Cold Calling Tips & Strategies for Effective Lead Generation

SquadStack assists businesses in connecting with leads via cold calling, streamlining their outreach efforts, and maximizing conversion potential.

June 13, 2024


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Prerna Bhandari

Prerna Bhandari

Cold Calling Tips & Strategies for Effective Lead Generation


What is Cold Calling in Sales?

Cold calling is a telemarketing technique used by sales representatives to connect with new prospects with the goal of converting them into regular clients. It's a method employed by businesses to establish contact via telephone rather than using more contemporary approaches.

Thorough audience research before making the cold call is essential for identifying their pain points; this enables agents to target their pitch effectively. However, cold calling involves pitching products or services without prior knowledge of the prospect's interest, making it uncertain if a conversion will occur.

SquadStack is among the best cold calling companies in India. Our process involves reaching out to potential clients and converting them into regular customers. By prioritizing regulatory adherence and compliance assurance, we guarantee a connectivity rate of up to 10%.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our Cold Calling Team

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Why Do Sales Professionals Do Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a superpower in the arsenal of sales reps. It is important because:

  • Establishes human connection by engaging in conversations.
  • Builds rapport with customers through conversations.
  • Generates interested leads for conversion.
  • You gain a deeper understanding of the market and pain points.
  • Get a competitive advantage by leveraging sales.

Why Choose SquadStack as Your Cold Calling Services Provider?

SquadStack is a tech-first cold calling services provider company that seamlessly integrates AI and human expertise into its full-stack solution. With our assistance, you can elevate your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) while minimizing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

High-Engagement Telecalling:
We leverage promotional numbers to engage with your leads, with an impressive connectivity rate of up to 10% and a conversion rate of approximately 3-4% with connected cold calls.

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SquadStack's Telecallers Excel at Handling Cold Calls.
Image: SquadStack's Trained and Vetted Telecallers Excel at Handling Cold Calls.

Cost-Efficient Numbering:
We utilize toll-free or vanity numbers as they prove to be a cost-effective strategy for large-scale telecalling campaigns.

Cold Calling: Cost-Effective Solution
Image: SquadStack Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Telecalling Campaigns

DNC Compliance Assurance:
Our meticulous approach includes the DNC scrubbing of numbers registered on the DNC registry, ensuring recipients are spared from unwanted cold calls.

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Cold Calling: DNC Compliance
Image: We Ensure DNC Compliance

Regulatory Adherence:
SquadStack diligently complies with the regulations set forth by TRAI and the DPDP Act, safeguarding personal data from unauthorized use by telemarketers.

Cold Calling: Adherence to Regulatory Standards
Image: SquadStack Adheres to Regulatory Standards Set by TRAI and the DPDP Act

Image: SquadStack Adheres to Regulatory Standards Set by TRAI and the DPDP Act

Enhanced Connectivity Strategies:
In our quest to optimize connectivity rates, we implement a proactive approach by attempting five calls per lead, thereby maximizing outreach potential.

Cold Calling: Enhanced Connectivity
Image: Maximize Your Outreach with SquadStack's Enhanced Connectivity Strategies

How to Design a Cold Call Sales Script?

Every sales rep is equipped with a cold calling script, which assists them during lead conversations. The script starts with a greeting and contains essential details such as the introduction of the company, the reason for the call, key features or benefits of the product or service being offered, and potential responses to common objections. This comprehensive script is designed to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and effectively engage prospects.

SquadStack cold calling software provides the capability to observe the Sales Executive (SE) and the lead as they progress through the script flow during the call, addressing qualification questions.

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Create a cold calling script that starts with a quick introduction of yourself, your company, and the purpose of your call. Then, transition smoothly into capturing the prospect's interest by discussing the product or service before they end the call. Additionally, you may include the reason for reaching out to them.

“Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I hope you're doing well today. The reason for my call is to introduce you to [Product/Service Name], which I believe can greatly benefit your [mention the prospect's industry or specific department].”

