with the target customers of a business. It enhances efficiency by effectively managing both inbound and outbound calls, leveraging AI technology for tasks like call routing, forwarding, and recording.

Integrated with various features, call center software is designed to streamline operations and minimize agent effort. The best call center software consists of easy CRM integration, omnichannel outreach, and an analytics dashboard with complete visibility. It includes call routing and forwarding options that direct calls to suitable agents. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system gathers customer responses, and the software manages all customer interactions seamlessly.

Call Center Software in india
Image: Call Center Software in india With Full time callers, WFH model & easy payout model

Types of Call Center Software

Now that we’ve got a fair idea of what call center software is, let’s learn about its two prominent types. It is categorized into two parts which we’ve described below.

On-Premise Call Center Software

On-premise or traditional call center software uses traditional phone systems and provides control and customization but demands substantial infrastructure investment. This incurs high costs for monitoring and maintenance and requires significant physical space.

Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud-based or virtual call center software is a flexible modern alternative to traditional systems. It eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure and provides cost-effectiveness. All the data is stored in the cloud and can be retrieved easily. Such software offers a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model, which promotes easy flexibility and adaptability.

Key Features of Call Center Software by SquadStack 

SquadStack’s software for call centers provides trained telecallers, best in class connectivity, campaign data insights, and pricing models in which you have to pay as per your telecalling services usage. SquadStack's call center CRM software features a lead management system that includes a lead prioritization system capable of categorizing leads based on data such as city, interest, age, profession, etc.

The omnichannel outreach facility provides the capability to connect with leads through various channels, ensuring connectivity even when the number is on "Do Not Disturb." SquadStack's call center equipment and software include call quality analysis checked by AI-driven monitoring and human expertise. The various features of sofware are shared in detail below:

Best call center software has it all

Agent Management Platform

SquadStack has more than 10 thousand plus agents who are screened to meet quality standards. The agents are pre-trained and have domain expertise so that they can be employed immediately whenever any requirement arises.

call center software agent management platfrm

Omni Channel Communication

Omnichannel integration through a dialer software for outbound call centers enables customer outreach through various communication modes. SquadStack integrates omnichannel outreach methods like email, SMS, and social channels in its system, enhancing connectivity and aiding in effective lead management.

Omni Channel Communication
Omni Channel Communication
Lead followup through Omnichannel Outreach Methods
Lead followup through Omnichannel Outreach Methods

Easty Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

CRM integration helps in seamless interaction using the customer's detailed history. One of SquadStack’s call center software features is CRM integration. As a leading telecalling partner, we integrate customers' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with their customer dashboard. This integration streamlines business operations by analyzing calls and capturing, segmenting, and prioritizing leads.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Analytics and Reporting

The analytics help you measure the executed campaigns and track all relevant data. From call recordings to compliance, all the data is stored and can be accessed by agents and departments anytime. Metrics such as leads captured, calls made, turnaround time, and successful conversions offer comprehensive insights into your campaign's performance. SquadStack's AI-led analytics empowers businesses to track campaign performance. This data allows lead prioritization and helps provide a transparent call report.

Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and Reporting

Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring is crucial to ensure performance in all areas. The integrated A. I solution enhances the customer experience by tracking and recording calls. It is an AI-led quality audit with human expertise at certain stages.

The calls are assessed based on script adherence, tonality, agent performance, etc. This ensures that customers are assisted with the right approach, and the agent performs well. The data collected provides personalized feedback for each agent, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Security and Compliance

Call center software stores data in the cloud, posing potential risks to customer data. Implementing high-security measures and strict compliance are essential to prevent data breaches and cybercrime. Hence, necessary steps concerning data security must be considered.

As a tech-first company, we understand the importance of data protection and security. We take all measures to secure sensitive data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or inappropriate use. At SquadStack, regular audits focus on analyzing quality while ensuring compliance. We keep customer experiences safe and secure by maintaining adherence to guidelines.

Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance

Scalability and Flexibility

With the best cloud call center technology, you can scale your business according to your requirements. The integrated features make it the best tool, which offers flexibility and scalability. During peak seasons, the software used in call centers directly responds to your scalability requirements and employs the right people for your assistance. This maintains the customer experience by providing top call quality.

The system allows businesses to scale up or down as per the lead flow. This way, you don't have to spend significantly on infrastructure and staffing.

SquadStack has more than 10k agents who are screened, vetted, and meet quality standards. The agents are pre-trained and have domain expertise so that they can be employed immediately whenever any requirement arises.

Scalability and Flexibility
Scalability and Flexibility

Benefits and Challenges of Call Center Software

Call center software has its benefits and challenges. In this section, we'll thoroughly explore both, examining the advantages and hurdles linked to this technology.



Efficient Call Management:
Call center software seamlessly integrates various features to manage both inbound and outbound calls efficiently.

Omnichannel Integration Challenge:

Integrating omnichannel for a more comprehensive communication channel is a challenge that impacts seamless customer interactions.

Customer Support:

It facilitates ongoing customer support by keeping all relevant data in one place, ensuring a comprehensive approach to customer interactions.

Communication Barriers:

It can hinder effective conversations, leading to misunderstandings or incomplete information exchange.

Quality Assurance and Transparency:

The software monitors and records calls, providing quality checking and transparency in communication processes.

Data Security Concerns:

One of the challenges is the increased concern over data breaches and security. This emphasizes the need for robust protective measures.

Real-Time Analytics: 

It offers real-time analytics and insights, empowering businesses with data-driven decision-making.

Impact on Service Efficiency:

The software may contribute to longer wait times for customers due to high call volumes, which impacts overall service efficiency.

Unified Information:

Call center software enables CRM integration for data synchronization. This ensures a unified and organized customer information system.

Risk of System Downtime:

System downtime poses a risk, leading to missed calls and business opportunities, which might be fatal for business. 

Call Centre CRM Software for Enhanced Customer Interaction

CRM software used in call centers serves as a centralized repository for customer data, stored in cloud servers for easy access by telecallers. By tracking interactions, it comprehensively understands customer preferences, contributing to an elevated customer experience. This integration streamlines telemarketing agent’s tasks and operations, consolidating all necessary information in one place. This facilitates faster decision-making, efficient data handling, and lead management.

One of the robust features of Call Centre CRM Software is call routing and forwarding. This functionality directs calls to the most suitable agent based on customer inquiries. Once the call is handled, the CRM software analyzes metrics and analytics in real-time. This analysis provides immediate feedback to agents, aiding in their continuous improvement and ensuring a dynamic and responsive customer engagement process.

CRM software

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What is Call Center Software?


Call center software empowers telecallers to connect efficiently with target customers, managing both inbound and outbound calls. It utilizes AI for tasks such as call routing, forwarding, and recording.

How does Call Center Software work?


A call center software handles all a business's incoming and outgoing calls. The call is connected, information is compiled and then forwarded to the reliable telecalling agent. It also has integrated features like IVR, CRM, and analytics, which manage the calls efficiently.

Why is call center software necessary for your business?


Call center software efficiently handles customer calls, streamlining agent tasks leading to increased productivity. ACD, IVR, and CRM integration assist your business in lead generation and sales growth.

How does Call Center Software provide security?


Security of call center software is ensured through measures like data encryption and compliance adherence. The best call center software provider ensures 100% safety by taking steps for data breaches and cybercrime.

What should you look for in Call Center Software?


It is essential to look for integrated features such as CRM, IVR, omnichannel, etc. Moreover, you should also check customer support, monitoring, analytics, and security. Scalability and cost-effectiveness are essential to consider.

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