Auto Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer: Best for Telecalling Team

Let us explore the benefits and features of different dialers and gain a general insight into auto dialers vs. predictive dialers to make an informed decision.

February 29, 2024


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Shara Zareen

Shara Zareen

Auto Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer: Best for Telecalling Team


One of the best innovations of the technological evolution is dialers. These are tools with potential to automate and streamline the outbound calling processes. The dialers are further classified into five types which are auto, predictive, progressive, power, and preview dialers. However, the most common and desired options among the five dialers are auto and predictive dialers.

There has always been a debate on “auto dialer vs. predictive dialer.” Be it auto dialers or predictive dialers, both provide automation and efficiency, yet they differentiate themselves based on their features, applications, and advantages.
SquadStack provide advanced dialing features such as guided scripts, CRM integration, call recording, and IVR systems to help the partnering companies provide customer-centric solutions to their customers and streamline their outbound calling campaigns.

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What are Auto Dialers and their Features?

Auto dialer or automatic dialer is a computerized system. It is programmed to dial phone numbers automatically and connect them to a live agent. It effectively reduces idle time by eliminating the need for manual dialing and allowing the agents to focus on live calls. Companies working in the telecalling and customer service sectors extensively use auto dialers.

Auto dialers increase the productivity of outbound campaigns through their advanced functionalities, ranging from automated dialing to call monitoring and campaign management. Let us discuss a few of the most common features of auto dialers.

  • Call Recording: It automatically captures and stores the telephonic interactions between the agents and the customers. The call recording feature of SquadStack provides our partner companies with complete visibility over their campaigns and helps them make informed decisions.
Call Recording
Campaign visibility to help companies make informed decisions
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR systems facilitate the caller to self-navigate options and obtain information without the agent's assistance. It uses pre-recorded messages and automated options to interact with the customer before connecting the call to a suitable agent. SquadStack utilizes IVR as a method for omnichannel outreach. It helps us avoid lead drop-offs and effectively handle large volumes of calls.
  • Call Routing: This feature directs the incoming calls to the most appropriate agents available. The agents are chosen based on predefined criteria like their skill set, expertise, and the objective of the call. Call routing enhances the quick resolution of issues and facilitates a positive customer experience.
  • CRM Integration: Integration with (Customer Relationship Management) systems allows the agents to access customer data during the calls. SquadStack can be easily integrated with standard CRMs. Additionally, we also provide custom integrations with our partner’s tech stack.
  • Campaign Management: It enables businesses to manage their campaigns and make informed decisions effectively. SquadStack provides a comprehensive summary of campaigns. Our customers can have complete campaign visibility through the campaign performance dashboard. They can access the weekly and monthly trends of standard campaigns and outreach metrics like turnaround time, cost of sale, and average handling time.

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Is an Auto Dialer Right for Your Business?

Auto dialers are suitable for businesses with relatively low and predictable call volumes. It provides basic functionalities like automatic dialing and connecting calls to the agents at a minimal price. It can effectively support simple outbound campaigns, schedule appointments, automate follow-up calls, and send reminders. This dialer type supports surveys and data collection as it can quickly reach a large audience. Hence, businesses with few agents and small campaigns performing tasks like telemarketing, customer service surveys, or appointment reminders must opt for auto dialers.

Understanding Predictive Dialers and their Features

The predictive dialer is a narrower concept compared to an auto dialer. It is a type of auto-dialing that works within a specific framework. It anticipates the availability of agents and automatically connects them to the live calls. Moreover, it can predict the call answer rate and manage the dialing rate accordingly. Predictive dialers help an organization minimize idle time and maximize productivity by eliminating unanswered calls, busy signals, and voicemails. The essential features of this modern technology, driven by advanced algorithms, are as follows:

