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July 3, 2024


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Call Center in Gurgaon

Bisma Khan

Call Center in Gurgaon


The call center industry is the primary driving force of any metro city in India today. Call centers in metro cities like gurgaon are direct indicators of the state of the economy of these cities and how the influx of multinational businesses is transforming the cities. These call centers in Gurgaon serve as a bridge between the modern customer and modern companies. This modern customer values efficiency, innovation, and customer experience above everything else; hence, the approach needed to deal with such customers must also be innovative.

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Traditional call center options are a viable pick, but they lack the new-age offerings needed to streamline the telecalling process. Many call centers in Gurgaon also don’t offer in-app dialers and guided script facilities to simplify operations, minimize idle time, and improve resolution times. Over time, these factors cause your business to lose leads, which signifies lost profits and growth opportunities.

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SquadStack is different. Our call center services in Gurgaon ensure that your only priority is your business operations, and we take over the tedious job of managing your telesales campaigns. We embrace new-age tech and growing AI integration by building an in-house tech stack that assists your telesales campaign from start to finish. Our industry-trained and experienced telecalling agents, coupled with our agent management platform and CRM integration, give you the perfect companion for your telesales outsourcing needs in 2024. Our innovation translates beyond banking, logistics, e-commerce, healthcare, and automotive industries, empowering firms like Moneyview, RazorPay, Aakash, and Upstox.

SquadStack: A Step Further From Other BPOs & Call Centers in Gurgaon

As a call center service provider in Gurgaon, SquadStack offers a powerful and modern suite of AI technologies specifically designed to meet traditional call center challenges. Imagine managing your entire telemarketing campaign in just a few clicks! Our team of industry-trained and meticulous professionals ensures the best interactions, while our advanced technology makes them more efficient than ever. This means your business can reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) and improve turnaround time (TAT). Let’s explore how we do it:

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Improved Lead Conversion Rates

Analyze markers and conversion rates with insightful data to identify lead drop-off points and deep-dive into lead source analysis to identify and address areas of improvement for better lead quality, conversions, and marketing spend optimization.

Omnichannel Outreach Strategy

Implementing an omnichannel outreach strategy across several channels is the best way to ensure that your leads are being fully utilized and you are not missing out on any opportunity. Our telecallers interact with customers through multiple communication channels, such as IVR, email, WhatsApp, call, and SMS. This allows for the flexibility of connecting with prospects on their preferred channels. We have achieved a connectivity rate of upto 90% with this method.

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100% Telecaller Productivity

Track essential data on agent productivity on our agent management platform. This allows you to assess and compare their performance fairly and effectively. By pinpointing areas where agents can improve, you can boost their productivity and efficiency. Sharing this feedback with them allows us to create targeted training programs that address their specific needs and better equip them to handle your telesales campaigns.

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Assured Compliance and Data-Privacy

Data leaks are an ever-present problem in consumer-facing industries, but we at SquadStack don’t compromise. With an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, our commitment to evolving regulations and compliance laws is unwavering so that you can focus on growing your business.

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12x Increased Call Quality Monitoring

SquadStack uses AI to analyze calls, providing a comprehensive view of your campaign’s performance. We track metrics like quality scores, audit parameters, and total audited calls and categorize callers for insightful analysis. Our Quality AI helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring compliance and exceptional customer experiences. Agents receive in-depth feedback from a 12% sample analysis (against the industry standard of 1-2%) across 23 quality parameters, further enhanced by a 3% manual review. This data-driven approach empowers agents and drives high-quality calls.

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How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Gurgaon?

Traditional call centers in Gurgaon often struggle to provide personalized responses and the efficiency needed to enhance the consumer experience. SquadStack offers a technology-driven approach and a wide range of services that set us apart from traditional call centers. We empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve extraordinary results.


Traditional Call Center

Pay Only for Results: Our outcome-based pricing ensures you get the most out of your budget. Detailed insights help you optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.

Fixed Costs: Pay the same regardless of results, wasting resources during slow periods

Reach More Customers: We go beyond calls with email, SMS, and IVR. Schedule outreach for weekends and evenings for extended reach.

Limited Channels: Traditional centers rely solely on calls, leading to frustration and poor reach.

Scale Up or Down: Easily adjust your team size to meet your needs, ensuring you always have the right resources.

Inflexible Staffing: Traditional centers struggle to adapt, leaving you understaffed during peaks and overstaffed during slow periods.

Maximize Productivity: Our guided app and data-driven lead matching boost agent efficiency and conversions.

Low Agent Utilization: Traditional centers often experience low productivity, impacting campaign success.

Higher Connectivity: Lead prioritization and omnichannel outreach ensure you connect with more qualified leads.

Low Connectivity: Manual processes and low productivity lead to lost leads and a poor customer experience.

SquadStack vs Other Call Centers in Gurgaon: Unlock the Power of Peak Performance

Are you tired of juggling recruitment, training, and managing your telesales team? SquadStack frees you to focus on what matters most—your core business. Our on-demand call center solutions in Gurgaon provide a highly skilled team of over 10,000 agents, ready to scale up or down based on your real-time needs.

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  • Maximize every call. Our innovative tech stack, including a guided app and in-app dialer, empowers agents with the correct information at the right time. This streamlines processes boosts call time utilization, and maximizes agent productivity.
  • Connect with the right people. Spam and DND checks, coupled with intelligent lead prioritization, ensure you reach qualified leads and experience industry-leading connectivity rates of up to 90%. No more dropped leads, just focused conversations that drive results.
  • Data-driven decisions, exceptional results. SquadStack prioritizes data security and utilizes transparent data capture for detailed reporting. Track real-time campaign performance, gain valuable insights, and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.
  • Peace of mind, built-in. Industry-standard protocols and unwavering compliance measures ensure customer privacy is always protected. You can focus on growing your business with the confidence of knowing your data is secure.

What are the limitations of traditional Gurgaon call centers?


Traditional centers often lack omnichannel outreach, AI-powered insights, and flexible scaling options. This can lead to inefficiencies, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities.

How can SquadStack improve my campaign's ROI?


Our data-driven approach and focus on lead quality help you target the right audience and convert more leads into sales. Additionally, our performance-based pricing ensures you only pay for results.

Can SquadStack help me improve customer satisfaction?


By connecting with the right people through omnichannel outreach and ensuring agent efficiency, SquadStack fosters positive customer experiences that drive satisfaction.

How does SquadStack improve lead conversion rates?


We use data analysis to identify drop-off points and optimize your outreach strategy for better lead nurturing and conversion.

How does SquadStack ensure agent productivity?


Our agent management platform tracks performance, identifies improvement areas, and provides targeted training for maximized productivity.

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