Hiring Call Center for Business | Best Call center to Hire

Discover the process for hiring a call centre for your business growth effectively. Uncover insights into hiring call center costs and India's top company.

September 9, 2023


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Himanshu Bajpai

Himanshu Bajpai

Hiring Call Center for Business | Best Call center to Hire


Call centers have been a helping hand to businesses for quite a few decades. They take the customer support workload off your shoulders and help improve your brand image, drive revenue, and scale the business. Call center hiring is typically done for various business process outsourcing (BPO) activities that support customer-related functions. Today, call centers offer various services tailored to your goals and requirements.

This post will help you understand how a call center enables you to grow your business. We will delve into the world of BPO call centers and gain insight into the benefits of hiring call center. We will also find out what it takes (and costs) for hiring call center. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Call Center
Image: Benefits of Hiring Call Center

Before hiring call center, ask yourself, "Why does my business need a call center?" We'll give four reasons to help you understand what they offer. So, let us go through the benefits of hiring call center for your business growth and scalability.

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To save your money and resources

By hiring call center, you get the whole package, i.e. the workforce, the setup, the tech, and the expertise. Imagine the cost you would've spent on hiring skilled personnel, training them, getting the right tools and software, and managing all these tasks all the time! Call centers offer the entire deal at lower costs while sparing you time, effort, and resources.

To shoot up your profits

Maintaining an in-house calling team can divert your attention from your primary objectives of growth and scalability. Hiring call center can effortlessly eliminate obstacles impeding your progress. This lets you concentrate on your core strengths, leading to increased revenue, enhanced profitability, and accelerated growth.

To improve employee satisfaction

Successful businesses know the key to growth is to keep their employees happy. A call center removes the workload from your personnel's shoulders. Having been relieved of secondary responsibilities, your employees are stress-free and satisfied with their work-life balance. They perform more efficiently, which increases productivity. This also lowers employee turnover.

A one-on-one meeting can discuss various aspects of the employee's work life and satisfaction levels. Want to know more about how to carry out these 1:1 sessions, including tips and questions to ask the agents? Check this out!

Improve customer satisfaction by staffing and scheduling call centers

To enrich the customer experience

Call centers have a vast team of highly skilled and trained personnel who can calm the angriest customers and turn them into happy ones. They also have advanced call center technologies at their disposal. With the expertise of their telecallers and modern equipment and software, call centers are bound to satisfy your customers. Moreover, they build an impressive reputation for your business and foster positive customer relationships.

Keeping your customers happy is the key to a successful business. Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, is the key performance indicator of your business health. So, you must measure this crucial metric and keep it in check. Learn how to measure CSAT, satisfy your customers, and develop a strong relationship with them.

SquadStack offers all the above benefits and more. If you resonate with the above reasons and want to enjoy these perks, you should try it! Still, deciding whether to outsource your sales or not? Read these signs to find out if your business needs sales outsourcing!

Essential Considerations Before Selecting a Call Center

What is the cost associated with hiring call center?

Since budget is one of the main pillars of business, you need to allocate it to your resources very carefully. Before hiring call center, set a budget. Once done, you can look for call centers that fit your budget. Let's review these key factors to determine the cost of hiring one.

Key Factors to determine the cost of Hiring a Call Center
Image: Key Factors to determine the cost of Hiring a Call Center

Volume of calls

How do call centers work? Well, the more calls they handle, the more it costs them. It's pretty straightforward - volume drives up the price.

Types of services

The call center industry offers all kinds of services, including inbound/outbound calling, and voice/non-voice processes. To save costs, identify the services you need and choose accordingly.

Additional fee

You should also keep in mind any possible extra fees or costs. Some call centers charge you for additional services, like setting up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu. Looking at the pricing and services offered beforehand ensures you choose the right call center provider.

Incremental charges

When you're charged per minute for a call, you pay for a full minute, even if the call lasts just a few seconds. You can hire a call center that charges per active second or follows a usage-based pricing model to reduce expenses and enjoy more flexibility.