 Pain points:

Talk about the problems that the prospect is facing and come up with a solution to build a connection in your cold call script. Here, the best thing is to attract their attention and hook them into the conversation.

"I understand that in your industry, you may be facing challenges such as [mention specific pain points, such as time-consuming processes or inefficient systems]. These challenges can hinder productivity and growth. However, I'm excited to share how our solution can help alleviate these pains and drive positive change."

Add your USP:

Your Unique Selling Proposition should be clear and concise. Explain to the prospect how your product can provide solutions to their pain points. 

"Our product offers a unique solution tailored to streamline [mention the specific pain points]. With our innovative features, you can expect [highlight key benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, or improved performance]. We've successfully implemented this solution for companies like yours, and I'm confident it can make a significant impact."

Include a call to action:

Tell the prospect about the next step you want them to take. You can fix a meeting which can be in-person or online. This will be a determining factor for you to know how many cold calls are getting booked for an appointment.

"I would like to schedule a brief meeting to discuss how our product can benefit your company further. Are you available for a call later this week? Alternatively, we can arrange an in-person meeting at your convenience."

Hire Cold Calling Teams for Your Campaigns

Outsource Cold Calling Software Solutions For Various Sectors With Scripts

SquadStack offers a comprehensive suite of software tools and customizable scripts tailored to various sectors, allowing you to leverage experienced professionals to boost your outreach efforts and achieve your sales goals.

Health and Wellness Sector:

Cold calling is used to engage customers for multiple purposes, including appointment scheduling, offering promotions, and providing services related to health, fitness, and overall well-being. Sales reps prioritize building rapport and addressing customer needs during calls.

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Script Example

"Hi [Prospect's Name], it's [Your Name] from [Your Healthcare Service].

I see you're interested in our specialized healthcare services. Can we

chat tomorrow at [Time] to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet

your needs? I'll send you a confirmation email. Thanks!"

Brokerage Sector:

Brokerage sectors utilize cold-calling techniques to generate leads and acquire clients. They aim to build rapport by providing personalized services such as activating demat accounts in order to enhance client retention.

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Script Example

"Hello [Prospect's Name], it's [Your Name] from [Your Brokerage Firm]. I see you're interested in exploring investment opportunities. Our personalized services, like activating demat accounts, can enhance your investment journey. Are you available for a call to discuss how we can help you reach your financial goals? Let's schedule at your convenience."

Education Sector:

Telecallers make cold calls to recruit students by connecting with them and nudging them to register for events and webinars. Additionally, cold outreach offers educational programs such as workshops, seminars, and various support services.

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Script Example

"Good morning [Prospect's Name], this is [Your Name] calling from

[Your Educational Institution]. We're hosting a series of workshops and

seminars on [Topic]. I believe you'd find them beneficial for your

professional development. Can I provide you with more details and

assist you in registering for these events?"

E-Commerce Sector:

In the E-Commerce sector, cold calling serves as a valuable tool for reaching out to potential clients. Whether it's for B2B sales, offering seasonal discounts, or generating leads, strategic cold calling helps establish and maintain connections.

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Script Example

"Hello [Prospect's Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Your E-commerce Platform]. I noticed you left some items in your shopping cart recently. Is there anything I can assist you with? Perhaps I can provide more information about the products or help you complete your purchase. Let me know how I can help!"

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Difference Between B2B Cold Calling V/S B2C Cold Calling

The approach you take to contacting a potential customer can differ greatly depending on whether you're targeting businesses (B2B) or individual consumers (B2C). Let's delve into the key distinctions between B2B and B2C cold calling strategies to help you optimize your outreach for each category.


B2B Cold Calling

B2C Cold Calling


Involves more complex products or services; sales cycles are longer and include multiple decision-makers.

It involves simple products or services; sales cycles are shorter and include only one decision-maker.


Requires a more personalized and professional approach to address business needs.

