Call Centers in Agra

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July 1, 2024


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Call Centers in Agra

Shara Zareen

Call Centers in Agra


Agra, known for its architectural marvel, the Taj Mahal, is also emerging as a prominent player in the call center industry. These centers are vital links between businesses and their customers, fostering stronger relationships and driving growth. The call centers in Agra cater to the needs of various companies across different industries by offering a comprehensive suite of services. This includes inbound and outbound customer support, technical support, telemarketing, and lead generation.

In Agra, the abundance of BPO call centers offering contact center outsourcing services can make selecting the ideal partner a daunting task, particularly for businesses seeking advanced technology integration. Traditional call centers in Agra often lack essential features like omnichannel communication, automated agent script guidance, and lead prioritization. These limitations hinder lead conversion and, ultimately, revenue generation.

Call Center in Agra: Image 1
Image: SquadStack Empowers its Agents with Automated Script Guidance

SquadStack's outsourcing solutions in Agra empower businesses to scale their contact center operations effectively. Leveraging a robust technology stack and a team exceeding 10,000 trained telecallers, SquadStack provides lead management tools, AI-powered quality monitoring, an agent management platform, and a comprehensive call center dashboard. This dashboard delivers a holistic view of campaign performance, including agent quality metrics, connection rates, conversions, total dialed calls, and top performer identification.

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Agra’s Leading Call Center Service Provider

Many call centers in Agra serve clients' needs, but SquadStack stands out among them all. We leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer experiences. From parallel and predictive dialers that connect top leads with the most qualified agents to call routing that ensures smooth connections, SquadStack’s solutions prioritize efficient operation. We provide guided scripts to our telecallers to ensure clear and frictionless interactions with every lead.

Furthermore, SquadStack personalizes the customer experience with customizable greetings and introductions. Our workflow builder configures and customizes various touchpoints, including calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR, allowing us to provide omnichannel outreach for a consistent and seamless customer journey. Combined with our dedication to exceptional service, these features solidify SquadStack's position as Agra's premier call center service provider.

Call Center in Agra: Image 2
Image: SquadStack Leverages the Power of Human & Advanced Technology to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Agra?

SquadStack's unwavering commitment to service comprehensiveness and technological innovation positions us as a preeminent call center service provider in Agra. Our ability to provide custom-built campaigns is a key differentiator that distinguishes us from all the other call centers in Agra. Here are a few more factors that further solidify SquadStack's market leadership:

Industry Trained Agents

SquadStack maintains a robust talent pool exceeding 10,000 telecalling agents, with work-from-home and in-office options. All the agents undergo rigorous screening and assessments before joining our team to guarantee quality service. Furthermore, SquadStack prioritizes continuous improvement through regular mock calls and training programs.

Call Center in Agra: Image 3
Image: Industry Trained Agents to Drive Better Results

Transparent Reporting & Competitive Pricing

SquadStack fosters a transparent client experience by providing comprehensive performance visibility. This empowers our clients with the data necessary to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies.

SquadStack adheres to a productivity-based pricing model, ensuring clients are charged only for productive, connected minutes, eliminating the burden of fixed costs.

Call Center in Agra: Image 4
Image: Gain Comprehensive Campaign Performance with the Help of SquadStack's Transparent Reporting Services

Data-Security & Compliance

SquadStack prioritizes data security and client trust by adhering to the rigorous standards of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. By following these stringent regulations, SquadStack fosters a secure environment that builds trust and signifies our commitment to implementing robust data protection and privacy measures.

Call Center in Agra: Image 5
Image: SquadStack’s Data Security & Compliance Measures

Lead Management & Omnichannel Outreach

Our system prioritizes leads upon entry, ensuring they are routed to the most qualified telecallers based on skillset and experience. Additionally, SquadStack leverages an omnichannel outreach strategy, employing a strategic mix of communication channels such as calling, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR. SquadStack's lead management and omnichannel outreach personalize customer engagement and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Call Center in Agra: Image 6
Image: SquadSatck’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity

AI-Powered Quality Monitoring

SquadStack offers industry-leading call quality analysis through AI-powered quality monitoring. We combine human expertise with advanced AI to analyze 15% of the calls across 23 key parameters. Our call quality dashboard allows you to gain valuable insights, including call quality scores, audited parameters, total call audits, and performance-based categorization of your callers.

Call Center in Agra: Image 7
Image: SquadStack Offers AI-Powered Quality Monitoring

Agent Management Platform

SquadStack empowers businesses with a comprehensive Agent Management Platform designed to optimize telecalling operations and agent performance. This feature-rich platform fosters a streamlined workflow through functionalities such as web-based sales enablement tools, screen-sharing capabilities, and seamless navigation between FAQs, guided scripts, battle cards, and rescheduling options.

Call Center in Agra: Image 8
Image: Agent Management Platform for a Simplified Screening, Training and Outreach Process

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers

In this competitive landscape of BPO industry, SquadStack distinguishes itself from traditional call centers in Agra by delivering personalized and efficient operations through technology-driven approach and comprehensive suite of services. Let us understand how we go beyond the limitations of traditional call centers and empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve remarkable results.



Traditional BPO


Effortless scaling with a ready pool of 10,000+ qualified telecallers.

Limited agent pool, requiring recruitment and training for surges in demand.


Pay for connected minutes pricing based on connected minutes, maximizing ROI.

Fixed costs for agent seats, even during downtime.


Cutting-edge features like parallel dialers, call routing, and workflow builders.

Reliant on basic call management systems.

Agent Efficiency

Guided app streamlines processes and equips agents for optimal call time utilization.

Limited support for agents, potentially leading to wasted time and errors.

Data & Insights

Transparent data capture and detailed reporting empower data-driven decision-making.

Limited data capture and reporting capabilities.

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What is the need to outsource a call center in Agra?


Call center outsourcing helps prioritize a business's core activities by taking responsibility for customer support.

What services do SquadStack offer?


SquadStack’s services include customer support, lead generation, lead conversion, upselling and cross-selling, and more. It is flexible enough to adjust its services according to the client's requirements.

Is SquadStack cost-effective?


Yes, SquadStack is known for providing cost-effective solutions to its clients without compromising on the quality of service.

Is multilingual support available at Agra’s call centers?


Agra's diverse workforce allows it to offer multilingual customer support and effectively cater to a global customer base.

What is the cost advantage of outsourcing a call center in Agra?


Agra offers cost-effective services. The labor and operational costs are comparatively lower than in many other cities and countries.

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