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July 2, 2024


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Call Center in Mumbai

Bisma Khan

Call Center in Mumbai


Call centers, a significant part of any metro city, have recently become a prominent sighting in Mumbai. These call centers in Mumbai offer various services to modern businesses, ranging from telesales, inbound, and outbound customer support to telemarketing. Call centers in Mumbai benefit from the abundant availability of a skilled labor force of telesales experts, which makes it an attractive destination for new enterprises to outsource their telesales needs.

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Image: SquadStack houses over ten thousand decentralized telecallers proficient in 9 languages.

One of the primary issues traditional call centers encounter in Mumbai is their inability to provide vital amenities such as seamless omnichannel communication, automated agent script guides, and lead prioritizing. This weakness might lead to lost leads that could have converted, resulting in revenue loss for the business.

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If you are also looking for a trustworthy call center service provider in Mumbai, SquadStack gives you the freedom to control your telesales campaigns just from the click of a button. With a host of industry-trained and vetted telesales professionals, SquadStack offers you a fully managed modern AI-enabled tech stack that promises to reduce your CAC and TAT. Our robust offerings integrate an agent management platform, AI-powered quality monitoring, and lead management tools.

SquadStack also provides a call center dashboard where you can view all campaign-related data, such as agent quality indicators, conversions, total dialed calls, and so on. For our dedication to providing outstanding customer service, SquadStack was recently awarded the "CX Leader of the Year" award, which further cemented our standing as one of Mumbai’s top call center service providers. 

What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Mumbai?

SquadStack stands out from the crowd in Mumbai by providing a stellar customer experience. Our expertise in catering to businesses across industries like ed-tech, e-commerce, med-tech, and BFSI makes us the top choice for companies looking to outsource call center services in Mumbai. Here are a few of the many reasons to choose us as your telesales outsourcing partner:

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AI-Led Call Quality Monitoring

By using AI to evaluate conversations, SquadStack helps operators find areas for improvement that will ultimately result in better customer experiences. We take a 12% sample across 23 Quality Parameters from all call recordings (with an extra 3% done manually). This allows agents to receive in-depth feedback and drive high-quality calls.

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Flexible Outcome-Linked Pricing Model

SquadStack provides an incredibly flexible campaign management system and a productivity and outcome-based pricing model. Businesses only pay for the minutes they are connected and can quickly expand their operations depending on lead volume. This approach offers a refreshing alternative to traditional call centers in Mumbai, with their fixed costs and limited scalability.

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Image: Reasons to Choose SquadStack's Services

Industry Trained Agents

We take great pride in our 10,000+ industry-trained and CEFR-certified telecallers, who undergo rigorous testing and assessments to ensure that only the best talent handles your campaigns. Through regular personalized feedback, industry training, and mock tests, we keep them updated with all the relevant information needed to offer a supreme customer experience.

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Image: Industry Trained Telecallers of SquadStack

System-driven Omnichannel Outreach

SquadStack enables outreach over several channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR. It allows businesses to connect with prospects on their preferred platforms for greater engagement and best-in-class connectivity rates of as high as 90%, leading to zero lead drops and assured conversions.

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Data-Driven Analytics Dashboard

Through the power of analytics, you can make sure that agents regularly fulfill quality requirements, identify bottlenecks in your sales funnel, and discover areas for improved lead management. SquadStack’s system provides a comprehensive view of everything from lead generation and conversion rates to agent performance through sophisticated dashboards. This real-time data will help you make more educated decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Data-Security and Compliance

SquadStack is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization. We adhere to strict privacy and data protection policies. Our commitment to evolving regulations and attention to security foster confidence and dependability among our clients. This secure technology safeguards critical data, providing you with peace of mind. With SquadStack, you can zero in on getting results while knowing your client data is in good hands.

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Image: SquadStack’s Data Security & Compliance Measures

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Mumbai?

Traditional call centers in Mumbai often struggle to provide personalized responses and the efficiency needed to enhance the consumer experience. SquadStack offers a technology-driven approach and a wide range of services that set us apart from traditional call centers. We empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve extraordinary results.