Involves a more direct and persuasive approach, focusing on the prospect’s desires.

Market size

Due to the targeted market, the market size is smaller and very niche-specific.

In this case, the market is large enough for a business to target individual customers.

Success rate

Its success rate is higher as businesses are usually well-prepared before any call.

The success rate is lower as businesses have to cold call a large volume of people with no personalization.

Comparing B2B Cold Calling and B2C Cold Calling

B2B cold calling requires the agent to connect with people in managerial positions in other companies. During this time, the sales reps have considerable time to gather information about the business. Even with a longer sales cycle, B2B cold calls have reflected positive success rates with higher lifetime value. This is due to the personalization of the pitch, which increases the chances of conversion.

In B2B cold calling, the offerings often involve higher-value, complex solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. This requires sales reps to possess in-depth knowledge of the industry and the ability to articulate the value proposition effectively.

On the other hand, B2C cold calling typically involves more standardized products or services that appeal to a broader consumer base. Consequently, the approach to pitching and closing deals in B2C cold calling may focus more on features, benefits, and immediate gratification rather than long-term strategic partnerships.

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How to Practice Cold-Calling?

Crafting an effective cold-calling pitch starts with understanding your prospect inside and out. Begin by conducting thorough market research to create a compelling and professional pitch. Take the time to profile your ideal clients, getting to grips with their needs, pain points, and challenges. Once armed with this crucial insight, tailor your pitch to showcase how your business can address its specific issues and provide solutions.

Having a unique value proposition is critical to setting yourself apart from competitors. Use this to formulate engaging questions that kick-start conversations. Keep your questions clear and concise, avoiding any vagueness. Continuously refine your pitch until it's polished to perfection, as it acts as your gateway to successful sales calls. With dedicated practice, you'll confidently engage with prospects, providing answers seamlessly and without hesitation.

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Cold Calling: E-Book

Cold Calling Procedure for Successful Conversion

Here's a breakdown of a cold calling procedure designed to maximize your conversion success rate:

  • Kick off the conversation with enthusiasm: 

Start a cold call by greeting the prospect warmly and briefly introducing your business. Remember, your initial impression sets the tone for the entire sales call, so thorough research is critical. Your goal here is to establish rapport and show genuine interest in the prospect's needs.

  • Gather valuable insights

Dive deep into understanding the prospect by asking relevant questions. Active listening is crucial in uncovering their pain points and challenges. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your approach and determine if it aligns with your ideal client profile.

  • Offer tailored solutions

Once you've grasped the prospect's needs, it's time to address their pain points. Leverage your unique selling points to demonstrate how your solution can benefit them. The aim is to persuade the prospect of your value compared to other options.

  • Address concerns effectively

After presenting your offerings, be prepared to address any queries or objections the prospect may have. A comprehensive understanding of your product or service is essential in building trust and reassuring prospects. Guide them through any uncertainties and provide clarity on the next steps. Ensure that the prospect has all the information they need to make a decision.

  • Follow up and seal the deal

A comprehensive understanding of your product or service is essential in building trust and reassuring prospects. Guide them through any uncertainties and provide clarity on the next steps. Close the deal with the final steps of the sales process, such as signing a contract or making a purchase.

Some Cold Calling Tips and Best Practices

Here are some practical tips and best practices to elevate your cold calling game. These techniques will equip you to connect with the right people, effectively communicate the value you offer, and ultimately convert those initial interactions into successful sales conversations.

 Always Be Prepared:

Review your scripts and practice communication with someone to answer questions confidently during the call. Mock calls build confidence and keep the conversation flowing.

Communicate Effectively: 

Maintain a friendly and approachable tone while using simple terms that are understandable to the listener.

Personalize Your Message: 

Make your pitch memorable based on the prospect's pain points. Even in cold outreach, personalize each call by addressing specific needs.

Research Your Target Audience:

Conduct thorough market research to understand the challenges your business's target audience faces. Tailor your cold call pitch to target their pain points and provide practical solutions, enhancing credibility.

