Team Leader in BPO: KRAs, Responsibilities and Job Description

In the post check every small detail about roles and responsibilities, KRAs, required important skills and job description for a team leader in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

July 19, 2023


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Saumya Singh

Saumya Singh

Team Leader in BPO: KRAs, Responsibilities and Job Description


In a fast-paced and dynamic Business Process Outsourcing industry, the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in BPO are essential in providing efficient processes and maximizing team performance. Teams can achieve success by setting goals and communicating with each other.

Clear communication channels help teams set goals and lead them to success. You can become a better team leader by understanding their roles and essential traits. This blog will examine some guiding characteristics of an effective team leader that help efficiently fulfill the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in a Business Process Outsourcing.

Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities in BPO

Team Leaders in Business Process Outsourcing are required for ensuring smooth operations and effective team management. Some Common roles and responsibilities of team leader in BPO are:

  • Team Management - Supervising and managing a team of agents, including their performance, productivity, and adherence to business regulations and procedures.
  • Performance Monitoring - Maintain and evaluate individual and team performance metrics such as quality scores, average handle time, customer satisfaction ratings and sales targets.
  • Coaching and Training - Team Members need constant coaching, monitoring and training to enhance their skill set, product knowledge and customer service capabilities.
  • Work Allocation -Assigning tasks, projects and client assignments based on each team member’s skill set and workload capabilities.
  • Quality Assurance - Maintaining quality standards in BPO and conducting frequent quality audits to identify improvement areas and provide feedback to agents.

Overall, the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in BPO include guiding and assisting the team in achieving operational excellence, completing sales outsourcing needs, meeting objectives, and providing exceptional client experiences.

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KRAs as a Team Leader in a BPO
Image - KRAs as a Team Leader in a BPO

Skills Required of Team Leader in BPO

A diverse set of abilities is required to effectively manage teams and drive performance as a team leader in a BPO(Business Process Outsourcing). After discussing the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in BPO we have shared some key skills that are important for a team leader are:

  • Leadership- Strong leadership abilities are integral in inspiring and motivating team members, setting clear expectations, providing guidance when needed and offering guidance and support when required.
  • Communication- Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required for effectively conveying instructions, providing feedback, and building rapport among team members and clients.
  • Problem-Solving- Team Leaders must possess excellent problem-solving abilities to quickly address challenges, make quick decisions and find solutions for issues arising in daily Voice and Non-Voice process.
  • Conflict Resolution- Team leaders need strong conflict resolution skills to address and settle conflicts fairly and diplomatically with clients or within teams.
  • Customer Focus- BPO operations center around providing superior customer experiences by customer services executives. Team Leaders must possess strong customer focus while instilling that same mindset in their team members.

Team Leaders with these skills combined with industry knowledge and experience can effectively lead their teams, drive performance, and achieve success within the fast-paced BPO environment.

Skills Required in BPO VS Call Center

KRA of Team Leader in BPO

Understanding and improving your key responsibility areas (KRA) as a Team Leader in a BPO can lead to promotions, salary increases and better job duties being carried out efficiently within their teams for optimal results.

KRA refers to the duties and tasks described in your job description that define your position and helps you provide a clear understanding of your goal.

Are KRA and KPI the Same Thing?

No. KRA and KRI differ significantly: KRA refers to specific tasks an employee should accomplish, while KRI is a measure to gauge performance evaluation. Team Leader's success in BPO is closely related to their KRA. By consistently improving key working areas and meeting tasks on time with relevance while managing time like an expert would, success will surely follow you.

  • Manage the daily operations and operations of organizations.
  • Specify the team's goals and key performance metrics.
  • Give others tasks and goals, and make sure they do them daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • It ought to be effective in shrinkage and attrition.
  • Regularly conduct sales performance evaluations.
  • Managing the average handle time of center.
  • Determine the training requirements and provide details on the steps done.
  • Pay attention to the advice and viewpoints of your coworkers, and resolve any disputes or problems that may develop.
  • The team leader is responsible for giving the team members their schedules.
  • Offers suggestions on how to make management practices better.

Some common KRAs that a Team Leader in a BPO generally focuses on:

What is the Job Description of a Team Leader in BPO

Team Leaders in a BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) are essential in leading and managing agents to provide exceptional customer service while meeting performance goals.

Job Title: Team Leader (BPO)

Job Summary

As a Team Leader within our Organization, you will efficiently manage and lead a team of agents to meet client expectations and business objectives. In addition, this role involves monitoring team performance while offering guidance and creating a positive work environment for agents.

In addition, the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in BPO may include handling customer escalation calls and working collaboratively with stakeholders while implementing process improvement initiatives to optimize operational efficiencies.

Here is a sample PDF of a Job Description for a Team Leader in a BPO.

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Team Leader in BPO Importance

What are the primary responsibilities of a Team Leader in a (BPO)?


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in BPO have many duties related to team management, Performance monitoring, coaching and training for employees on teams.

How does a team leader impact a BPO’s success?


By managing efficient team performance, handling customer escalation situations, hitting goals and upholding good morale within the team.

What does a Team Leader do in a BPO?


Team Leaders in a BPO are accountable for managing agents within a team and managing operations to meet targets and objectives set for them by management.

What challenges do team leaders face in BPOs?


Team leaders in BPOs face many difficulties when leading diverse workforces and meeting performance targets with large call volumes, handling customer escalation issues quickly while adapting quickly to shifting business requirements are just some of the difficulties team leaders can experience in these businesses.

What skills should a BPO team leader possess?


For any BPO team leader to succeed, they require communication, leadership, problem-solving skills, time management expertise, customer-focus training programs, coaching techniques, and adaptability skills as part of their job duties.

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