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Productivity-Linked Pricing: Our productivity and outcome-based pricing ensures you only pay for the connected minutes. Detailed and trackable insights optimize your campaigns, leading to a significant improvement in your ROI.

Fixed Costs: In fixed-cost contracts, the payment remains constant regardless of call volume or connection rates, resulting in wasted resources when the lead flow changes.

Omnichannel Outreach:  We go beyond traditional call centers, fostering omnichannel outreach through email, SMS, and IVR. We offer extended outreach by scheduling weekend sessions or before 9 am and after 9 pm.

Limited Outreach Channels: Traditional call centers rely heavily on repeated phone calls, which can frustrate customers and lead to poor reach rates. Omnichannel outreach strategies are often lacking.

Flexibility: SquadStack adjusts to your changing needs, offering flexible solutions to quickly ramp up campaigns or scale back, ensuring you always have the right resources.

Inflexibility: Mumbai call centers are not usually flexible enough to adapt to the changing lead volume. They can leave you understaffed during peak times and overpaying during the off-season.

100% Agent Productivity: Our guided app boosts agent efficiency and results. We analyze historical data to identify top leads and match them with the most qualified agents, maximizing productivity and conversions.

Low Agent Utilization: Traditional call centers in Mumbai often experience low agent productivity, with utilization rates as low as 65%. This means agents spend significant time on non-productive activities, impacting overall campaign success.

High Connectivity: Our lead prioritization and omnichannel outreach significantly increases connectivity.

Low connectivity:  Manual lead management and poor agent productivity result in lost leads and a bad customer experience.

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SquadStack's Advantages Over Other Mumbai Call Centers

  • Uncover valuable insights into campaign performance: With the help of SquadStack’s transparent data capture and detailed reporting, you can track results and optimize your strategy in real-time.
  • Ensure customer privacy and data security: SquadStack prioritizes data security. We implement industry-standard protocols and compliance measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure customer privacy. At SquadStack, we make data security our top priority. Our implementation of industry-standard protocols and compliance measures ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded and customer privacy is maintained.
  • Get better connectivity and zero lead drop-offs: Our spam and DND checks and lead prioritization ensure that connectivity of upto 90% is maintained and leads are fully utilized.
  • Focus on core business activities: Thanks to our innovative tech stack, we handle and manage all operations of the telesales process, freeing you to concentrate on your core activities.
  • Flexibly scale your telesales campaigns: Elevate your telecalling campaigns effortlessly with SquadStack's on-demand solution. We offer a diverse team of over 10,000 skilled agents, removing recruitment challenges and enabling you to adapt team size to real-time requirements.
  • Maximize agent productivity and output: Our guided app efficiently streamlines processes and empowers agents with the correct information, significantly maximizing call time utilization and overall productivity.
  • Reach more qualified leads: Increase connection rates and identify qualified leads with our in-app dialer. Features like lead prioritization ensure efficient call distribution and a focus on high-potential contacts.

How is SquadStack different from other call center service providers in Mumbai?


SquadStack leverages AI to enhance the telesales industry, improving customer experience and maximizing ROI. Distinguishing from traditional call center service providers in Mumbai, SquadStack offers a comprehensive tech solution for seamless telesales outsourcing.

Is multilingual support available at Mumbai call centers?


In Mumbai, it's easy to find multilingual telesales partners thanks to the diverse and talented workforce from all over India.

Does SquadStack offer a flexible pricing model?


SquadStack offers a productivity and outcome-linked pricing model that delivers greater flexibility over traditional call centers. Pay only for connected minutes and seamlessly transition during peak and off-season telesales needs.

How does SquadStack ensure client data privacy and security complaince?


SquadStack employs strong encryption at all levels to protect client data from potential breaches and cyberattacks.

Why is Mumbai a significant destination for call centers in India?


Mumbai offers a skilled tele-calling workforce, a favorable business climate, and a strategic location for establishing a modern call center. These factors and the innovative market make Mumbai a suitable destination for call center service providers.

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