Virtual Call Centers: 

Revolutionize the Traditional Approach

Transform your call centers into ‘centers of excellence’ via SquadStack. Explore the benefits of a 
virtual call center and how you can leverage it for your business growth.

Understanding Virtual Call Centers

Unlike a traditional customer support model, where agents work from a centralized location to manage call center operations, a virtual call center is a cloud-based solution without any geographical limitations.

A virtual call center is a system where customer service agents or telcalling agents work remotely rather than in a traditional call center environment. Instead of being in a conventional chair table office setup, agents can work from home or other remote locations, connecting to the call center's phone systems and software setup via the Internet.

By opting for a cloud-based call center, businesses can eliminate the need for expensive office space, have access to a broader talent pool, and deliver remarkable customer service, eventually driving sales and achieving their unique targets.

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Benefits of Virtual Call Center Services

Access to the Global Talent Pool
Since call center agents have to work virtually, businesses can hire qualified professionals from anywhere across the globe with diverse cultural insights, specialized skills, and language proficiencies. This empowers enterprises to enhance their customer service by offering multilingual support and personalized experiences. 
24/7 Availability
You can easily extend your business hours by leveraging virtual call center services. This ensures uninterrupted customer support day and night, irrespective of time zones. Around-the-clock services allow you to cater to the needs of your global clients, and immediate issue resolution enhances customer support.
Scalability & Flexibility
The cloud-based setup enables businesses to scale their team size and resources flexibly in order to match fluctuating business needs. With agents working remotely, enterprises can effortlessly add agents during business booms and downsize when required.
Cloud-Based Solution & Integration with Modern Technology 
The cloud-based solution allows easy and remote access to the necessary equipment with a stable internet connection. In contrast, integration with advanced technologies provides instant customer insights. This facilitates improved customer satisfaction and boosts agent efficiency.
Security & Compliance
Modern virtual call centers prioritize data protection and compliance. Hence, they follow industry regulations and adhere to HIPPA, GDPR, and other compliance standards to protect customer data and avoid data breaches, frauds, or thefts. Moreover, they store information in diverse locations, which distributes and minimizes the risk.
Improved Agent Performance
The virtual call center agents do not have rigid schedules, which significantly reduces their stress and improves their productivity. Additionally, virtual call center software features like performance analytics allow supervisors to monitor their performance, provide feedback, and conduct training sessions to improve agent performance.
Reduced Risks Related to 
a Physical Location 
Natural disasters such as floods, fires, or earthquakes that can damage a physical office do not affect a virtual call center. A cloud call center ensures continuity of business operations by mitigating the risks and disruption caused by local events like power outages.

SquadStack’s Virtual Call Center Solution For Your Small Businesses

SquadStack’s outbound telecalling solution, Plug-and-Play, helps small businesses set up telecalling campaigns without hassle. With all the essential features, such as call scripting, call recordings, call audits and analytics dashboards, we assist them in going live in less than 48 hours.

Its 15-minute easy setup eliminates all the complexities of setting up a virtual call center. Our cloud-based solution is market-tested by 100+ brands, which allows you to easily increase or decrease the number of agents according to your campaign’s requirements with minimum cost.

Watch the video to understand how our Plug-and-Play solution works.
Steps to Set Up Our Plug-and-Play Virtual Call Center Solution for Small Businesses
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SquadStack vs. Your Traditional Call Center

Cloud-Based Solution



Call Quality

Data-Driven Insights

Traditional Call Center 

Cloud-Based Solution



Call Quality

Data-Driven Insights


Cloud-Based Solution



Call Quality

Data-Driven Insights

Setting Up a Virtual Call Center? Here’s Your Checklist

Identify Your Goals

Decide whether you want to provide customer support, make outbound sales, or do both. Listed below are a few common goals associated with inbound and outbound calls. 

Inbound Calls
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Qualifying and Converting Leads
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Placement
Outbound Calls
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Follow up
  • Market Research
  • Proactive Customer Outreach
Identify Your Goals

Assess Customer Preferences and Costs

  • Understand your ideal customer’s preferences such as their preferred communication channel and a plan that addresses their needs and requirements.

  • Outline costs, revenue projections, and technology budget, among other expenses, to create a financial play. Also, develop contingency plans for potential shortcomings.

Assess Customer Preferences 
and Costs

Choose the Right Technology

  • The technology’s functionalities must align with your virtual call center requirements.

  • The software must be able to handle multichannel support.

  • It must have features like IVR for effective call routing, real-time analytics for performance insights, and CRM integration for a unified view of customer interactions.

  • Additionally, it must incorporate call monitoring, call recording, and auto dialers.

Choose the Right Technology 

SquadStack: A Trusted Virtual 
Call Center Solution

Reasons why you should choose SquadStack for your virtual call center needs.

  • Plug-and-Play, our cloud-based solution, offers an effortless setup

  • 90% lead connectivity

  • 100K+ daily customer calls

  • 300K+ daily omnichannel touchpoints

  • 10K+ trained and vetted telecallers

  • AI-powered call quality analysis

  • Usage-based pricing

  • Enterprise-grade data security

  • Industry specific telecalling solutions

Lead Management and Omnichannel Outreach


“It is a very cost-effective model and has been extremely helpful for us. It is ever-evolving, 
user-friendly, and lucrative unless there are people who don’t want to try new things.”

Ishita Shah,
 Program Manager at Delhivery

“Their app and the structured approach to calling have been game changers for us. 
Having a clear, organised process for the callers to follow has made all the difference 
and this shift has created a lot of other cascading benefits for us.”

Praveen Jain,
 Product Manager at Moneyview

“With SquadStack, we've achieved a great scale while keeping the costs in control. Leads are properly allocated to ensure we have a great TAT, leading to a higher connectivity rate.”

Ronak Agarwal,
 Head of Marketing at Choice

“Outsourcing to SquadStack gives us a lot of flexibility. To do anything in-house, you will 
need a lot of time to scale up and execute things at a fast rate. We found a great partner 
in SquadStack, who helped us achieve our growth goals”

Satyartha Srivastava,
 Customer Success Lead at Upstox
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