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July 3, 2024


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Call Center in Goa

Bisma Khan

Call Center in Goa


Goa’s Leading Call Center Service Provider

Call centers in Goa are the primary contact points between potential customers and business owners. They are channels that control the amount of leads generated, conversions made, and, ultimately, the profits generated by an aspiring enterprise. So, it’s imperative that these contact centers are at the top of their game and offer advanced facilities to keep up with the modern customer’s demands. 

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Conventional call centers in Goa serve the purpose of telecalling outsourcing, but they have been the same for decades and desperately need an evolution. They often lack sophisticated omnichannel outreach and data security measures and are inefficient for the modern world. Goa offers a favorable landscape for this evolution with a significant influx of talented telecallers, booming startups, and the presence of a premier call center services provider, SquadStack.

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SquadStack is a tech-powered call center service provider for modern businesses in Goa that offers an all-in-one solution for all your telesales outsourcing needs. Our tech stack provides a fully integrated agent management platform, guided script assistance, and AI-powered call quality monitoring. We are data-driven and believe in the power of innovation. Hence, we were recently awarded the "CX Leader of the Year" award, further strengthening our standing as one of Goa’s top call center service providers.

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SquadStack: A Step Further From Other BPOs & Call Centers in Goa

SquadStack is a call center outsourcing platform based in Goa that is suitable for both small and large businesses. It combines the power of AI and humans to deliver best-in-class services. With our tech stack, we help you monitor your campaigns with 100% transparency, allowing you to lower your CAC and TAT  significantly. Our system-driven omnichannel outreach enables maximum lead connectivity. Above all, SquadStack follows a usage-based pricing policy, meaning our partners do not have to pay any fixed cost. Let’s explore the reasons to choose SquadStack as your call center service partner in Goa:

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Complete Visibility and Transparency

Monitor your campaigns with SquadStack to gain more visibility. At the click of a button, you can view all campaign-level metrics, such as lead distribution, call outcomes, connected minutes, daily spending on calls, and campaign-specific conversions.

Omnichannel Outreach and Increased Connectivity

‍Our lightning-fast TAT and omnichannel outreach via SMS, WhatsApp, call, email, and IVR ensures weekend and after-hours coverage. SquadStack helps you reach all your leads systematically and increase connectivity

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System Driven Calling

Our system-driven calling, in-app dialer, and guided script bring greater structure and efficiency to our telesales campaigns. With our tried-and-tested tech stack and agent productivity measures, we have helped businesses like Moneyview increase their connectivity by 154%.

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Image: Workflow Builder Integrating IVR, SMS, Email, and Calling Features

Lightning Fast Scaling

SquadStack employs a productivity and outcome-based pricing model that charges productive, connected minutes and can adapt to high variability in lead volume. You can quickly scale up or down as per requirements.

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Screened, Trained, and Fully-Managed Agents

We house a team of over 10,000+ vetted and trained agents ready to take on your telesales campaigns. Our guided agent management platform makes sure telecallers strictly follow script formats. Moreover, SquadStack’s AI-quality engine monitors and samples 12% of all call recordings for improved agent performance and enhanced quality assurance.

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High-Quality Analytics and Data Security

SquadStack’s best-in-class analytics dashboard and data capture provides accurate, in-depth reporting and 100% call recording. This gives you complete visibility and control over your campaigns. With enterprise-grade data security and encryption at every layer, SquadStack ensures that all lead and survey information stays private and safe. 

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How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Goa? 

Traditional call centers in Goa often struggle to provide personalized responses and the efficiency needed to enhance the consumer experience. SquadStack offers a technology-driven approach and a wide range of services that set us apart from traditional call centers. We empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve extraordinary results.



Traditional Call Center


Outcome-based pricing ensures you only pay for results, maximizing your ROI. Detailed campaign insights that help you optimize your outreach strategy and get the most out of your budget.

Charge fixed costs regardless of results. This can lead to wasted resources during slow periods and a lack of incentive to improve efficiency.

Omnichannel Outreach

We go beyond calls with email, SMS, and IVR to reach customers on their preferred channels (connectivity rate of up to 90%)

A limited approach can lead to poor reach, as many people don't answer unknown phone numbers.