Agent work time

This is the time that a call center agent spends helping you. It may be on the phone or after-call work, depending on company policy. Some companies will only charge for the time spent on the phone, while others may charge for all the time spent assisting them.

Call Center Hiring: Effective Steps

When you make the crucial decision to hiring call center for your business, it's essential to do it right. Check the steps below to discover how to find a reliable call center service provider.

  • Thoroughly research the market and look for call centers with a proven track record and excellent customer service.
  • When in conversation with a call center manager, ask for references. If they successfully handled businesses like yours in the past, the chances are high that it will work out well for you, too.
  • You can also browse their websites for client success stories, case studies, use cases, call center scripts etc.
  • Before you hiring call center, visit them and get an idea of their culture and environment. Meeting the employees also builds rapport and fosters the business relationship.

Now that you know the techniques to hiring call center, it is important to hire one suitable for your business. So, how will you know which is the right one? Check the strategy to hire the best call centers.

Hiring an Ideal Call Center

Choosing the right Call Center with a good customer service provider is vital to the success of your business. The choice of your call center should depend on your business requirements and the location of the call center. Once you identify your business needs, you will understand whether to hire an on-shore, offshore, home-shore, or nearshore call center. Let us have a look at each one for a clear understanding.

On-shore call centers

These outsourced call centers are located in your own country. They offer many benefits, like high linguistic and cultural familiarity, reduced security risks, and easy travel for training visits. So if you want to hire a call center that is both reliable and convenient, an on-shore one is a great option! However, they are pricey.

Offshore call centers

They're based in a different country and offer a wide range of services at a lower cost. You could go with an offshore call center on a tight budget. But remember that there might be some language and cultural differences and security risks to consider.

Home-shore call centers

Try a home-shore call center, where agents work from home. These cloud call centers help save you some costs.

Nearshore call centers

Try a nearshore call center if you want something in between. It is located in a nearby country, so it is closer than an offshore call center but still offers some cost savings.

Learn more about the different types of call centers to gain a better understanding.

Still trying to decide, which call center is right for you?

Small businesses with less budget may opt for an offshore call center to provide consistent customer service at scale and a cost they can afford. However, companies with more funding to allocate to their customer service team may want to hire a call center that is nearshore or on-shore for quality assurance.

SquadStack: Best Calling Services
SquadStack: Best Calling Services

Discover Best Call Center Outsourcing Services in India

The BPO industry is vast, and many call centers offer various services. If you're looking for the top call center company in India, your search ends here!

SquadStack has the solution for all your telecalling needs, including well-trained and vetted telecallers, AI and modern automation tools, CRM integration, a robust tech stack, campaign management, quality assurance, and monitoring.

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How do call centers contribute to business growth?


Call centers play a vital role in enhancing customer support, improving brand image, and increasing revenue, all of which contribute to the overall growth and expansion of the business.

What factors determine the cost of hiring a call center?


There are various factors that can influence the cost of hiring a call center. Some of these factors include the needed services, the volume of calls, the level of task complexity, and the center's location.

How do call centers to improve a brand's image?


When call center agents are professional, efficient, and able to provide timely and accurate resolutions to customer inquiries and issues, it helps build customer trust and loyalty. By consistently delivering high-quality customer service experiences, call centers can enhance a brand's reputation and create positive associations with its products or services.

What are the benefits of hiring a call center?


Hiring a call center for your operations has many advantages. Some of them include cost-efficiency, profitability, employee satisfaction, enriched customer experience, and business growth.

How do I choose the right call center for my business?


The choice of call center depends on your business needs and the location of the call center. Explore on-shore, off-shore, home-shore, and nearshore options based on factors like familiarity, cost, and convenience. Small businesses with limited budgets may choose to hire offshore call centers to provide reliable and affordable customer service at scale. However, big companies with a higher budget may prefer nearshore or onshore call centers for better quality assurance.

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