Redefining Customer Trust and Boosting E-commerce Sales Through Assisted Buying

Explore how SquadStack empowers sales with technology to enhance telecalling-led inside sales, build trust, and provide valuable insights through AI-powered call analysis.

March 18, 2024


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The sales landscape has tremendously changed with the increase in the virtual mode of interactions and transactions. While the pandemic played a critical role in fast-pacing this digital evolution of sales, this future had already been foreseen long before. 

As we embrace the power of digital interactions, tech-enabled agents, and online platforms, forging meaningful customer relationships and establishing trust without in-person interaction and tangible touchpoints has become the biggest sales challenge. 

At SquadStack, we’ve taken on this mission to empower and enable humans with technology to build a better telecalling-led inside sales experience and put trust back into the equation. 

Boosting E-commerce sales with assisted buying

The Power of Trained and Tech-enabled Telecallers

The true power of technology lies in the ability to use it intelligently. If it is seen as a mere replacement for human intelligence and sensibilities, it becomes limiting and only functions effectively for repetitive tasks that require little to no human intervention. 

But for sales, which requires relationship and trust-building, technology alone falls short. Armed with the right resources, an easy-to-use platform, and a continuous monitoring and feedback system, SquadStack’s network of telecallers  bolster the element of human touch in customer interactions. 

How do we make this possible? 

SquadStack Partner App

Our mobile and web partner application is a comprehensive platform that captures the entire lifecycle of a telecaller, from screening, training, outreach, community engagement, and feedback. 

Customers today are not confined to a single journey. Their journey is spread across multiple channels. A coherent omnichannel workflow replicating a similar experience across multiple touchpoints is crucial to establishing brand trust, boosting connectivity, and improving customer experience. 

The app connects telecallers with the leads through various communication channels such as emails, IVR, SMS, WhatsApp, and voice calling. Carefully screened and vetted telecallers undergo rigorous mock calls and evaluation of their soft skills and objection-handling prowess. This results in a calling experience that puts brand protection and product knowledge to the forefront, ensuring the callers are well-equipped for any conversation. 

FAQs and Battlecards

Conversations drive transactions. The easy access to all the necessary information, FAQs, battlecards, guided scripts and built-in translation options make it easier to drive an impactful conversation with the customer, enhance productivity, and seamlessly capture critical information without breaking the flow.  

How screen-sharing combined with telecalling can be revolutionary for sales

What truly sets us apart when it comes to SquadStack’s approach to telecalling is the integration of screen-sharing within the WebApp. With the help of screen-sharing, telecallers can now transform a telephonic conversation into a visual experience for solutions like Assisted Buying.

Improve your customer interaction by acing these questions

The screen-sharing feature makes it easier for them to walk customers through products, guide them on different platforms and offer a hand-held onboarding experience, explain return policies and Buy Now, Pay Later options better, and even run custom searches tailored to the customer’s preferences. This also completely transforms the ecommerce experience for online buyers of high-ticket products.

Screen sharing feature on the SquadStack Partner App

The screen-sharing feature is a prime example of how to build customer trust in virtual interactions. It can eliminate lengthy on-call explanations and descriptions and replace it with a visual experience to display the offerings. 

A glimpse into the product and the process can become the final push to close the deal faster. It establishes the telecaller as a trusted subject matter expert who plays a pivotal role in addressing customer queries and concerns. 

The visual experience is synonymous with authenticity and transparency and makes the digital experience a lot more reliable and trustworthy for the customer, assisting them with expertise and guidance to make the right decision. 

The importance of AI-powered call quality analysis and customer insights

Continuous monitoring, feedback, and training are key to a consistently good telecalling experience. Our AI-powered call quality analysis is an unbiased model with a call sampling rate of 15%, surpassing traditional BPO sampling rates of 1-2%. 

Our robust analytics focus heavily on the importance of actionable insights and feedback that contribute to effective training for improved call quality experience and gather important insights from customer interactions. These insights become critical for companies to improve their product experience and optimize their marketing spends.

The entire knowledge management process is system-driven which ensures that all key insights are efficiently used to improve existing models and better training needs identification. 

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A lesson from Flipkart on building trust through outbound telecalling

“When it comes to financial transactions, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate source. Flipkart had an outbound customer support team that would call customers and verify their inquiries. This approach was a significant trust-building factor, especially when expanding beyond books to higher-priced items.” - Arindam Mukherjee, Former Product Head at Flipkart.

In the e-commerce landscape, Flipkart's early approach to outbound telecalling and personalized interaction fostered credibility. It extended beyond trust-building, influencing the company's growth trajectory, and drove a substantial portion of Flipkart's Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) at its peak. 

Digital Assisted Buying and Onboarding replicates hand-held guidance in a remote set up and can be implemented across industries. Talk to us to learn more.







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