Flexible Scalability

Easily adjust your team size up or down to meet your needs in real-time. This ensures you always have the right number of agents staffed to handle your call volume, preventing you from missing out on leads during peak times. 

Are inflexible and struggle to adapt to changing needs. This can leave you understaffed during peak seasons, leading to long wait times and frustrated customers.

Agent Productivity

Our guided app and data-driven lead matching boost agent efficiency and conversions. 

Often experience low agent productivity due to outdated technology, lack of training, and inefficient processes.

Customer Experience

Multiple communication channels ensure you can reach customers on their preferred platforms. Our focus on agent productivity and quality ensures that your customers receive prompt and professional service. Multilingual support allows you to connect with a broader audience.

Traditional call centers can deliver a poor customer experience due to long wait times, limited communication channels, and poorly trained agents. This can damage your brand reputation and lead to customer churn.

SquadStack vs Traditional Call Centers in Goa: Unleash Your Business Potential

In today's fast-paced business environment, customer expectations are higher than ever. Modern customers demand efficient, innovative, and personalized interactions. While serving a purpose, traditional call centers in Goa often struggle to keep pace with these evolving needs. They may lack the latest technologies, flexibility, and data-driven insights to truly excel in today's competitive landscape.

This is where SquadStack steps in. We offer a comprehensive call center solution designed to empower Goa-based businesses to thrive in the modern customer landscape. Here, we explore the key advantages SquadStack offers compared to traditional call centers in Goa:

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1. Effortless Scalability and On-Demand Resources:

Unlike traditional centers with fixed staffing, SquadStack offers a pool of 10,000+ qualified agents. Scale your team up or down seamlessly based on real-time needs.

2. Technology-Driven Efficiency and Agent Empowerment:

Our innovative tech stack includes a guided app and an in-app dialer. This equips agents with the correct information at the right time, maximizing call time utilization and overall productivity.

3. Reaching the Right Audience - Every Time:

Intelligent lead prioritization paired with spam and DND checks ensures you connect with qualified leads. Experience industry-leading connectivity rates of up to 90% – no more dropped leads!

4. Data-Driven Decisions for Maximum Impact:

SquadStack prioritizes data security and utilizes transparent data capture for detailed reporting. Track real-time campaign performance, gain valuable insights, and optimize your strategy for maximum results.

5. Peace of Mind with Unwavering Compliance:

Focus on growing your business with confidence. Industry-standard protocols and unwavering compliance measures ensure customer privacy is always protected.

6. Focus on What Matters Most – Your Core Business:

We handle all call center operations, freeing you to concentrate on your core activities. SquadStack – your reliable partner for exceptional customer service and extraordinary results.


What makes SquadStack different from traditional call centers in Goa?


SquadStack offers a modern, technology-driven approach compared to traditional call centers. We provide a more comprehensive range of services, including email, SMS, and IVR outreach, along with AI-powered features for improved efficiency and performance. Our outcome-based pricing ensures you only pay for results, and our scalable solutions allow you to adjust your team size quickly based on your needs.

How can SquadStack improve my lead conversion rates?


SquadStack uses data analysis to identify areas for improvement in your lead generation process. We track conversion rates and analyze lead sources to pinpoint drop-off points, allowing us to optimize your campaigns for better lead quality and conversions.

How does SquadStack ensure high call quality?


SquadStack utilizes AI to analyze 12% of your calls (compared to the industry standard of 1-2%) across 23 quality parameters. This data-driven approach helps identify areas for improvement and provides in-depth feedback to our agents, ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

What are the benefits of using SquadStack's omnichannel outreach strategy?


Our omnichannel outreach strategy lets you connect with customers on their preferred channels (call, email, SMS, WhatsApp, IVR). This increases your chances of reaching qualified leads and improves overall connectivity rates.

How does SquadStack ensure zero lead drop-offs?


Our omnichannel outreach strategy (across emails, SMS, calls, IVR, and WhatsApp) ensures that we connect with customers on their preferred platforms, utilizing every last lead. Spam & DND checks, lead prioritization, fast speed to lead, and real-time alerts enhance this approach and avail us upto 90% connectivity.

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