What are Quality Parameters in BPO: A Complete Guide

Learn about the essential quality parameters in BPO and how they impact business success. Enhance your knowledge about call quality parameters and KPIS of quality analyst in BPO.

July 20, 2023


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Saumya Singh

Saumya Singh

 What are Quality Parameters in BPO: A Complete Guide


Call quality parameters in BPO are the standards or metrics used to evaluate interactions between customer service representatives (CSRs) and their customers during calls. Evaluating call quality ensures that Customer service representatives provide excellent service, resolve issues efficiently, and create an exceptional customer experience. 

Some standard quality parameters in BPO include average handle time (AHT), call handling time (CHT), call resolution rate (CRR), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), and communication skills. The QC analyst in Business Process Outsourcing monitors and evaluates the performance and provides feedback to maintain and improve customer satisfaction and the organization's overall performance.

SquadStack's AI quality monitoring system offers real-time insights into telecaller performance, ensuring top-notch customer service standards. We minimize incorrect qualifications with a smart sampling rate of 12%, which surpasses the industry standard of 1-2%. With 23 evaluating parameters surpassing the industry norms, we drive improvement, guaranteeing a superior customer experience.

What is Sales in BPO?

What are the Quality Parameters in BPO?

Quality parameters are the standards used to evaluate and ensure the standards of services a BPO company delivers. These parameters are essential for ensuring the best services are provides to customers. Let us check the seven key call quality parameters in a BPO shared below. Maintaining quality is necessary in both voice and Non voice process while responding the queries of customers.

BPO Quality Parameters

Call Quality Parameters in BPO

Some of the standard call quality parameters in BPO are as follows:

  • Call Monitoring Score - Call Monitoring assists in determining if CSRs comply with business regulations, have proper scripts, and provide the correct information.
  • Average Handling Time (AHT) - Average handling time measures the time the agents take to handle customer interactions - such as talk time, hold time, and after-call work.
  • Call Handling Time: Call handling time calculates the total call duration, including time spent resolving customer issues and prioritizing time efficiency. 
  • The first call resolution (FCR) rate: FCR measures the percentage of customer queries resolved during the first call without requiring follow-up. A higher FCR rate means effective problem-solving and excellent customer experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score: In CSAT, after each call, BPOs perform post-call surveys to collect customer feedback and evaluate their satisfaction with the service provided. The CSAT scores help measure overall customer satisfaction.
  • Language and communication skills Score- Communication skills are essential in BPO interactions, particularly in international call centers where agents speak multiple languages.
Quality Parameters in BPO
Image - Quality Parameters in BPO

What is the Difference Between BPO & BPM?

Agents Call Quality Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are specific metrics used to measure the performance of outsourced processes. These metrics change depending on the nature of the service.  Agents KPIs include the following:

  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Average handling time
  • First call resolution rate
  • Error rates
  • Productivity measures
  • Increase in Sales numbers
Quality parameters in BPO image 1

How Squadstack Monitors Call Quality?

At Squadstack, Our quality monitoring approach stands out with a smart sampling rate of 12%, exceeding the industry norm and ensuring fewer fake qualifications. We use a diverse set of 23 quality parameters to assess agent performance and call quality. Feedback loops are accelerated, fostering rapid and improved decision-making. As your company expands, our cost model ensures scalability with minimized monitoring costs. Leveraging AI and manual checks, we guarantee accurate quality assessments free from human bias. Our approach ensures objectivity, while our Call Quality Dashboard provides real-time insights. Our AI-powered analytics provide deeper insights into call data, enabling actionable insights for sales and customer experiences.

How Quality AI works

Various Quality Parameters We Use

Quality parameters are vital in call centers for standardization, performance tracking of agents, customer satisfaction, agent training, and continuous improvement. They ensure consistency and identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Let’s look at some of the quality parameters we use:

Various Quality Parameters

Script Compliance: Ensuring adherence to the prescribed call script to maintain consistency and compliance with company standards and values.

