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Struggling to find reliable call centers in Kanpur? Look beyond traditional options. SquadStack offers a powerful blend of tech and trained agents to deliver results

July 3, 2024


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Call Center in Kanpur

Bisma Khan

Call Center in Kanpur


Kanpur’s Leading Call Center Service Provider

As an emerging town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur shines bright as one of the up-and-coming destinations for businesses to set up base. Call centers in Kanpur make tasks like telemarketing, back office operations, and outbound and inbound calling easier for businesses looking to outsource such tasks. This is because of Kanpur’s proximity to the corporate hub, Delhi NCR, which provides companies with talented individuals while still taking advantage of Kanpur's affordable infrastructure.

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Call centers in Kanpur are becoming an established industry of their own between the hustle and bustle of this young city. This noticeable change brings with it a much-needed shift in the country's economic landscape. With companies looking for more and more tier 2 cities to outsource their telesales needs, traditional call centers in Kanpur will have to adapt to this rapid change in demand and innovate rapidly. There needs to be an innovation not just in the tech employed in the telesales industry but also in the way sales agents are coached to handle these campaigns.

SquadStack brings you the perfect blend of tech and telesales talent needed to thrive in an emerging city like Kanpur. We have everything you need, from an analytics dashboard with essential metrics for seamless campaign control to AI-enabled call quality motoring software. Our expertise in the field is evident by the fact that we have helped top industry leaders like Delhivery, Kotak, and Uptox significantly improve their CAC and TAT. SquadStack has won the ‘CX Leader of the Year Award’ at the prestigious CX Strategy Summit & Awards 2024, further exemplifying our standing in the telesales revolution.

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Discover Why SquadStack Stands Out From Other Call Centers In Kanpur

While Tier 1 call centers have their own setbacks when it comes to innovating the telesales industry, Tier 2 call centers present an even more significant challenge. These call centers in Kanpur lack the proper agent training and hence provide only subpar productivity and results. This presents a problem when companies are looking to outsource their telesales campaigns in more affordable cities like Kanpur. Let’s see how SquadStack proves to be a better alternative to tier 2 call centers in Kanpur:

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Tier 2 Call Center


Tech Expertise

They lack high quality, innovative tech required for sales transformation in a city like Kanpur

We offer a bundle of modern tech that enables you to achieve not just digital but sales transformation as well

Agent Quality

Poor agent quality due to lack of proper training and upskilling resources

Fully vetted and trained agents provide a better customer experience and undergo continuous industry training to upskill

Complaince and Data Security

No spam checks and security measures to keep your data safe

Enterprise-grade data security measures and encryption across every layer

Connectivity & Conversion Rates

Technical disruptions significantly impact call flow and conversions.

Robust infrastructure and technology guarantee seamless calls and optimized conversions

Usage Based Pricing

Fixed rates lead to a wastage of monetary resources and reduce your ROI

Productivity-linked pricing that enables you to pay for results only

Agent Accountability

Agents cherry-pick leads, and follow-ups are broken because of inadequate agent responsibility or bandwidth

Guarantee 100% agent accountability with our systematic and tech-driven processes, ensuring that none of your leads go untouched.

SquadStack's Advantages Over Other Kanpur Call Centers

Traditional call centers often struggle to deliver the personalized touch and efficiency that today's customers demand. We offer a powerful blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional results for your telesales campaigns. Here's how SquadStack stands out:

AI-Powered Quality Monitoring

Leverage the power of AI to analyze calls and identify areas for improvement. Our in-depth feedback ensures your agents consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Flexible Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

With our outcome-based pricing model, you pay only for connected minutes. This eliminates the rigid costs of traditional call centers and allows you to scale operations seamlessly.

Industry-Trained Telecallers

Our team of over 10,000 qualified agents boasts industry-specific knowledge and certifications. We meticulously train them to provide top-notch service.

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Omnichannel Outreach for Maximum Reach

Go beyond traditional phone calls. We leverage email, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR to connect with prospects on their preferred platforms, maximizing engagement and achieving industry-leading connectivity rates of up to 90%.