Practice Empathy:

Develop empathy to build rapport with customers. Adopt a flexible approach to understand their perspective rather than sticking strictly to your agenda.

Become "YOU"- Centric:

Focus on the prospect's needs and requirements during the call. Cold calling is about engaging in one-on-one conversations to sell effectively.

Cold Calling Skills for Higher Conversion Rates:


As reflected in your pitch, maintaining confidence throughout the call is crucial. Your confidence sets the stage for the conversation and helps you build rapport with leads. This enables you to establish relationships and facilitates effective follow-ups.


A positive attitude aids in building rapport, keeping leads engaged, and addressing objections effectively. Additionally, demonstrating genuine curiosity and a willingness to assist can enhance the productivity of the call and increase conversion rates.


Strong communication skills are vital because the lead can only hear your voice during the call. Clear and confident communication reflects your confidence levels. Thus, practicing your tone and pitch while mastering your script is crucial for effective communication during cold calls.

Challenges In Cold Calling And How To Overcome Them

Cold calling can feel like a daunting task. Whether it's battling rejection, getting stuck with gatekeepers, or simply struggling to capture a prospect's attention, various challenges can hinder your cold calling success. Here are some effective strategies to overcome these common obstacles and turn cold calls into warm conversations that drive sales.

1) Low conversion rates:

A person typically receives numerous telemarketing calls throughout the day. However, due to its spammy nature, individuals often become fed up and prefer to block them. This reduces the chances of conversion, as prospects choose to ignore such calls.

To prevent this, always ensure you're not bothering anyone after receiving a "no" response. It's important to respect their decision and refrain from further disturbance.

2) Non-personalization:

With high call volume, it becomes challenging to personalize each call and conduct research on every prospect. This results in a significant conversation gap between the business and the prospect.

Here, you have to build rapport by continuously asking them questions about themselves, which will help to build a connection.

3) Insufficient market research:

Staying updated with market trends and highlights becomes challenging due to a lack of data and outdated information. This lack of research results in insufficient data on pain points.

Hence, focusing on the data obtained through your campaigns is always advisable. Additionally, keep yourself updated with recent news related to your target market.

4) Untrained sales representative:

Sometimes, sales representatives are not provided with regular training or are only given training at the time of recruitment, with nothing afterward.

To solve this problem, businesses must regularly conduct upskilling sessions for the sales reps to keep them updated. This will help them keep the conversation going by providing relevant information.

Cold Calling Services in India

Pros of Cold And Warm Calling

Pros of Cold Calling

Pros of Warm Calling

Cold calling allows you to reach new prospects who may not be aware of your products or services.

Warm calling sometimes leads to higher conversion rates since the prospect is already familiar with your products or services.

Compared to other forms of marketing, cold calling can be cost-effective, especially in the case of broad reach.

It allows you to build relationships with prospects over time, which gets you more loyal customers.

You get immediate feedback for your offering.

It is considered less intrusive since you are contacting prospects who have shown some interest in your products or services.

Cons of Cold And Warm Calling

Cons of Cold Calling

Cons of Warm Calling

Cold calling has a low success rate as many prospects may not be interested or show unreceptive behavior.

Warm calling may have limited reach as you're only contacting prospects who have shown some kind of interest in your products in the past.

Cold calling is considered intrusive and can lead to undesirable outcomes if not done properly.

If the prospect’s interest is misinterpreted, it can lead to wasted time and effort.

Rejection is common in cold calling, which may demotivate the salesperson.

Your prospect might not be interested in availing your services

How is Cold Calling More Effective than Warm Calling?

Warm calls are personalized and require less effort than cold calls. Due to this personalization, the chances of conversion are higher, leading to a better call acceptance rate. The sales rep aims to build rapport with prospects familiar with the business.

While both methods are similar, cold calls are made without prior contact, making it harder to warm up the prospect. Warm calls, on the other hand, are follow-ups with interested prospects.