  • Adaptive Dialing: It automatically adjusts the dialing rate based on factors such as agent availability and call answer rates. By predicting real-time conditions, adaptive dialing ensures maximum agent productivity and reduced idle time.
  • Abandonment Rate Management: The percentage of calls the caller hangs up before connecting to the agent is called the abandonment rate. This management feature of the predictive dialer is used to monitor and control the rate of abandoned calls.
  • Do-Not-Call Compliance: It filters out numbers on the DNC list and prevents calling people who have registered their phone numbers on the Do-Not-Call Registry. SquadStack rigorously monitors for de-duplication and DND numbers to avoid spamming anyone.
Do-Not-Call Compliance
  • Skill-Based Routing: Through this feature, the incoming calls are directed to the most suitable agent based on their expertise and skill set. It boasts first-call resolution and improved customer satisfaction. Our lead matching engine ensures that only the agents with appropriate skills are assigned to specific tasks and calls, maximizing the chances of success.
  • Call Back Scheduling: Call back scheduling allows the agent to offer a call back at the customer’s preferred time. The predictive dialer schedules the call back for the agent and sends automated reminders to both the agent and the customer. It automatically connects the agents with the customers at the scheduled time.

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Unsure if Predictive Dialers are the Right Fit for Your Business? Let’s Find Out.

The ability to manage high volumes of calls and the advanced features of predictive dialers make them suitable for large-scale outbound call centers.

It ensures that the agents spend most of their time on live calls, fostering improved conversion rates, increased first-call resolution rates, and reduced idle periods as well as call handling times. Built-in features such as automatic call abandonment prevention and voice message detection help adhere to the regulations. These advantages make it ideal for businesses operating in compliance-sensitive industries and companies that run targeted campaigns.

Auto Dialers vs. Predictive Dialers: A Comprehensive Distinction

Now that we have a fair idea about the functionalities and features of auto and predictive dialers let’s delve deeper and explore the key differences between them.

Key Distinctions

Auto Dialer 

Predictive Dialer

Dialing Strategy

It is a hardware or software system that automatically dials consecutive or random numbers from a predefined list. 

It uses algorithms to predict agent availability and connects the answered calls to the agents when they are free.


Reliant on manual configurations, it dials numbers at a predefined interval programmed by humans.

It can analyze factors such as average call duration, call abandonment rates, and agent performance.

Agent Efficiency

It reduces the workload of agents by eliminating manual dialing. However, agents' time may be wasted waiting for the call to connect and attending calls that are not fit for them.

It aims to reduce idle time and increase talk time by connecting the agents with qualified leads as soon as they are available. 


It requires manual monitoring to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Features like automatic call abandonment prevention and voice message detection ensure regulation compliance. 


Auto dialers use simple technologies and have limited features, making them cheaper.

The advanced algorithms and attributes make predictive dialers expensive. 

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Unlock Your Potential with SquadStack’s In-App Dialers

Dialers have become a necessity for specific businesses and center operations, but choosing the right type of dialer suitable for your business requirements can be overwhelming. However, SquadSatck simplifies this process for you with its telecalling services that offer in-app dialers and guided script facilities to streamline your operations, minimize idle time, and improve resolution times.

Our in-app dialers enable sales representatives to initiate calls with just a few clicks, freeing them to focus on building relationships rather than mundane administrative tasks. While the guided scripts outline key talking points, objection-handling strategies, and product information, empowering the sales teams to engage with prospects effectively.

Additionally, we offer a customizable omnichannel cadence, an agent management platform to monitor agent performance, and an affordable pricing structure with no fixed costs, allowing our partners to improve their service levels.

Further, Plug-and-Play, our outbound telecalling solution that can be set up in just 15 minutes, has helped small businesses start their calling campaigns within 48 hours.

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How to set up SquadStack's Plug-and-Play in just 5 easy steps

What are the types of auto dialers?


The two main types of auto dialers are: 1. Predictive Dialers 2. Preview Dialers

Can auto-dialers be used for inbound calls?


Auto dialers are primarily used for outbound calls however, features like IVR and call forwarding support inbound calls.

What are the key features of predictive dialers?


The key features of predictive dialers are as follows: 1- Automated Dialing 2- Skill-based Routing 3- Call Recording Call Monitoring 4- Reporting & Analytics

How do predictive dialers handle voicemails and unhandled calls?


They handle voicemails and unhandled calls in the following ways: 1- Leave a pre-recorded voicemail message. 2- Retry unanswered calls after a certain time interval. 3- Integration with do-not-call lists to ensure compliance with regulations.

How do you choose the right dialer for your business?


Determine basic factors such as call volume, types of calls, budget, and business needs. A predictive dialer can offer significant efficiency for businesses with high call volume and sufficient budget. Otherwise, a traditional auto dialer might be more suitable and cost-effective.

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