Best Cloud Call Center Software Solutions

A cloud contact center, is a customer service and communication solution that operates in the Internet. Check the page below to set up your call center with SquadStack.

August 30, 2023


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Tooba Khan

Tooba Khan

Best Cloud Call Center Software Solutions


When we hear call centers, we picture an office with people talking over their headsets and ringing telephone lines. However, traditional call centers that have been around for decades have had this setup for many years. By using a cloud-based call centre, businesses can focus on their core operations while leaving the management of telecalling services, maintenance, and updates of the call centre infrastructure to an online service provider.

Manage your work with best call center technology

Cloud Call centres such as SquadStack allow omnichannel outreach methods such as voice, email, chat, and social media, allowing businesses to provide omnichannel support. Cloud call center solutions also help businesses with CRM tools and infrastructure to manage their sales operations, customer interactions, and support services.

Squadstack as 'Cloud Call center Solution' For Businesses
Image: Squadstack as 'Cloud Call center Solution' For Businesses

What is Cloud Based Contact Center?

A cloud call center is a voice customer service and communication solution provider operating on the Internet rather than relying on on-premises hardware and infrastructure. In a cloud call center setup, all the necessary tools, software, servers, and other components are hosted and managed by a third-party service provider on the Internet.

SquadStack provides cloud call center solutions where agents can log in and work from any location anytime with an internet connection.

 SquadStack Agents have flexibilty to work from Any where
Image: SquadStack Agents have flexibilty to work from Any where

Cloud Call Center Software Technology

Cloud Call Center Software Technology includes tools and solutions that use the Internet to enable and enhance call center operations. With these contact center technologies, businesses can hire calling agents without setting up additional hardware or office space. Everything happens online through an external service provider. This technology enables sales and operations management, handles inbound and outbound calls, and provides customer support through a centralized web-based platform or application hosted on remote servers. Users access the services over the Internet. This approach offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.Automized Agent Management Platform

Cloud call centers provide automated agent management platforms that use automation and advanced technologies to enhance the management of call center agents. Here's what SquadStack's automated agent management platforms typically offer to help businesses:

  1. Properly guided scripts for telecallers
  2. Speech assessments facility
  3. Soft skills and objection handling
  4. Built-in training for calling and objection handling
  5. Brand protection
  6. Mock call sessions
  7. Personalized feedback
  8. Industry insights
  9. Selecting the best telecallers for your campaign according to your needs

Check More About the SquadStack Agent Management Platform

Cloud Call center Agent Management Platform
Image: SquadStack Agent Management Platform

Campaign Performance, Quality Monitoring, and Analytics

Cloud-based call center solutions platforms incorporate real-time performance monitoring tools that track agent performance metrics. Key performance indicators (KPIs), such as call handling times, customer satisfaction scores, first-call resolution rates, turnaround time, and estimated time of arrival, can be automatically monitored and analyzed.

SquadStack offers industry-leading call quality analysis, combining AI and human expertise to ensure high-quality calls. Our wise sampling rate of 12%, surpassing the 1-2% industry standard, minimizes incorrect qualifications. With flexibility in parameters, we monitor 15% of calls across 23 quality parameters, allowing customization to meet your business needs.

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Camapign Performance Measurement in Cloud Call Center Setup
Image: Camapign Performance Measurement in Cloud Call Center Setup

Easy Integration with CRM Systems

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enables customer data and interaction history access. This integration in cloud call centres helps agents provide personalized and efficient service. After entering the SquadStacks system through CRMs or manual imports, leads undergo a thorough checker system to comply with calling regulations, eliminating duplicates and DND numbers.

Cloud Call Center offers Easy Integration with CRM Systems
Image: Easy Integration with CRM Systems

We employ a versatile prioritization system based on various data points. Using Last in First out (LIFO) and First in First out (FIFO) algorithms, we maintain an efficient turnaround time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Cloud call centers often include IVR systems, which automate interactions with callers through voice prompts and menu options. This can help route calls more efficiently and provide self-service options to callers.

Connected Omni-Channels Communication System

Cloud call center software and technology allow multiple communication channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media. This enables businesses to reach customers who prefer different communication channels, have blocked your voice number, are unavailable, or have set their number to "do not disturb.

Cloud Call Center - Omnichannel Outreach Method
Image: Connected Omni-Channels Communication System

How do Cloud Contact Centers Work?

Cloud contact centers operate through the internet, using advanced technology to handle customer voice interactions across different channels. These contact centers are hosted on infrastructure provided by cloud service providers. This infrastructure includes servers, storage, networking, and other resources accessible and managed online. One notable feature is that agents responding to customer calls can work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. 

Additionally, virtualization technology is crucial in creating virtual versions of servers, databases, and other resources. This enhances resource usage efficiency and allows for easy scalability and flexibility in adapting to varying workloads. The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system is at these contact centres' core, ensuring incoming calls are directed to the most suitable agent or team based on predefined criteria, such as skills, availability, or customer priority. 