Despite the benefits of warm calling, cold calling remains compelling because it allows reps to reach out to a larger pool of prospects, increasing the chances of conversion.

Important Metrics to Measure Success Rates of Cold Calling

Cold-calling metrics enable businesses to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. It's essential to continually monitor them to refine strategies for improving your campaigns.

  • Average Call Time:

This metric measures the total time it took a salesperson to lead the conversation with a cold lead. The duration of the call reflects the effectiveness of the pitch. A higher average call time may indicate a less effective sales pitch.

  • Conversion Rates:

Each cold call includes a call to action at the end. Thus, it's crucial for a business to determine the conversion rates of cold calling, whether it's setting appointments or booking a demo meeting. This is determined through conversion rates. 

  • Call Abandonment Rate:

This metric reflects the number of times leads disconnect calls before getting connected with customers. The rates should ideally fall between 5% and 8%. However, if they exceed this range, businesses must investigate the reasons behind them.

  • Response Rate:

Response rates indicate the engagement level from cold leads. Higher response rates suggest more effective sales scripts. Therefore, the goal should be to create scripts that elicit positive responses from leads.

  • First Call Close:

These are the calls where the lead gets converted into a customer in the first call without any further follow-ups. This reflects the efficiency of your sales calls and the effectiveness of your sales reps.

 Improve Your Cold Calling with SquadStack
Image: Improve the Success Rates of Your Cold Calling Campaigns with SquadStack's Call Tracking Metrics

How to Improve Cold Calling Metrics?

Cold calling metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your approach and identify areas for improvement. Here are some key strategies to boost your cold calling metrics and maximize your conversion success:

Enhance Soft Skills:

Cold calling heavily relies on soft skills such as communication and relationship building. These skills are crucial for establishing rapport with leads. Therefore, it's essential to leverage these skills to achieve optimal results during calls.

Provide Training:

Cold calling requires continuous practice and skill refinement to convert leads into warm prospects effectively. Thus, businesses must offer training and development sessions to align sales reps with the target market and enhance their communication skills while engaging with leads.

Add Personalization:

Incorporating a personalized approach with leads increases the likelihood of connecting and converting them. This makes the prospect feel acknowledged rather than just another name on a list. Personalization can involve addressing their pain points, demonstrating an understanding of their needs, and offering tailored solutions.

Utilize Tools:

Keeping sales reps equipped with both skills and technology is essential. Various tools are available to streamline tasks and provide assistance, ultimately enhancing agent productivity and effectiveness in cold-calling efforts.

Connect with Our Experts for Cold Calling

How to become a cold calling expert?


Becoming proficient in cold calling requires dedication and practice. Start by crafting a well-designed cold call script and consistently refine it based on feedback and results. Additionally, focus on improving your communication skills and confidence to effectively engage with prospects during sales calls, ultimately mastering the art of cold calling.

Is cold calling illegal?


While cold calling can be subject to various regulations, it remains a legal and commonly used sales tactic when conducted within the boundaries of relevant laws and guidelines. Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations is important while conducting cold-calling activities ethically and lawfully.

How does SquadStack assist businesses through cold calls?


SquadStack offers businesses top-notch assistance through cold calling by deploying highly screened and vetted telecalling agents. Our agents undergo comprehensive training and assessments before initiating any telemarketing campaign involving cold calling.

Why is SquadStack the best outsourcing company for businesses' telecalling needs?


SquadStack serves as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to outsource their telecalling campaigns. With best-in-class connectivity, customizable omnichannel support, transparent analytics dashboards, and trained telecallers, SquadStack makes it effortless for businesses to reach a wider audience and enhance brand awareness.

How does SquadStack ensure compliance adherence during telecalling?


SquadStack holds an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and strictly adheres to the rules and regulations issued by TRAI and DPDP. Through built-in PII masking and robust data security measures, we ensure the safety and security of all customer and lead data.

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