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Image: SquadStack’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity

Data-Driven Decisions with Powerful Analytics

Gain real-time insights into campaign performance, agent effectiveness, and lead generation. Our comprehensive dashboards empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for success.

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SquadStack’s Customer Stories: Empowering Your Business

SquadStack is trusted by leading brands to optimize their telesales campaigns and help them increase their CAC and TAT. Don't settle for outdated call centers in Kanpur. Embrace the future of telesales with SquadStack. Leverage AI-powered technology, a highly skilled workforce, and a data-driven approach to achieve exceptional results and propel your business forward.

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Upstox partnered with SquadStack to boost its user base and become India's leading investment platform. Our team of on-demand sales experts and AI-powered outreach helped Upstox onboard new users and achieve a 40% increase in account activations. This allowed Upstox to focus on other areas while SquadStack handled sales tasks efficiently.


Medfin partnered with SquadStack to address the challenges of booking appointments. SquadStack provided a team of pre-vetted, trained telecallers who efficiently handled appointment calls and medical details. This allowed Medfin to scale its operations flexibly based on lead flow. SquadStack's analytics dashboard also offered transparency and valuable insights, while the usage-based pricing model ensured cost-effectiveness. SquadStack empowered Medfin to connect with more patients and achieve their business goals.


Redbus, a prominent online bus ticketing platform, partnered with SquadStack to improve its customer experience and feedback collection process. SquadStack offered a flexible solution with on-demand telecallers, allowing Redbus to scale its workforce efficiently during seasonal fluctuations. This eliminated the need for a large in-house team and the associated costs. SquadStack's trained agents ensured high-quality customer interactions, while the usage-based pricing model reduced Redbus's overall expenses. Overall, SquadStack empowered Redbus to gather valuable feedback and cost-effectively maintain a positive customer experience.

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BYJU's Aakash partnered with SquadStack to reach a massive number of students (15 lakh) for their ANTHE exam within a short time. Our solution provided Aakash with a readily available, trained telecalling team, eliminating the need for in-house hiring and saving time. They also used omnichannel outreach (calls & WhatsApp) to maximize contact. SquadStack's rapid scaling (training 3000+ telecallers) and transparent analytics dashboard empowered Aakash to achieve their goal efficiently.

Choice India

Choice India, a brokerage firm, partnered with SquadStack to reduce CAC and boost growth during their digital transformation. SquadStack provided a team of sales experts that scaled up and down to meet Choice India's needs. This flexibility and success-based pricing helped Choice India reduce customer acquisition costs by 70% while increasing their conversion rate. SquadStack's easy-to-use analytics dashboard also gave Choice India control over their campaigns. Overall, SquadStack empowered Choice India to achieve significant growth efficiently and cost-effectively.


Why is Kanpur becoming a popular destination for companies outsourcing their telesales needs?


Kanpur offers a good mix of robust talent and affordable infrastructure, enabling companies to outsource their telesales needs at lower costs and maximizing their ROI.

What types of companies has SquadStack assisted in optimizing their telesales campaigns?


SquadStack has worked with several industry leaders in the lending, brokerage, and MedTech industries to help streamline their telesales campaigns. A few examples include Redbus, Medfin, Kotak, Delhivery, and Upstox.

What advantages does SquadStack offer over traditional tier 2 call centers in Kanpur?


Tier 2 call centers in Kanpur lack the sophisticated tech required to elevate the telesales experience for the modern customer. They also lag behind in proper agent training, which hampers customer experience in the long run.

Is multilingual support available in Kanpur call centers?


SquadStack offers multilingual telesales support in Kanpur, which helps ensure that all your leads are tended to and 100% lead utilization is achieved. We provide this via our 10,000+ team of vetted and trained sales agents.

How does SquadStack maintain agent accountability?


Our fully integrated agent management platform ensures that all their activities, including total dialed calls, total connected minutes, conversions, leads generated, etc., are monitored, and consistent feedback is provided to keep them accountable for their actions.

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