Brand Name Check: Verifying accurate pronunciation and usage of the brand's name to uphold brand integrity and recognition.

Pronunciation: Assessing the clarity and accuracy of pronunciation to enhance communication effectiveness and professionalism.

Greetings & Salutations: Assessing how friendly and suitable the opening greetings are to build a good connection and start the conversation positively.

Lead Verification involves validating the authenticity and accuracy of lead information provided during the call to ensure efficient follow-up and lead management.

Interruptions: Monitoring for interruptions or disruptions during the conversation to maintain smooth communication flow and professionalism.

Confidence, Empathy, & Improvisations: Assessing the agent's confidence, empathy, and ability to adapt to customer needs for personalized and effective interactions.

Robotic Conversations: Identifying and minimizing instances of robotic or scripted dialogue to promote genuine and engaging conversations.

Brand-Specific Keywords: Use brand-specific keywords or phrases to reinforce brand identity during the call.

How SquadStack's Call Quality Monitoring Beats Other BPOs?

We monitor call quality by selecting a subset of calls using a sampling generator, considering business outcomes and two calls per telecaller. These calls undergo assessment via a machine learning system, evaluating 23 parameters linked to crucial aspects of connecting, conveying, convincing, and closing, as well as compliance. Each parameter is rated on a yes/no basis, with scores calculated based on assigned weights. These scores are combined to generate a quality score representing the telecaller's performance. The actioning team utilizes this feedback to enhance skills. Additionally, a subset of sampled calls undergoes further auditing to ensure score reliability. This process ensures continuous improvement and effectively maintains call quality standards.

How Squadstack's Quality AI is different

Benefits of Using Call Quality Parameters in BPO?

Using Call Quality parameters in BPO offers several benefits. These parameters help ensure that the interaction between CSRs and clients meets the desired standards and contributes to overall operational excellence. The benefits of using call quality parameters in BPO are as follows:

  • Improved First Call Resolution Rates (FCR)
  • Improved Client experience
  • Improved Employee engagement 
  • Data-Driven decision making
  • Process Optimization
  • Competitive advantage
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence
  • High Connection Rate

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Benefits of Using Call Quality Parameters in BPO
Image - Benefits of Using Call Quality Parameters in BPO

Difference between a BPO & Call Center

What are the Parameters of Quality Analyst in BPO?

A Quality Analyst in BPO is a professional responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and ensuring the delivery of standard of services provided by CSRs. The role of a Quality Analyst is vital in maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and the overall performance within the BPO. The primary responsibilities of QC Analyst in a BPO include the following:

What are Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in BPO?

Conclusion: Quality Parameters in BPO

To sum up, quality parameters in BPO are vital in providing excellent client service and maintaining client satisfaction. Continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making enable BPO companies to reach excellence in service delivery. Implementing quality parameters benefits clients, improves employee satisfaction and performance, and contributes to an organization's success. Squadstack's approach to call quality monitoring is straightforward yet effective, using smart sampling rates and diverse quality parameters. By using these methods, Squadstack helps enhance customer experiences and make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvement. With Squadstack's support, companies can navigate customer service challenges and achieve long-term success.


Why are Quality parameters important?


Quality parameters in BPO help maintain consistent service quality and identify areas for improvement. By adhering to these parameters, BPO companies can meet client expectations and enhance their brand reputation.

How does Squadstack help BPOs in quality parameters?


Squadstack helps in AI-driven call monitoring, performance analytics, quality assurance automation, and customer experience management.

Can quality parameters in BPO change over time?


Yes, Quality parameters can change over time. However, as client requirements may vary, new processes may be introduced, or industry standards may be updated.

What are some best practices for implementing quality parameters in BPO?


Best practices for implementing quality parameters in BPO include collaborating with clients to define clear expectation, Providing regular training and coaching to CSRs, Using data-driven decision-making for process improvements, and Promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

What is the role of a quality analyst in monitoring quality parameters?


A Quality Analyst in BPO, is a professional responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and ensuring the delivery of standard of services provided by CSRs

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