Best Cloud Call Center Software

Best Practices for Successful Cloud Call Center Management

Successful cloud call center management involves implementing best practices to optimize performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure efficient operations. Providing proper training and support to agents though guiding scripts, measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) to tell their weaknesses, handling supply and demand emergency situations, and utilizing the latest technology and tools are crucial components of effective management.

Training and Support: Telecalling agents must receive adequate training and develop the necessary skills to perform well during customer interactions. This training includes equipping agents with the knowledge to effectively handle tools, technology, and software.

Measure KPIs: Key performance indicators play a vital role in assessing the performance of sales representatives. Analyzing performance using measurable or quantitative goals is essential for making informed business decisions. Regularly tracking the workforce's progress contributes to ongoing improvement.

Handle Emergency Situations: Cloud call centers may face challenges such as downtime and high call volumes, putting the business in emergency situations. Having a well-defined plan is crucial for managing high-stress scenarios effectively.

Use the Latest Tools and Technology: Keeping the system updated with the latest tools and technology is essential for improving the customer experience. This practice involves integrating the system with cutting-edge software, streamlining operations, and maximizing overall efficiency.

AI Assistance: Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves as an assistant, automating routine tasks and handling repetitive activities. This prevents agents from performing unnecessary work, enhancing overall productivity and providing real-time insights.

Advantages of Cloud Call Centers

The best cloud call center comes with numerous benefits. It has made the work much easier and more flexible, leading to increased agents' productivity. Let us discuss the advantages of having a cloud call center for your business.

Flexibility of Work

A significant benefit of cloud-based call center phone systems is their operational flexibility. Agents have the freedom to work from any location. This helps in increasing their concentration and boosting both efficiency and productivity.

Ease in Expansion

The scalability of cloud-based call centers allows businesses to expand or shrink their operations effortlessly. Whether scaling globally or closing down specific regions, concerns about infrastructure and resource limitations have been reduced. This adaptability allows organizations to respond dynamically to market demands.

Cost Efficiency

Costs can be saved by opting for cloud-based call centers. There is no need to allocate budgets for hardware, equipment, office expenses, and other associated costs, providing a more budget-friendly approach to running call center operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Well-trained call center agents contribute significantly to effective customer handling and improved satisfaction. Their expertise in reaching out to leads, converting them, and building lasting customer relationships underscores the importance of a skilled and customer-focused workforce. This dedication to customer satisfaction builds brand loyalty and contributes to long-term business success.

Quick Setup and Updation

An inherent advantage of cloud call center technology is its swift and straightforward setup process. It can be effortlessly updated with the latest features and advancements from the cloud, ensuring organizations stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

The quick setup allows organizations to remain agile by responding quickly to changing industry trends and customer expectations.

Data Insight, Backup, and Recovery

Incorporating a cloud call center into your operations offers valuable insights through analytics and reports on customer interactions. This, coupled with robust backup and recovery features, ensures the safety and security of critical data.

How to Set up a Cloud Call Center With SqudStack?

Whether you’re in E-commerce, Financial Services, or EdTech, at SquadStack, we’ve got just the right cloud call center solutions for your business. We can help you to maximize your lead conversions with trained and vetted telecallers, AI quality monitoring, and providing Data insights for telecalling campaigns. In our system, leads enter a secure environment where all data is rigorously encrypted, ensuring the utmost confidentiality. Utilizing a system-driven omnichannel outreach approach, we maximize connectivity for effective communication.

Human and A.I.-driven quality monitoring mechanisms are in place, conducting thorough quality checks and providing valuable feedback to continuously enhance performance and effectiveness in engaging with your leads.

Below are the steps and links to set up a cloud call center with SquadStack:

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what is cloud based call center?


A cloud call center allows software and tools to be stored virtually. They are hosted in the online, which means you can easily access them from anywhere. This eases the management of customer interactions like phone calls, messages, social media, web chat, etc.

Why use a cloud contact center?


With a cloud call center, businesses can effectively and efficiently manage customer calls without the hassle of on-premise equipment. This ensures that the customer care agents remain productive while working remotely. They gain a better understanding of customers through data science and analytics.

How to setup your own cloud based call center?


You can set up your own cloud-based call center with SquadStack by creating a demo account. Explore sample call recordings, create a telecalling campaign, approve scripts, buy credits, and finally upload leads to setup a contact center.

How can cloud call centers contribute to business growth?


By using cloud call centers, companies can improve their operations, boost agent productivity, collect and analyze data-driven insights, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction, leading to business growth.

What is cloud call center software?


Cloud call center software is a type of technology that enables organizations to handle their customer interactions, such as incoming and outgoing calls, through a cloud-based platform. Unlike traditional on-premises call center systems, cloud call center software operates over the internet and is hosted by third-party providers.

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